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A website is an essential tool for every business in every industry, whether a small one or an entire empire. A well-designed and well-built website will help create credibility and enhance the reputation of your business. If your business name does not come up on the first search results page of Google, how can your prospective clients know you are out there? It’s important that you appear on the screen when your potential customers search for your business name or industry ‘near me’.

But it’s not just about building a website. It’s also about creating a professional look to a website that will represent your brand to thousands, even millions, of people on the web.

An average website will do your brand no justice.

Think of it this way: Most people who come to your website are not immediately ready to buy your product. The first impression that your landing page will make on potential clients will dictate whether or not they will continue into your site, through your sales funnel and on to a purchase.

Award-winning websites, such as ESPN and Zillow, know how to catch the attention of their visitors. With intuitive designs and user-friendly structures, these sites are fantastic examples of ways for businesses to hook their leads.

The Importance of Good Web Design

As we have mentioned above, it is not just about having any website. A poorly structured, poorly designed website can cause damage to your sales and brand. The right web design sets the tone and mood with your visitors and can give you extremely profitable results.

First impressions matter

The same is true with your website. Your site visitors will judge your company, products, and services based on the impression that your website gives. The first 7 to 8 seconds will determine how they will see your brand.

If your landing page and your website look messy or unattractive, it will say the same thing about you. Your prospective customers may well leave your website without bothering to check what you have to offer them.

The first impression that your website makes to your leads will dictate whether the paying customers will do business with you or your competitors.

Keep those leads on your website with an attractive, smart, and stylish website design.

Great website design will support your SEO

How your website is designed and structured will affect how your content is displayed and published. This can in turn affect how search engines will index your site based on your relevant keywords and content.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. It is a hugely important aspect of Web Searches that you can work with in your website to achieve serious results. If you are not showing up in the top results on the first page of Google (using keywords that relate to your business), your organic leads will suffer greatly. Your web design should not only be attractive, but it should also be SEO-friendly.

It is clear, then, that the only way to truly optimise your online presence is by using a professional and experienced web designer, due to the complexities involved. A reputable web designer can help you achieve these through proper web design and SEO practices that will not get you in trouble with Google.

Quality design can help gain your customers’ trust

A poorly designed website will not only make your brand unattractive, but it can also make your company seem shady. Think of your website as your sales representative. The neater and more professional your sales representative looks, the more trustworthy they will appear to your prospective customers. However, a carelessly dressed representative will have a hard time gaining the trust of strangers that they want to win over.

Another way of looking at it is to think of it as your physical store. A well-lit and stylishly designed store, with a welcoming ambience, will attract more shoppers. A dark and messy shop will more likely keep prospective customers from coming into your store in the first place.

The same principles apply to your website. The more professional your website looks, the more trustworthy it will be to your leads. The more your leads trust you, the longer they will stay on your site. The longer they stay, the higher the chances that they’ll proceed through your sales funnel.

Impressive websites say something about How you Will Treat Your Customers

How you design and build your website shows how you value your customers’ needs. You would want your customers to only have the best and wonderful experiences with your brand, and that includes their experience with your website.

A well-structured website with easy and seamless navigation will create a smooth and easy experience for your site visitors. It will show that you have your customer experience as your priority. If you have a smart-looking and stylish web design, it will give the impression that you respect your customers and that you feel they deserve to be treated that way.

Amazing web presences help your business stand out

It is an ugly truth: You have hundreds, even thousands of competitors out there, and you are all fighting for the same slice of the cake. Your competitors are most likely employing the services of professional web designers to create, build, and maintain their websites, and so should you be.

You’d want your website to stand out among your competitions. Your website design must be modern and stylish if you want to attract customers, especially from your competitors. The more appealing and attractive your website, the better your performance will be.

What can a professional web designer do for you?

You may be tempted to do it in-house to save money. However, hiring a professional web designer with a portfolio that matches your needs can offer you many benefits:

All of these questions and more should be considered when undergoing web design. The needs and preferences of your target customers must also be considered. From the colours, the layout, the images and media, to the font type and sizes, they should all match the demography of your target audience.

Your web designer will be able to maximise tools such as WordPress to create a highly unique and customised site for you.

To be effective, your website must also be able to highlight your expertise and products. Your main offerings are your expertise and products, not your website. Your website, no matter how entertaining it is, will not be effective if your visitors do not even know what you are offering.

A professional and experienced web designer knows the detailed road to successful SEO results. They know how to make your website visible and searchable in a sea of competitor websites. Through efficient use of keywords and strategic use of relevant and informative content, a web designer can help your business be more out there.

A website that is difficult to navigate will put-off potential leads. Your visitors want information, and they want it right now. If they are not getting it from you the moment that they visit you, they will look for it somewhere else. If you want to make them remain on your website, you must give them what they need fast.

A web designer will know the elements that contribute to easy site navigation. Loading time can also affect your lead retention. Every second counts – as web users are impatient and have short attention spans. Your web designer should know this and work your web design around this problem.

A professional knows how to design and build a website that can cater to all devices.  You must give your customers the same seamless experience that they can achieve when browsing your website on a desktop when they use their smartphones. The primary components should be there, and your website should have the same functionalities, no matter the device used.

Professional and experienced web designers know what they are doing. There will be many fewer risks of having to do things over again because of carelessness and oversight. You may end up spending more due to revisions and delays if you entrust your website to just anyone who offers their services at a cheap price.

They are also more efficient, so this means that you will be able to launch your website on time, maybe even earlier than you expect.

Professional web designers do web design and build for a living. To be successful, they must stay updated with the latest news and trends in the industry. Hiring a professional will ensure that your website is built using the latest technologies, following the latest guidelines or algorithms set by Google and other search engines.

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