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When to Use Facebook and Google Ads Blog

When to Use Facebook and Google Ads Blog

A Guide to the New Online Advertiser

So, you know about online ads. You’ve heard them mentioned here and there; you may have even dabbled in starting up some campaigns of your own. But everything is not quite as simple as it must first seem, or that it’s made out to be. It can be hard to know when to start using Facebook and Google ads, how to manage your campaigns and how to identify when things aren’t working quite right. This article will explore online advertising as it relates to Google and Facebook ads, how they work and how to best use them in your business.

What is Online Advertising

What is Online Advertising

Online advertising, also known as digital advertising, is a form of dedicated marketing effort that utilises the internet as a medium to deliver marketing messages to a targeted audience and guide them along your buyer journey. Both Facebook and Google ads represent highly affordable digital marketing options that when used correctly can be a major driver for your business.

When Should I Start Using Facebook or Google Ads?

One of the biggest questions in digital marketing and online advertising is: “Where should I start?” There are many possibilities to consider and there are many opportunities along the business development life cycle in which to start up Facebook Ads. The simple answer is that it really depends on your business and the range of factors relating to your individual circumstances. However, some options to consider are:

  • When you have a recently established business presence where your audience
    doesn’t know who you are yet, and you need to generate brand awareness
  • Before and during new product launches or promotions to get the word out
  • During seasonal trade periods such as Christmas, Mother’s Day etc
  • When you are looking to grow your audience size
  • When you are looking to expand into new markets

There are of course many other times to start using Facebook and Google Ads, and chances are you’ll know when it’s time. The great thing about digital advertising is the information and data you receive about your customers and their shopping behaviours and how they interact with you all at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Platforms such as Facebook and Google also allow you to manage your ads in real-time, apply budgeting and scheduling preferences, putting you firmly in the driver’s seat and enabling almost total control.

How Online Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

How Online Advertising Can Benefit Your Business?

So we’ve discussed the what and the how and the when, but what about the why. What is it about online advertising that makes it an absolute must?

Online advertising can work with your organisation to help to work towards business goals, marketing objectives and KPIs by driving visitors to your website and supporting your brand growth. Digital advertising takes the chance factor out of organic reach by enabling you to put your brand directly in front of visitors who are likely to be interested and lead those potential customers through your buyer journey.

Facebook and Google Ads can help you:

Build Brand Awareness

One of the biggest challenges of marketing a new business is getting the product and service in front of people for the first time and getting them to remember it. Facebook and Google ads allow you to promote your products, services and branding at a relatively low cost and provide you with critical data about how your ads are being received by your audience. You can also utilise the “Boost” advertising feature on Facebook and Instagram to extend the reach of organic posts that are doing well, getting them in front of a greater number of potential customers.

Increase Spread of Information

As a business, you want to get the word out about everything you can do and how you can do it as quickly as possible. Yet it can be difficult to reach a wider audience and spread information about your brand with organic growth alone. Therefore, online advertising can be used in this scenario much like a brand awareness strategy, but with the goal of educating your audience about who you are and what you can do for them.

Drive Buyer Behaviour

To make a purchase, customers need to know what a product is and where they can buy it. They also need to be reminded about you and your product regularly, to keep you top of mind when they are ready to click “Add to Cart”. Businesses can influence consumer buying decisions by getting their products in front of their target audience.

Provide Reminders to Curious Buyers

Paid digital advertising via platforms such as Google and Facebook ads enables businesses to tap into a specific audience of people who have demonstrated an interest in their products or services and continue to present the ads that might interest them. Retargeting is very useful for supporting a business sales funnel externally.

You should use Google and Facebook ads when it makes sense for your business

You should use Google and Facebook ads when it makes sense for your business

There is no essential catch-all answer to when the best time is to tap into the power of online advertising platforms like Facebook and Google. However, one of the benefits of online advertising is its affordability and so it is relatively inexpensive to test and experiment with at any point in your business journey. If you’re still unsure or are seeking advice on how to incorporate Google and Facebook ads into your business marketing strategy, give us a call on 1300 024 766 or contact us via our enquiry form.