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Why WooCommerce is a Must for Business

Why WooCommerce is a Must for Business

If you’ve heard of WordPress before, chances are you’ve probably heard of WooCommerce too. It’s a common staple of online web solutions and is well loved, with over 30% of all e-commerce enabled websites are currently using it.

WooCommerce allows businesses to make use of flexible content management system (CMS) that strives to make e-commerce easy and stress free for customers. WordPress is a cost-effective e-commerce solution, meaning that even small enterprise can grow its product visibility for its online business. When designing a website for you, or updating your existing website, the team at Jezweb can add WooCommerce so that you can grow your business revenue.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the e-commerce plugin that can turn any simple WordPress site into a powerful online store. It began as a plugin for WordPress users that has now developed into its own fully fledged platform. it is free and open source with the vision of making e-commerce easy for all online businesses, regardless of physical or virtual size, location or language.

The web design and SEO experts here at Jezweb recommend WooCommerce for use in websites that have business transactions because WooCommerce enables you to create your own personalised store using features such as cataloguing products with tools such as pages, categories, and tags. Storefront customisation and layout are made easy with over 40 free themes and extensions to enhance the visual design and functionality of your e-commerce store.

What does WooCommerce bring to e-commerce?

What does WooCommerce bring to e-commerce?

WooCommerce offers built-in features that make it the best e-commerce platform for an online store, such as:

  • Pre-installed payment gateway
  • Geolocation support
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Easy tax calculation
  • Over 40 extra plugins to enhance your business

WooCommerce caters to new start companies and pre-existing businesses alike. If you are running your business online, WooCommerce is an absolute necessity if your business depends on e-commerce to grow.

Are there any fees or charges for WooCommerce?

Are there any fees or charges for WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce plugin is open source and free to use in a functional capacity. There are many free themes to choose from and all extensions and plugins within the program are made to simply enhance the WooCommerce experience.

To get to a point where you can have a functional e-commerce store on your site, you will need to have a live site to put it on. So, you will most likely have to pay for your domain name and hosting fees, but WooCommerce itself has no payment requirements for full use.

What are the benefits of WooCommerce?

What are the benefits of WooCommerce?

WooCommerce boasts a myriad of benefits for all types of business, whether e-commerce is the cornerstone of their business model or simply and auxiliary form of revenue. As an open-source plugin it is infinitely customizable to your business requirements and, due to it being open source, there are no fees to pay for the commercial use of the base program.

Of course, WooCommerce also offers a collection of paid extensions and plugins that will enhance the platform experience, but they are entirely optional, and you can create a completely operational online store for your business without them.

Themes are also one of the great benefits of WooCommerce. Another selling point for WooCommerce is that it is compatible with almost any existing WordPress theme at any stage in development. This means that you can ‘retrofit’ your site with WooCommerce or work with the plugin from the very beginning of the project. If this sounds a little too techy, contact the team at Jezweb, based in the Newcastle area but operating globally, and they can get you started.

Is WooCommerce easy for business owners to use?

If you’re already familiar with WordPress, WooCommerce should be easy to adapt into your operations. If you haven’t worked with WordPress before, you might find WooCommerce less simple to use initially, but there are many online tutorials that can help guide you through the installation and implementation processes.

Is WooCommerce easy for customers to use?

Most users will have no difficulty in getting to grips with the interface when designing their stores as it has been designed with simple, easy to use user experience in mind. Menu structures make any page easy to find and products are simple to add with minimal training required. Paid plugins and extensions will allow you further customisation options, but these are not required to create a beautiful, finished online store. 

What Can You Do with WooCommerce?

What Can You Do with WooCommerce?

Limitless product types

The WooCommerce platform imposes no limits on the type of products sold on your site. Be it memberships, appointments, physical and digital products, or subscriptions, you can sell it with WooCommerce.

This opens businesses up to limitless options for what they can sell, allowing companies to consider more options than ever before and explore potential revenue streams previously unavailable. Businesses can take advantage of this by selling new products or diversifying their existing service offerings to include those that were previously too big or too niche.

Multiple online stores

WooCommerce also allows users to manage multiple online stores from one centralized dashboard and offers e-commerce-specific solutions for SEO, marketing, and branding. Being able to manage many online stores from just one place can prove extremely advantageous if you own several businesses. It gives business owners the ability to quickly adapt as needed by modifying pricing in all their stores at once, without having to hop back and forth between websites.

This allows you the power to tweak prices on your site in real time according to market trends, allowing you test pricing in other countries without having to open another account with another storefront provider.

Does WooCommerce have its own analytics?

Does WooCommerce have its own analytics?

Yes. In E-commerce you can easily get lost in the numbers. The number of sales, page views, time on site and bounce rates all influence your bottom line, so it’s important to have these things readily available without having to make several phone calls or emails to find out how you’re doing compared to last week.

Imagine if you had software that can give you historical data for every single aspect of your business’ operation. This kind of insight into your business could help you predict seasonal trends, which may cause high demand during certain times of the year but low activity during others. Being able to see this information immediately will allow you to employ a variety of advertising strategies.

Why choose WooCommerce?

Overall, WooCommerce for online business just makes sense. The platform is free and easy to use, making it accessible for all kinds of businesses; big or small. WooCommerce boasts simplicity, reliability, usability, and an excellent community support system. It has developed into something more than just another WordPress plugin – it’s become part of the backbone for thousands of online stores.

Contact Jezweb to get WooCommerce seamlessly integrated into your website

Feel free to re-create your own shopping cart or try building a full online store from scratch with WooCommerce and you will see why it is recognized as one of the best e-commerce platforms for small businesses today. Better still, contact the Jezweb design team to complete the whole process for you!

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