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WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites - wordpress websites

Why WordPress?

We love WordPress! With a range of premium plugins and unique improvements we simplify your WordPress website and make it an effective sales tool you can easily update.

WordPress powers more than 30% of all websites on the internet, for a reason. It’s simple to use, reliable and effective.

WordPress Websites - wordpress websites
WordPress Websites - wordpress websites

A Powerful Theme Builder

Elementor is developer friendly and functional. It works for our clients too because once it’s built, it’s simple to edit with a drag and drop interface. It works perfectly with themes and plugins, has a variety of add-ons and integrates with marketing tools (making your digital life seamless and simple). For those of you with little patience for technology, it’s fast! Every change you make is instant, resulting in the best user experience.

Revision History

Every time you update a page, a new revision is created, so you can always trace back your steps.

Auto Save, Redo & Undo

In Elementor, your work is automatically saved. Make a mistake? Quickly undo it with one click.

Edit in Draft Mode

Work freely on your draft, while keeping a separate published version on the live site.

Custom Post Types

Custom post types can be used for any kind of content. By default, WordPress comes with these post types:

Custom post types are needed when you’d like to add extra features outside of what is shown on a blog or news post. An example of this may be for a real estate website, the post needs to show number of bathrooms, bedrooms, car spaces etc. We can create a custom post type to suit this particular need, so that the value can be entered into a set option, rather than just having it as text. They may want to upload a PDF of the floor plan, so that can be an option too.

Customised Forms

Forms customised to suit the branding of your website, asking for the right information from website users. Whatever you are trying to achieve from the website form, we can customise the form to ensure it’s set up to do just that.

This can include anything from custom calculations to integrating with specific third party API systems. Jezweb are equipped to making your dream into workable solutions. Contact us today on 4950 1140 to get started building a great website.

Enough of this website talk - where are the tutorials?!

Don’t worry, we know it’s not for everyone. Although, we are certain WordPress and Elementor (the editor within WordPress) can be learnt by even those of you who claim are computer illiterate (you’d be surprised at how easy it is, and how patient we are- there was a time when this was unfamiliar to us too).

You will have access to tutorials to assist you in editing your website, accompanied with a complimentary 1-hour training session at Jezweb’s office (or at your business if you’re local).

Not convinced? If the sight of a computer scares you and “WordPress” has left you reaching for a paperback dictionary, we can edit your website for you at our hourly rate.

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Frequently asked questions about using WordPress to build your next website

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for the websites. There are several other systems available like Drupal, Joomla, Flash, etc. But WordPress has great advantage over these. It is simple, easy to maintain and use. So yes, WordPress is still best for websites.

It is a common misconception that WordPress is only for blogs, but it is in fact also a great CMS for professional websites. The reason is, a blog is essentially just a website with multiple pages. So if you’re making a website, you can simply use a WordPress CMS to quickly build a professional site. That’s why, you should save money and time by using WordPress as your CMS.

Yes, in our opinion, WordPress is the best platform to build a website. It is easy to use and highly flexible. You can personalize it to your liking. There are literally hundreds of thousands of professionally designed free WordPress themes, widgets and plugins available.

WordPress is free software, which means you can access it for free. You can download WordPress for free and start using it to build a website within minutes. However, building a website and creating a platform for yourself and your business takes time. You will need to put in the hours and the research into what it is you doing. But sitting back and thinking “I need a website”, and then downloading WordPress and creating a website isn’t the best way to get a website for your business.

A website can be free in different ways. As far as WordPress is concerned, the platform itself is free, but you’ll find yourself paying more for the toolkits and plugins. A premium theme can cost anything from $30 to $150 and plugins will cost anything from $15 to $250. When it comes to free tools, you get what you pay for. As far as design is concerned, you do have access to hundreds of free themes or templates. There are also some free templates available on ThemeForest that can be customized using some specific tools or plugins. The problem is that free stuff is usually not so good. Free platforms are not guaranteed to be secure and most of these solutions are full of bugs. If you are planning to use a free platform, you also have to get a free domain name. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms among bloggers. There are several reasons for this. It is free, open source, easy to use and has great flexibility. Although it has few limitations, you can always extend its capability by buying the premium tools.