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Why Blog | 5 Best Reasons to Start A Blog

Why Blog | 5 Best Reasons to Start A Blog

Why Blog?

Why blogging is so popular

Are you interested in starting a website for your business or personal brand? Watch this useful 2-minute video from WordPress to help you as a beginning blogger who needs a professional site.

Or maybe you’ve wondered ‘why blog?’ or ‘why is blogging is so popular on websites?’ Let’s look at some blog basics for a good start.

What is a blog and why is it important?

The word ‘blog’ is a truncation of the term Weblog, defined as an interactive website that provides regular content to readers. The following features describe the basics of a blog:

  • It is an ever-changing, dynamic website that grows with every post or entry.
  • They are typically formatted like newsfeeds where new content appears at the top of the site, and the older entries descend below.
  • Blogs offer readers on-going free content.
Why Blog | 5 Best Reasons to Start A Blog -

What are the keys to a good blog post?

  • Work on a great topic or niche using solid strategy – Have a deep understanding of your target readers, and the commitment to write. Bottom line, you need to select a niche that has a built-in target audience and couple this with relevant advertisements. An entrepreneur talks about tips in finding a profitable niche for your blog. 
  • Design your blog to have a clear focus on the subject matter – Have robust, explicit content. An excellent blog provides a framework that should display clear content for maximum effect and engagement of readers.
  • Posts should be unique and compellingFind a unique spin to pitch to your content.
  • Be visually appealing with great photos and videos – Adding great design will help get the message across to your readers. Here are some amazing tips from Canva on the types of visual content that are guaranteed to be effective.
  • Be internally linked – According to Yoast, internal links connect your content and gives Google an idea of the structure of your blog or website. Using the right internal linking strategies can boost your SEO.
  • Have a consistently strong message and bottom line takeaway – Your content, style, visuals, and takeaway should always communicate the power in the brand or image that you promote. If you fail to do this, your readers might be confused and abandon your blogs in place of others that will meet their needs. gives some powerful tips on writing blogs that your audience will love.

Here are the top 5 best reasons to the big question ‘why blog?’

Why Blog | 5 Best Reasons to Start A Blog -

1. Blogs and websites will catapult you to succeed online.

Websites are 24-hour, seven days per week sales team, which makes them not only ideal employees but also perfect marketing tools. Websites are the core and anchor of digital marketing. But too often, we forget the unsung hero of websites – the humble blog post.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a website with blogs on a topic that interests you, or maybe to promote products and services, go for it!  

2. Blogs to promote business solutions, products, or services are proven excellent strategies.

Blogs can be used to promote your products or services, and they are also a great way to share useful information with your client base. Your clients will most probably grow confident with your brand if the information in your blogs can solve a problem they are experiencing.

According to Hubspot, both B2C and B2B companies experience more traffic and leads when they frequently blog, compared to companies that blog infrequently or do not blog at all. Evidence is shown in the graph below.

Why Blog | 5 Best Reasons to Start A Blog -

Apart from this, designing great blogs with relevant content for your customers gives you the chance to show off your expertise in your chosen field of business.

1. Blog posts and SEO go together, like coffee and cream.

Blogs are a smart way to have keywords incorporated onto your website to receive a better ranking from Google. More so, if those keywords are not typically found on your website.

With search engine optimization (SEO), you can increase the visibility of your blogs by pushing them to move higher in the internet search engine results. It is a big plus to know Google’s guidelines for SEO to help Google find your blogs and web content.

Blogs are also a fantastic way to provide an opportunity for social media cross-promotion.

2. You have a passion for blogging.

Blogging offers you a way to record your novel ideas and good finds. This should give you a brilliant and creative way to share them to your target market, or even the whole world. This may especially hold true if you are the type of person who continually enjoys reinventing (or rearranging) everything around you, like furniture, household items, or write-ups!

Whatever your passion or hobby, blogging may be a great idea to share what you have to say. You never know how this activity can actually enrich your life (personally and professionally) until you give it a try.

3. Blog for extra income.

Why Blog | 5 Best Reasons to Start A Blog -

Success with blogging may not come overnight, but it definitely has the potential to be a significant money-making venture. Maybe even the best option for you!

With patience, hard work, your own unique point-of-view, and a positively ambitious attitude, you can earn income through blogging.

But be careful, though, not to make profit your sole motive for blogging. Your love for a particular topic or brand should naturally produce a more exciting website that may, in turn, become a sustainable venture on its own.    

Final Message

Each individual who creates a blog is unique. Therefore, each blog is unique. Hence, there should be nearly no boundaries in the blogosphere. Everyone is definitely welcome to the party. So why not start your own blog today?

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