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Typography is Life – in Web Design!

Typography is Life – in Web Design!

A website’s design means everything to anyone that wants to get more traffic on their site. Whether it’s for business or for personal use, every aspect of your web design should be flawless. Ideally, everything should complement the design from colour, layout, content and, especially, the typography!

Typography is Life – in Web Design! - Web Design

Typography and its impact on your web design

Most people believe that the most important thing in a website is the content. Many believe that web designs, schemes, and patterns leave minimal to no impact to a website. But believe it or not, typography, as part of web design, plays a vital role on your website.

No matter how good your content is, or how eye-catching your style, it all boils down to typography. That’s because typography ultimately decides whether your content is worth reading or not. You may have a well-written content, but if your texts are difficult to read, a few would bother reading your pages.

Typography is not even limited to readability. When you have a website or a WordPress blog with words jammed together, it is also an issue of typography. Typography is all about the font, the font size, the spaces between the characters and the words, and how each of these is presented.

Typography allows your website design to be pleasing to the eyes

The colours of your website, the border design, and layout all contribute into your web design’s overall aesthetic. However, typography plays an even bigger role.

When you look at a page, your eyes are drawn directly to the text. You determine for yourself if it is worth reading. You factor in the colours of the texts, alignment, and the way some words are emphasised. You also take into consideration how the content is laid out on the site. The typography should take all these elements into consideration. You want to make sure that your audience know where their eyes should go and which word follows the next.

Alignment in this case, is crucial. For instance, if you use few words like “Newcastle Website Designs,” you can use centre alignment. It is best suited for short texts and phrases. However, if it involves a whole paragraph about Newcastle, stick to left, right or justified alignments. Using centre alignment for paragraphs would be tiring to the eyes.

To give emphasis to specific words and phrases, or to direct attention to a certain topic related to those words, change the font size and colour. Maybe you can add a hyperlink to direct them to articles related to that same topic.

Typography is Life – in Web Design! - Web Design

In web design, typography is a way of conveying feelings and emotions

When you’re talking to your readers, you don’t want them to just read the words. To lure them into reading your content, you have to have them experience your message. Learning about typography and applying it to your web design gives you the opportunity to do that.

For instance, if you want to tell a story about how good a particular food in Newcastle is,  font styles that are a bit playful to the senses are excellent. You could use words that would make your readers’ mouths water. Maybe you’ll even use photos of the food as breaks between paragraphs to really send the message. That is using typography to your advantage. Typography is not only a means of telling a story, it is also a way to help the audience feel engrossed in what you’ve written.

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Remember that your website design should put content at the centre of attention. As such, make typography your top priority! Use it as your ultimate web design tool and you’ll have more viewers in no time.

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