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Portfolio of Website Designs Built by Jezweb

We design, build, manage and promote WordPress websites for businesses, organisations and individuals in Australia and New Zealand. From the first discussions with a new startup business or the revitalisation of an existing website we guide them through the process of creating the content of their website, organising photos, creating graphics and writing compelling sales copy, formatting it all into great looking pages that encourage enquiries and improving their search engine positioning and marketing.

Examples of our completed WordPress website designs and featured clients

Accommodation and travel website design

Have you got a motel that needs filling up with guests? A website can help you convince people to stay and pay a fair price.

We can make sure that your website looks great on mobile phones too so that when people are travelling they find your website easy to access and view.

Accommodation providers absolutely must have a website if they are to compete with other businesses in their region.

One of the criteria that someone will have before selecting a place to stay is to see photos of the rooms, location and facilities.

We recommend considering a professional photographer for such a site too since the quality of the photos and the composition of the scenes will make a big difference to how well presented and attractive a hotel, motel, b n b, cottage or villa will look.


Accounting is an essential service for all businesses and many individuals. Although many people choose their accountants based on personal referral there is still a good likelihood that before a potential client calls an accountant to discuss their situation they will check out the accountants website.

Bottrell Business Consultants – Accountants in Maitland

Aviation website design

Aside from the major airlines there are a lot of smaller aviation related businesses that cover a wide range of services such as training, charter, servicing, simulators, airports and other air services. The aviation sector is a diverse set of businesses, products and services.

It is vitally important for recreational flying or businesses who service the joy flight adventure market because they are getting clients from well abroad of their home airfield. Many international tourists come to Australia specifically with the intention of going in a jetfighter for a joy ride or a balloon flight over the Hunter Valley.

Cleaning service website design

Cleaning website companies need to promote their services so that potential clients can easily find them. This is true for both residential and commercial types of cleaning companies. If your cleaning company is aiming to capture the attention of the personal assistant of an executive from a large enterprise then chances are they will either look through their referral network or search on the web. Similarly, a home owner or landlord who is looking to hire a cleaner will have such an approach.

A cleaning website business is typical of the ‘problem solver’ part of the economy. They are a ‘tradesman’ type of company that once upon a time customers would find them in printed yellow directories because there are many households that have been conditioned through years of mass media advertising to turn to such books for trades and services businesses. The modern digital equivalent of the yellow pages though is Google and in Google people look for the problem solver businesses of the world.

If you have a cleaning company and you don’t have a website yet then you are missing out on potential clients. Here are a selection of cleaning company websites we have created.

Construction website design

Construction of sheds, garages, homes and industrial buildings is something that potential buyers spend plenty of time researching. The websites we have built for businesses like All Steel Sheds and Shed Quarters are designed to get people phoning their office so that the sales staff can handle the enquiry.

Building inspection website design

Building inspections are an essential part of any property purchase and almost every prospective property buyer is checking out the available homes online. The web has become the dominant source of purchase and inspection enquiries for real estate agents.

It follows then that if you are in the business of supplying property inspections and you want to get new enquiries online then you should have a great website, be easily found and capture your location specific keywords in the search results.

Entertainment venue website design

Let’s get your hotel setup with a terrific new website, connect the facebook feed so that your latest updates show up on the homepage, a news blog, put the vip club button on the homepage and your menu and other important information there to check. Make it easy for your patrons to find your contact details, to book a function or just see whats on the menu tonight.

Finance website design

Are you a financial planner? Would you like a smart, professional, tidy looking website so that when your clients and their friends look you up you have control over what they see on the web about you? Rather than finding some crappy old business directory listing that you forgot you had they find your crisp new website that screams professionalism? Well we should build you a great new website.

Golf website design

Golf is a popular pastime and there are many terrific golf courses in the Hunter Valley. We work with a number of golf courses, organisations and businesses that sell golf equipment to manage their online presence.

Florist website design

A florist needs to be easy to find and have a local focus. There are a few mega aggregation sites for florists like petals and roses only but there is still room for individual florists to be found in the google local listings for their area and it is this geographic focus which can make their website an excellent marketing tool.

Potentially a local florist can have an online shopping cart system for selling flowers but it would be also fine to have a simple brochure website that says who they are, where they are and what they can do.

Handmade furniture website design

Custom built furniture and hand made furniture is a different market to mass produced flat pack furniture. The customer who is buying a hand crafted piece of furniture is getting a feature piece for their home or maybe a grande entry way or showroom item.

These type of businesses benefit a lot by having a portfolio, examples of furniture they have made, to show to potential new.

These are furniture business websites that we have created.

Industrial, mining and engineering website design

In the Hunter Valley there are a lot of mining services and engineering businesses who service Australia and export overseas. The following websites are a selection of those we have built for businesses in ‘heavy industry’, businesses that are involved in civil works and resource extraction.

Mechanical services website design

There are mechanical businesses throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Region who service cars, trucks, busses, plant and heavy machinery. Particularly in Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Rutherford and the Upper Hunter there are a lot of businesses that repair, refurbish and maintain mining vehicles.

Radiator service website design

Servicing radiators and replacing their cores and tanks is a busy business in the hot summer months. There are lots of competitors though so making a radiator service business easy to find on the web can be a vital part of marketing and establishing a reputation in the industry.

A website for radiator servicing can be particularly effective in demonstrating custom build radiators and industrial or mining vehicle radiators which are often huge.

Photography website design

Photographers have inherently visual and typically uncluttered looking websites so that their photos are the centrepiece of the website. These are websites we have built for photography businesses:

Retirement village website design

Retirement homes, villages and villas are in great demand. There is an ever expanding number of maturing people in the world. Many of them will want to stay in their own homes as long as possible but eventually they may want to move to an assisted living accommodation.

There is a very good possibility that as these elderly people are ready to move that their children will be researching retirement villages, hostels and other care facilities on the internet. Having a great website with nice photos that show clean, attractively furnished, welcoming, friendly places are exactly what loving children would want for their parents.

We would recommend considering a professional photographer and perhaps even an interior stylist to present a retirement facility in the best possible light and view.

The following are websites we have built for retirement facilities.

Rotary club website design

New members may discover their local Rotary club in a variety of ways and it is true that direct referral by existing members is the most popular method but an attractive website is also a very good marketing tool and encourages visitors from interstate and whom move into the area. Demonstrating that a Rotary club is up to date with technology sends a positive signal to potential new members and guests.

Sports, clubs and sporting associations website design

Sporting clubs can use their websites to generate ‘leads’ for new members and associations can reduce the amount of manual handling of paperwork and reports they are required to do. We’ve found that sporting organisations can get significant benefits from having a well structured, informative website that is kept current with news, documents, draws and results.

Smash repair website design

Smash repair businesses are a bit different to many other businesses in how customers find them.

Smash repairers tend to get a lot of their work by tendering to insurance companies or damaged cars from accidents in their local area.

The smash repair business is undergoing some changes and in the recent past the rules about where you could get your car fixed if you had an insurance claim have been relaxed so that the owner of the car has more choice.

There are also many non-car type of smash repair businesses that cater to niches like the mining industry, emergency service vehicles or luxury cars and restorations. Whilst the way that cars are fixed now is increasingly modular where pieces are replaced when they are damaged and the use of paintless dent removal (PDR) is quite high, there is still a lot of aligning, straitening, painting, filling and fairing that is done on a smash repair.

Training company website design

Training companies are usually either looking to capture a corporate client or individuals who are seeking training for new roles or careers.

Often this training will be for certification say in heights or confined spaces but it can be more generally applicable like first aid.

The following are companies that offer training courses.