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Importance of CTA or Call to Action

Importance of CTA or Call to Action

You have your site set up for your business. In order to drive more traffic to your page, you include business blogs that are relevant to what you offer. These blogs add traffic to your site. But what’s next? You want to convert these visitors into business opportunities. You can do this by having a call to action.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a direct instruction to your visitors that provoke an immediate response. The most common are: “Call now” or “Visit us”. They prompt your visitor to take an action that benefits you and your business. A CTA helps in generating leads and usually has a sense of urgency in it. It is used to capitalise on your business blogs. There is no successful online marketing without successful CTAs.


CTAs can give many benefits to your business and online marketing. Here are just a few of them:

  • CTAs help turns your blog readers into potential customers.

Most of your site visitors are not buyers. They are usually information seekers, and they come upon your site looking for answers. Your CTA must be relevant to the blog content and to the information, your visitor needs to be effective. An effective CTA can convert a site visit into a lead and a business opportunity.

  • CTAs give your visitors a direct and clear goal.

A strong and effective CTA gives your visitors a clear direction on what to do next. After reading your blog and being convinced that your service is what they need, a potential client needs a clear direction to take the next step. They will not have the time to look for your contact details in your site and may lose momentum if they have to.

A CTA completes the process and gives your visitor the information that they need. If your CTA involves filling out a form, keep it to a bare minimum. Otherwise, you will lose your visitor’s interest and lose a potential customer.

  • CTAs arouse the curiosity of your visitors.

If used effectively, curiosity can lead to more sales. To be able to do this, tell your visitors what they can get, but don’t give all the details. A well-crafted CTA can make your visitors want to know what you can give them, and they will be more willing to take the next step, generating the lead that you want. People sometimes buy products due to emotion, seeking instant gratification. Be sure, to be honest in what you say you can give to your customers to gain their trust. Do not overdo things just to get that click.

  • CTAs offer the solution to your visitors’ problem.

Visitors come to your site, usually, because they have a problem. An effective CTA can give the solution that your visitors need. Again, be honest with what you really offer. Do not use power words to lure your visitors and give false promises. Gaining your customer’s trust is important in customer retention.

  • CTAs can help you get connected with your visitors.

CTAs usually give your visitors an idea on how they can connect with you. It can be through newsletter subscriptions or following you on social media. Being connected with your potential customers is a great way to ensure customer retention. Once they are in your network, you will be able to reach out to them easily.

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