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Australian Website Content Writing and Blog Writing

Not sure what to say on your homepage? It’s ok, we can write it for you! Content writing for your website done for you.

You’ve decided that a new WordPress website is going to be the path forward for your business, but now what, are you going to dig out some scruffy old brochure from a bottom drawer and hand that to our web designers and hope for the best? It doesn’t matter how clever we are, how amazing the designs are, if we don’t have compelling text content then the website will be pretty crappy. Worried that your ability to craft words into compelling sentences and paragraphs that will get potential customers thinking about giving you a call?

Busy, over-worked and can’t see yourself finding time to write all the pages you know you should?


Does the idea of having to come up with some ideas and wording each week for a blog daunt you?

Worry no longer… We have writers on staff that have extensive experience in lift, business and marketing. Unless your service area is extremely specialised and technical we should be able to come up with terrific information for your website pages that you can approve whilst barely breaking a sweat. Sometimes it’s just plain hard to come up with a succinct way of describing who you are and what you do so that people will want to read it. Your website can be built much sooner and with far less stress if we get the information for the pages ready for you.

We’d love to help you out with the wording for your new website, we can even sit and do an interview and video with you so that we can really get inside your head, understand your business and work out what should be on your website.

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What to Publish on Detailed Web Pages?
Feel Free to Help Us Create Compelling Content

Here are some things you can do:

  • You can provide text as a word document or email
  • You can do an audio or video recording on your phone and we will transcribe it
  • We can have a skype call with you and then take excerpts from that in writing
  • We will research and write the wording for you
  • Give us example websites and we can rewrite their text for you
  • Take photos on your phone or camera and email to us
  • Take photos on your camera and mail the SD card
  • Get a professional photographer to take photos
  • Buy photos from a stock photo site, eg. Istockphoto.com or dreamstime.com
  • Record a video on your phone and upload to youtube
  • Record a video on your phone and email it to us
  • Record video on a DSLR or camcorder and mail the SD card
  • Video purchased from a stock video website
  • Record audio on your phone and email us the wav file
  • We can have a skype call with you and record the audio
  • Audio purchased from a stock audio site

Blog Posts and Pages Written for You

Did you know that new pages and blog posts help you stay in Google and draw in new enquiries?

Each blog post is another ‘fishing line’ onto the internet, baited and waiting for potential clients to find and end up on your website. Plus they make great updates for your social media pages. The problem is, you need to write stuff to go onto the pages and blog posts. And that takes time and inspiration.

If you are highly motivated, find writing easy and can make time to write then use your skills to create informative content and spread it onto your blog and social links as often as you can. If that sounds like you then what are you waiting for…

However, if you are like a lot of people I know, you are too busy or not confident in writing new content for your website and even with good intentions it just doesn’t get done. So, what if you had someone to do that for you? Sound like your style of blogging? Hands free blog posting?

We’ve been trialling this with a select number of clients for the past few months and working out our systems and hiring great writers, now we’re ready to help more people with blog posting too.

The one bit of ‘work’ that we will ask of you is that we can call you and pick your brain for about 20 minutes so that we can get a few quotes and ideas about things happening in your business that we can incorporate into the blog posts.

If you want you can use those blog posts on your website or in a newsletter or simply as pages on your website. If it’s a website we manage that you want them posted on we’ll even add them on there for you.

writing and blogging
So whats the deal with adding pages and blog posts each week, whats involved, what happens?

New pages added to your site each week

Sometimes the writing we do for a blog post will be better used as a new page for your website. Your website can have new pages added to expand on the number of topics covered by your website over a period of time to capture a greater variety of keyword phrases in search engine results and increase visitors.

Blogging done for you each week

Informative blog posts will be written that relate to your products and services and added to your website or a separate blog. Blog posts are like pages, they create an opportunity to increase the number of keywords that your website can appear for in the search engines and the potential for people to find you.

Where do we get content for your website

We read webpages, other blogs, watch youtube videos, read reviews, follow forums and call you occasionally to find out what is happening in your business that we can talk about.

Plus we seek out experts in your field who can help us write your blog posts, people with ideas and the ability to write well for the web.

Although it is not necessary for you to provide words, images, videos or powerpoint files to create blog posts and pages it will help us to give you a more ideal result and it will make the blog more specific to your experiences in business if you do. If you can send us interesting new content like photos, videos and text we will craft that into the pages and posts along with our own research and ideas.

Content Writing for Australian Business Blogs

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4 Tips for Writing Blog Posts Faster

1. Carry a notepad or record ideas on your phone

You know you will need to write your blog so keep your mind open to ideas as they arrive. Whether you are in the car, the garden or walking the dog, ideas for blog posts can pop into your head and if you don’t make a note if them they are invariably forgotten. You’ll find that it’s much easier to come up with great ideas when you’re not on the spot under pressure to write.

2. Batch up your writing, multiple posts in one sitting

Starting and stopping writing makes it difficult to get into the flow of creating. Ideas will come out more promptly if you are relaxed and free of distractions. Rather than trying to write once a week on a friday afternoon when you are frazzled, try taking out one saturday a month to write a whole series of blog posts.

3. Transcription or Voice Recognition

All new Apple Mac computers come built in with voice recognition or you can get your admin person to do transcription (or ask us about hiring a part time virtual assistant or transcribing your audio for you).

4. Write quickly and do a single pass edit

Edit the blog post once, don’t worry about editing as you write, that will slow you down too much and create mental speed humps. Write fast, edit quickly and forget about perfection.