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Importance of Your Web Content

Importance of Your Web Content

A pretty website doesn’t always translate to a high-quality website. While web design is crucial in converting your site’s visitors to customers, it’s not enough on its own. An aesthetically pleasing website is definitely helpful in attracting new customers but to turn visitors to customers, and turn customers into repeat customers, you need to create quality web content and make it available through all of your site’s pages.

High-quality web content matters

Web content doesn’t always pertain to blog posts consisting mainly of words. In today’s digital age, it can also mean an audio, video, and graphical information published on your WordPress website. It can also be a combination of these.

High-quality web content is what search engines like Google look for. It’s one of many things that will help your site rank higher in search engines. It’s what your visitors and existing customers expect, and what they want to find once they’ve landed on your website.

Web content is what will determine whether they’ll remain loyal to your brand or if they’ll turn to your competition. It’s what helps you establish your brand’s credibility, helping you build trust and solid relationships in the process. More importantly, web content is what will help you gain revenue, remain in business, and be consistently ahead of your competitors.

What is quality web content?

High-quality web content can mean different things to different people. But there are three keys which you can use as a guide in determining whether your web content is up to par.

Importance of Your Web Content - Web Content

1. You can choose to keep it short but sweet

While Google has shown a preference for long and meaty content, your customers want it the other way around. They want succinct content that they can read on the go.

For this reason, you should focus on creating content that your customers can easily access from their mobile device. Your web content should have a lower word count. If you think creating a list type of post is better, do it. Use bullet points and incorporate long-tail keywords within the post. Simply put, keep it short but sweet.

2. Make it visual

Text-only content can be quite boring. With the attention span of mobile customers becoming shorter and shorter, it pays to add visuals to your posts to keep your customers’ attention long enough for them to decide your brand is worth spending some dollars on.

Add this to a sleek and modern website design and voila! You convert your customers to fans! This is why it’s vital to incorporate relevant images, video embeds, infographics, and other types of media on your blog posts.

3. Give value

Your customers are more likely read and share your web content if it gives them the value they are looking for. So, go ahead and brainstorm with your team. Figure out what your customers want, aside from an aesthetically pleasing web design. Then deliver it to them through your web content.

Keep these three keys in mind when writing high-quality web content will help you accomplish:

  • High website traffic
  • High social shares
  • Increased levels of visitor engagement
  • More sales

What are the elements of quality web content?

Now that you have a better idea of what a high-quality web content is all about, here are three elements that all high-quality web content has.

Importance of Your Web Content - Web Content

1. Keywords

Stuffing your content with keywords can hurt your SEO strategy, so use them wisely. We suggest using them in the most natural and relevant way you can within your web content so it remains coherent to your site visitors. Doing this will also help search engines understand what your website is all about. WordPress allows you to put keywords or relevant tags within the blogs you post. Take advantage of this feature.

2. Internal links

Internal links are texts within your web content which when clicked, take your site visitors to another relevant web page on your site. It’s one way of giving additional information that your visitors will find helpful while showing them more about your brand.

Importance of Your Web Content - Web Content

3. Calls to action

CTAs or ‘calls to action’ are an invitation for your site visitors to complete an action. It can be as simple as “Buy Now”, “I Want This”, or “Add to Cart”. Adding them at the bottom of your web content can help increase conversions.

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