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Search Engine Optimisation - seo newcastle



Get onto the first page of Google for your best converting keywords and phrases so that potential customers find you and enquire before they get to your competitors.

Confused or not sure what you should do with SEO?

Jezweb SEO Newcastle can make your business website more accessible and appealing to customers with online marketing techniques in accordance with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. People often go to Google to solve their problems, find products and services and research buying decisions. With our help it can be your website they find more often.

In the past people would solve their purchase requirements with the yellow pages, now they use Google and other leading websites. The three pillars of current online marketing are Google Adwords, Google Search and Facebook Ads.

You can buy your way into the first page of Google for your chosen keywords with paid Google Adwords and improve the popularity of your website to earn top rankings with a well optimised website and search engine marketing strategy.

Jezweb SEO Newcastle highly recommend a combination of paid Google ads and SEO to get more enquiries. A well built website that ticks all the boxes for search engine optimisation can reduce your cost per click and when coupled with a carefully managed Google Adwords campaign can help you stand out from your competitors online and get new enquiries.

All our SEO clients get monthly activity ranking reports and analytics to see how the work is progressing. SEO is not a quick fix but it is good to see the gradual improvement which motivates further work.

let’s sit down and review your website and decide on a strategy. Website SEO for Newcastle and the surrounding regions is our speciality, contact us for an appointment.

Jezweb's Search Engine Optimisation Services

Rank higher in Google with our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.

SEO requires continuous effort- everyone is fighting for the top spot in Google! Let us help you by completing on-page SEO, keyword research, creating compelling content, backlinks, citations and more to improve your rank in Google (and other search engines). Jezweb provide reports and insights allowing you to measure results.

Got questions about SEO? We have the answers

You might be wondering about what actually happens when search engine optimisation is being done, what is the work that we do. There are ongoing improvements to your website and optimisation strategies such as business directories and linking. Doing a lot of search optimisation and promotion all at once isn’t necessarily the best way to do things, gradual improvement over time, keeping the listings on directories and other platforms updated can work well.

To help spread out the work and the cost but to still be incrementally improving your website and ranking the Jezweb team and our expert helpers work on your online marketing each week in updating your website and directory listings etc.

The sorts of things we do can includes new information publishing and improvements like:

  • gumtree business or service listings
  • update business directory listings such as truelocal, dlook
  • pay for some premium listing services on your behalf where we think it makes sense and is good value
  • find new ways to get links to your website to improve your google ranking
  • add to your google+ local page
  • extra pages and new articles written and added to your website
  • blog posts published onto your website
  • promotional videos made and published to youtube
  • publish information to other websites that reference to your site
  • add new testimonials to ratings websites
  • keyword research to find less competitive phrases
  • reviewing google analytics and webmaster tools
  • reporting back to you on a regular basis of what has been done

Jezweb SEO Newcastle don’t limit ourselves to these things though. There are new ideas and methods for improving websites and internet marketing each month and we can implement this into your website to get you ranking for more topics, more often in better positions.

Search Engine Optimisation - seo newcastle



Positive reviews and ratings are a form of (relatively) independent validation that your customers are happy and giving good testimonials. Though we can’t create positive reviews for you we can help you automate the process of requesting them as part of an email reminder sequence. A positive review on Google Maps (Google My Business) is more credible than a simple testimonial added to your own website. Google combines ratings on verified websites with your Google My Business profile to improve your appearance in search results. We can point out where you can get customers to leave reviews and ratings to gain the most benefit.

SEO is Not a Simple Quick Fix but it can make a big difference to the number of visitors to your website and the keywords you are found for.

There’s a lot to it but Jezweb SEO Newcastle take the process one task at a time and are always looking for new ways to promote your website.

As your trusted web designers and search optimisers we will get to know your business and help you grow it by moving your webpage up in the rankings and adding more pages to expand on the keywords that your website can be found for.

The ‘free’ part of Google and positioning your website prominently in the the ‘organic’ search results is the goal of the work to be done on your website. Although Jezweb SEO Newcastle focus on the Google organic search results you will also be found in other search engines. Google search is over 90% of the searching done in Australia and success in Google generally results in pretty similar outcomes in Bing / Yahoo.

Making it easier for people to find your website in the search results by optimising on-page seo factors and incorporating search engine friendly page elements, localisation techniques, links and citations is vital. Adding informative content with suitable semantic language that is worth reading and sharing will help keep people on your website and reading more.

Improving your current position for income generating keywords that are relevant to your services and products will lead to more enquiries.

We will work out a list of possible keywords and work with you to ensure they are suitable. The selection of keywords that you can rank competitively for will lead to cost effective acquisition of leads and conversions.

Jezweb SEO Newcastle will not, under any circumstances, promise you a certain position in search results. And, if any SEO company does, be sure to check Google’s advice on the subject. We can promise you that we will improve website so Google will be sure of your keywords, and appeal to potential customers searching for your products or services.

Search Engine Optimisation - seo newcastle

Jezweb SEO Newcastle can add to and improve your website pages to include the keywords that your potential customers have in mind when they are looking for the products and services your business provides. Detailed, interesting, informative content that keeps people on your website and answers their questions is one of the most important aspects of a website that will have long lasting results.

Our professional content writers will instinctively understand the nature of your website, products and services. They can provide fresh high quality articles and content for website pages so that you don’t have to worry about writing.

A blog is a part of your website where new pages (blog posts) are added to increase the authority and depth of your website. The blog posts might not necessarily be a page you want to lead a visitor to when they arrive at your homepage but they are like a fishing hook in Google for a certain topic waiting for the right visitor to come along.

Blog post topics can be anything but a good place to start is with questions such as how do I use this product, or a recently completed project or topic related to your business, products or services. Making use of the questions and topics that are precursors to people becoming customers is a targeted and useful way to get started.

Keeping your blog updated with new great posts on a regular basis takes commitment, good grammar and experience in crafting words to explain concepts and share ideas in an interesting and informative way.

Your website can have regularly added of blog posts that are interesting to read and have a local context. Blog posts that are written specifically for your business, products and services. Google ranks well written pages and posts so that your website can be easily found but pages that are composed in a barely understandable way and have barely any meaning, specifics or informative content will be swept from the Google search results quicker than you can say ‘content marketing’.

You may find supposed SEO gurus who promise Google #1 rankings or claim to have special relationship with Google or guarantee results in a very short amount of time. At Jezweb when we are providing SEO, we don’t make SEO promises that we can’t keep.

No one knows Google’s secret algorithms, but we pay attention to the zeitgeist of SEO, reading blog posts, watching Matt Cutts (Google spam team) videos and paying attention to the changes and new techniques available to optimise a website.

There are many factors affecting a website ranking and Google tracks browsing activity and tries to give each person individualised results anyway so assuming that just because you can find your website on the first or second page does not mean that everyone else sees it there.

It takes time to create a good website, to find and publish quality links, citations and references, earn Google’s trust, build credibility, and produce engaging shareable content. Jezweb SEO Newcastle take time to do things properly so that we don’t make drastic changes that might appear to Google as a spammy technique.

Google is constantly adapting their algorithm in order to catch those who manipulate their search engine so Jezweb SEO Newcastle think of the humans first, what do your potential customers want and then we make sure that we don’t do things that could be detrimental to your website in the future.

Rankings vs Traffic

Rankings alone are not equivalent to traffic. A high ranking placement in Google is not a guarantee of sales or enquiries. Providing and optimising a range of keywords rather than focusing on just a few is a sound strategy and reduces risk.

Detailed review of website pages and correction of any technical SEO issues like title tags, links, images, sitemap etc.

Claiming or creating your Google+ Local and Bing (Maps) page, confirming your address with postcard and pin number, verifying your website connection, adding images, videos, text, keywords and categories.

Google Places for Business is a very important part of Local SEO. While Google provides Places free, if the guidelines are not strictly adhered to, and the listing is not optimised for your keywords and service locations, Google may not approve it.

Name, Address, Phone (NAP) listings on popular business directories and ensuring that contact details match those on your website and Google Maps.

Google collates information from reliable websites and compares the details. If all your information matches in business directories like TrueLocal and review sites like Yelp then your main website will be viewed more favourably by Google.

A sensible minimum per month could be a new page or blog post and some off-site optimisation like business directory listings or guest links on another website. Perhaps your business is part of a professional organisation and you can get your website listed on their directory, or maybe you sponsored the local football club and your logo is on their homepage: make sure it links back to your website!

If your website is being actively optimised by Jezweb then each week we will be finding new opportunities for your website to gain better credibility with Google and to gradually outpace your competitors.

Active ongoing optimisation means we are providing your website with SEO and we will complete tasks that will assist with the optimisation of your website such as submission to a new business directory and acquiring a good link back to your site. Plus we will monitor your rankings and continue to optimise and improve your website. Jezweb SEO Newcastle can write new pages and blog posts about a relevant keywords for your website.

Any documents, text, images or videos you send us to be published can be added and optimised. A consistent approach to SEO and a reasonable level of activity over months and years is a great way to ensure a manageable budget and beneficial search optimisation. It is much better to do a smaller but sustained workflow over a long period of time than to burn through a years marketing budget in two months and then do nothing! If you have a well built and technically optimised website with a consistent workflow and competitive business it will help keep your competitors on their toes.

Jezweb's Search Engine Optimisation Services

There are strategies we can employ to help you look up to date in Google and to stand out in the search results when someone sees you in the search engine result pages. The focus areas of this monthly service include:

Google My Business

Updates and additions to your Google My Business (GMB) profile such as adding photos, special offer, event, what’s new, product or news post, correcting opening days and hours for public holidays, respond to reviews. This system relates to your Google Maps presence and provides the information for Googles business directory.

Local Business Directories

Management and improvement to key local business directories and services including Bing Places, Apple Maps, Yelp, TrueLocal and others.

Promote Specials

We will check with you to see if there is a special or offer you want to promote on your website and Google Business that could help to convert more website visitors to enquiries.

Website Updates

If you have extra information like new products or services you would like to add to your website we are happy to publish these for you and gradually enhance your website with client testimonials and new photos.

Review Requests

We can help you get a lot more reviews for your business either by connecting our reputation management system to a cloud service you might use like Xero or a CRM, or you can send us a spreadsheet or list of client email addresses each month that we can upload.

Photos and Videos

We have access to a huge library of stock photos and videos, but we will use as many of your images as we can whether you email, cloud share or we lift them from your social media account.

Search Optimisation

Expanding on the breadth of your website content and obtaining more links to get you more enquiries and increase the trust that Google has in your website.

Blog Posts & New Pages

Creating extra pages on your website to help keep Google coming back for more and ranking your site for extra keywords aside from the primary keyword.


Getting other websites to link back to your website so that it increases your Google ranking.

Marketing Videos

Videos created for your keywords, added to YouTube and linked to and from to increase your video rankings.

Rank Tracking

Monitoring keyword rankings and changes to track how the work we are doing is helping.

Special Strategies

We work out new ways of getting you more easily found in Google and ranking better.