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What is a Domain Name?

what is a domain name?

If you have a website, or are thinking of getting one, you have probably heard of a ‘domain name’. A domain name, also known as domain name system (DNS), is a naming system or identification used for IP addresses. If you register a name in the DNS, it automatically becomes a domain name. Choosing your own domain name should be among your major considerations, along with website design and content, in building your own website.

A domain name can also contribute positively (or negatively) to your website’s success. Like your products, services, and your brand, a domain name gives your company a distinct identity. Therefore, deciding on a domain name is important. The domain name is made up of three parts. The first part is the name of the entity. The next part is the type of entity which is followed by the geographic location of the entity. It is an address that is easy to identify and spell. Simply put, it is the unique name of company or an organisation on the internet.

What is the domain name for?

The domain name is an identification system for internet resources. It is also useful as a means to indicate ownership and control of resource. Domain names, which are easily identifiable and recognisable, establish a unique identity. The easier it is to remember and the less confusing it is, the better. The simpler your domain name is, the easier it is to browse. Imagine typing a complicated combination of numbers just to access a website. A domain name must be easily memorisable for it stick in the minds of people and for your website to be more accessible.

How do you choose a domain name?

Like choosing a company or business name, choosing a domain name can impact your company’s online presence significantly. However, choosing a domain name is not as easy as it seems. There are millions of businesses and websites and the chance that you may have the same business name as others is quite likely. You have to know if your chosen domain name has already been taken. Keeping your domain name short and uncomplicated is one way to make it more memorable. Altering the spelling of your domain name or using slang is risky because people may have a hard time finding your website.

Another way to avoid confusion is to avoid using numbers and hyphens. Choosing the extensions or the suffixes found at the end of your website is also crucial in choosing your domain name. These extensions have different meanings so make sure that you choose the one that is appropriate for your business. For instance, the .org extension is for organisations, rather than companies, while the .net is for internet infrastructure sites. Another good way of choosing a domain name is by including your city or location to better target the customers in your area.

In choosing a domain name, you must also be competitive and protect your brand. By purchasing a number of domain name extensions, including the misspelled varieties of your name, you are protecting your brand. You are also making sure that your customers reach you even if they misspell your domain name. Similarly, you can also use keywords that relate to your business and describe the kind of business that you offer.

Choosing a domain name that is short, memorable, concise and easy to type is a great way to build your brand online. Your website is a significant part of your brand. You must ensure that you create a great website to represent your brand.

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