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Why it’s a Good Idea to Keep Email and Web Hosting Separate

Why it’s a Good Idea to Keep Email and Web Hosting Separate

Advantages of keeping your email and web hosting separate

Websites and emails work hand-in-hand in streamlining brand promotion and communication. As a New South Wales business owner, manager, or marketer, you know how important these platforms are in your day-to-day operations. Without a fully functioning website or email server, you would not be able to dutifully serve your clients and customers to the best of your ability.

Therefore, it would make sense to further consolidate your website and email assets in one platform—right?

Surprisingly, the answer might not be the one you are hoping to hear. Heaps of experienced digital asset owners agree that it’s better to keep your web hosting and email servers separate. Read along to know why combining email and web hosting is not recommended by experts.

Web Hosting and Email Server Bundles

When you look at deals from numerous web hosting websites services, you will notice that some of them also offer an email server add-on. If you are just starting to kick-off your website, this would surely seem too good to pass up. After all, finally getting the yourname@yourwebsite email account makes everything appear official and professional. The added server memory is just icing on top of a great deal in front of you.

As a neophyte business owner, the negative effects of a combined web hosting and email services might not affect you yet. But as your business continues to grow, you’ll be digging an even deeper hole for yourself, especially if your plans include moving to a more effective and productive web hosting service. Find out why you should not keep your email and web hosting together in one server now!

Reasons Why Keeping Your Email and Web Hosting Separate is a Good Idea

Reasons Why Keeping Your Email and Web Hosting Separate is a Good Idea

Curious to know why experts advise against combining assets for web hosting and email? Here are some of the top reasons why:

  • A server issue affects ALL your assets.

Server issues are not uncommon, especially for websites that suddenly experience higher traffic than what they’re used to. As a business owner or manager, you want to avoid facing this issue. However, it’s a reality you have to understand. You just need to find a way to communicate with your clients and customers to assure them that your services will be up soon.

This is where emails would come in. If inquiries are pouring in from both your suppliers and customers, your email is another channel they can tap to continue communicating with you. If you have separate web hosting and email assets, this wouldn’t be an issue. But if you choose to combine your web hosting and email server into one, you’re going to have problems.

If your web hosting server is down, your emails won’t be accessible as well. Think about how this would impact your business. To some, even an hour or two of downtime means lost sales that they wouldn’t be able to recover anymore. If you add the impact of zero communications given your inaccessible email, then you’d be dealing with losses both on sales AND customer care.

  • Domain migration will take so much time and effort on your end.

Once your website grows, you may choose to find a better domain name or web hosting provider. After all, the offers for web hosting and the benefits and features that come with their services improve year by year.

Migrating your data on the website level is already going to be a headache. You will need to transfer your whole website to another host, which also means that your website will be down for some time. If your email is integrated to your website host, data migration is going to be double the trouble. You will need to transfer your settings and history to another domain, which will eat up even more of your precious time.

If you have a separate server for your email, transferring from one domain to another may still be complicated. However, it will save you the hassle of transferring all your past messages as well.

  • You won’t have a good user experience with a web hosting website email interface.

Web hosting sites offer email integration because they can do so, but that doesn’t mean that they’re experts in the field. In most cases, you’ll find out how you’re going to be much better off using free email services compared to web-hosted email services.

If you are used to email-focused services like what Gmail offers, you would be disappointed with the lack of thought behind the design of most web hosting sites’ email interface. User experience and design are directly related to efficiency, so having a separate email client is recommended. 

  • Emails eat up space.

On a website, you’re only allocated limited memory. That means that you have to make sure that you’re maximising the space given to you, especially if you have data-heavy materials.

If you have an integrated web hosting and email server, all of your emails (including your attachments) could take up space. The files you are going to send and receive will take up the space your website could be using, which could compromise your website’s performance. For an organised separation of website data with email data, it is better to forego website and email integration.

  • Lack of adequate support from web hosts.

Web hosts are well-versed on everything related to hosting websites on their platforms. Yet, they can only do so much when it comes to providing support to email-related queries. They won’t take their time to tweak the interface or massively improve the experience for their email client, especially since that’s not their specialisation anyway.

If you want a dedicated support team that will manage your web hosting needs and email-related needs adequately, you’re better off having separate teams from individual host companies.

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