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Tips in Designing Your Online Order Form

Tips in Designing Your Online Order Form

The functions of the internet and the websites on it have been through significant advancement in the past years. As a result, website design has become more crucial and important. Businesses no longer limit their sites to simply informative purposes. With the emergence of e-commerce stores, websites now function as a virtual shop.

With this comes a need for more efficient web designs. The aim is not just to attract potential clients. Now, it is also to ensure smooth and effective transaction and/or purchase.

Many companies largely depend on online order forms to sell their products or services. As a result, online forms have become better thought out. Every detail is now created with a careful look to affect deals and sales. Let Jezweb help you design your online order form. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Avoid making a cluttered order form

Tips in Designing Your Online Order Form - Online Order

Sometimes, you may think that including as much information as possible on your form, even if some of it is not really necessary, is the best way to go. But, because of that, many order forms end up cluttered – with too many things going on.

You should simplify and opt for a shorter form. Clients usually do not have the patience to answer forms that are complicated or long. So, try to eliminate fields which collect information that can be gathered in other ways. Evaluate each field and see to it that all of them are necessary.

Layout the fields in a single column only

Multiple columns disorient the flow of the form, and your clients have to visually adjust from time to time. To avoid this, layout your fields in one column. Exceptions may apply to those fields that are specifically related to one another and require only short answers. Some of these are the city, state/territory, and postcode.

Select fonts that are readable

You do not want your order form to be hard to read. So, opt for font styles that can be clearly read in appropriate sizes. Pair them with the right colours – as much as possible, use only the neutral ones. Do not include too many colours because it will contribute to visual clutter.

Make a clear distinction between optional and required fields

Tips in Designing Your Online Order Form - Online Order

Before anything else, remove all the unnecessary optional fields. However, if there really is a need for it, try to limit them to only 1-2 fields. Make sure to label them visibly as optional – so clients do not have a hard time to distinguish it from the required fields.

Indicate formatting requirements

Tips in Designing Your Online Order Form - Online Order

Some forms only indicate formatting requirements as an error message – do not do it. State the instructions and requirements right away. Specify to your clients the punctuation and/or spacing format required for mobile numbers, credit cards, and the like.

Refrain from including Reset and Clear buttons

Tips in Designing Your Online Order Form - Online Order

The chances of accidental reset are higher than the possibility that your potential client will need to start over again on your order form. We suggest dropping that reset button.

Note, however, that order forms usually contain sensitive financial information. Thus, your clients might need a cancel button in cases where they would like to delete their input. Should you provide this button, see to it that it is smaller and less visible than the Submit button. That way, you can minimise accidental clicks.

Hire professional services for your order form

When in NSW, contact Jezweb. We cater to business from all fields and industries. We are happy to help you boost your online presence by offering you excellent and affordable Newcastle-based web design, content, and online marketing services. Contact us today at 02 4950 1140 or 02 4951 5267. You may also send your enquiries to