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When it comes to hosting your WordPress website, there is only one option that provides you with one of the fastest, and most secure platforms to run your business from. Benefit from Jezweb’s world class cloud-based hosting services, with reliable and lightning-fast performance, unmatched security, and a superior user experience for all your customers. Don’t settle for inferiority, use Jezweb to propel your business into the future!

Cloud Hosting -

Website and DNS hosting with cloud-based servers

Cloudflare is the number choice for fast and reliable cloud-based DNS hosting. What can we say? It’s got cloud right in the name!

Jezweb’s adoption of Cloudflare Enterprise enabled hosting provides customers with that fastest and most reliable hosting solutions, guaranteed! So much so, that even we guarantee that your WordPress website can never get faster than this, and we can give you the GT Metric speed reports to prove it!

Pages load fast from anywhere in the world with hundreds of cdn nodes

The unique infrastructure of cloud-based hosting is what gives customers their guaranteed speed and performance. With content delivery services in 250 cities throughout the world, your website with Jezweb, pinpoints your exact customer location and relays the website from the data centre closest to this point. We call it the ‘optimum location’. Simply put, because your website loads from the server closest to your customer, it is more efficient and loads faster than standard c-panel hosting servers. Information and data doesn’t need to be send halfway across the world just to load your website! We all know that you hate waiting in a queue, so why make your customers wait for your website?

Why choose Jezweb’s cloud hosting services

At Jezweb, we understand that your business needs room to grow and expand, and it can’t do that without a fast and reliable website platform. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality, fastest and most responsive managed hosting services.

Managed hosting? What does that even mean?

Our unique managed hosting services go beyond just hosting your website on our cloud servers. At Jezweb, our customers get complete satisfaction and peace of mind when it comes to their website as we take on the responsibility of the backend upkeep so you can get back to doing what your business does best. Our managed hosting services include

Wordpress core and plugin updates at regular intervals

Premium plugin licences and installations

Regular security backups and virus and malware scans

SSL certificate

Inclusive domain renewal and DNS hosting

Performance optimise WordPress theme

Warranty for our coding and website design

Prompt and polite support online / phone

Your website is in safe hands with us. So, what are you waiting for!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloud Hosting

Got a question about Cloud Hosting Services? We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions in relation to cloud hosting and cloud servers. Browse through them to get the answers you need. If your question still remains unanswered, please get in touch with our Jezweb team today!

Traditional hosting methods house your website and its supporting files on a single server in one location. When someone views your website, the files are transferred from this single server to that person’s specific location. If the person is a further distance away from where the data is being stored, it takes longer to transfer and thus the website takes longer to load.

Cloud based hosting methods operate under a multi-server model, allowing the data from your website to be stored amongst multiple servers in different countries through the world. With cloud hosting, if a person views your website, GPS technology pinpoints the specific IP address of the user and links it with the server closest to them and transfers your website files from that specific server. As the data is closer to the customer, it loads more quickly, is more secure and allows your website to respond at a much faster rate than if it was hosted under traditional methods.

Of course! If you have multiple domains and websites, we are happy to offer cloud-based hosting services for all of them. Talk to our team today about our bundled hosting packages for multi domain businesses.

Cloud based hosting isn’t exclusive to Jezweb (although we are one of the first in our region to invest in the market). You get what you pay for when it comes to hosting. The difference with Jezweb is that our cloud-based hosting services are what we call managed hosting, so our services extend beyond just having the server to store your website data on. We offer additional backups, updates, support, and security for our customer within their hosting package.

Having your website on Jezweb’s cloud-based server is multi beneficial. Not only does it give you security and reliability, it provides your customers with a fast and responsive website. Our record fast loading times offer a better user experience for your customers, which equates to more enquiries, increased conversions, and a growing business for you! Win-win!

Search engines such as Google and Bing rely on spider bots to crawl your website for valuable information and keywords. The algorithm used by Google links faster websites to higher conversion rates and as such, is more likely to rank them higher in the search rankings. By having your website on Jezweb’s cloud-based servers, you avoid google penalties as a result of slow loading times.

Is it smart? Is it fast? Yes! It’s Jezweb Cloud Hosting!

Are you ready to make the change to cloud website hosting? Get in touch with the team at Jezweb today. Let us bring you forward.