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The Pros of Using Elementor on a WordPress Website

The Pros of Using Elementor on a WordPress Website

Features and Benefits of Elementor Page Builder

There are thousands of plugins that will allow the user to add capabilities and functionalities to their website. However, when it comes to page building, the overarching thought of it can seem very daunting to those with little website design experience. You may be wondering how to achieve a smart and professional looking website with little to no website building experience – queue the entry of Elementor.

What is Elementor

What is Elementor?

Founded in 2016, Elementor is a Drag and Drop, page builder plugin that allows the user to create custom designed pages with relative ease. Elementor is a whole package interface for the user, meaning everything is taken care of.

The user can create custom layouts, sections, pages and posts without the need for coding skills, taking away the traditional hassle of building a website. The user can create stunning designs that will have the appearance of a professionally designed virtual space. By utilising one of the 80 or more design elements within the page building program, the user can create a design suited to their individual website’s needs.

The Elementor page builder plugin has the flexibility of being available as a basic free package for a single domain for personal users as well as the addition of the ‘Elementor Pro’ version for business users.

The Elementor Pro version has the addition of an extra 50+ advanced widget options, theme build options, WooCommerce integrations, shopping cart widgets, popup builders and marketing integrations, just to name a few. This array is one of the main reasons Elementor Pro has become the market leading page builder for website design companies in the last few years.

What are the benefits of using Elementor

What are the benefits of using Elementor?

With the flexibility of having a drag and drop page builder at your fingertips, Elementor provides the user with multiple benefits, making it the superior choice for professional website designers and personal users alike. Below, we outline the pros of using Elementor when building your WordPress website:

1.       Ease of use

The biggest advantage of using Elementor as your primary page builder is that it is a simple and easy to use system. With the simple ‘sections, columns and widgets’ drag and drop interface, users can search the library for the exact widget they are needing to use and simple drag into the position that they want it displayed on their website – there is no need for unnecessary coding for functionality, simplifying the whole process, saving the user time and money.

2.       What you see is what you get

When the user is building a website with Elementor, what they see is what they get. It’s like building direct to the website in real time. As the site is constructed using the Elementor widgets, the output is what the website is actually going to look like once it is live on the web. There is no imagery trickery and no surprises later down the track.

3.       Extensive training opportunities

With over 3 million websites worldwide using the Elementor page builder plugin, the team behind Elementor created an extensive library of resources that can assist users when building their WordPress website.

There is a very well stocked YouTube channel, showcasing How-To videos for various widgets in both the free and pro versions of the Plugin. There is also an extensive list of resources on the Elementor website to assist you through the website building process from start to finish so that you always have support and assistance when you need it most.

4.       Budget friendly

In its simplest form, Elementor is a free plugin and an excellent choice for budget-conscious users. The easy-to-use builder means that you are able to construct a beautifully designed website for essentially the cost of your domain and hosting. While we always recommend that you consult an industry professional , such as Jezweb, if you are unsure or have any questions, Elementor at the very least, gives you a cheaper alternative to hiring a potentially costly website designer.

5.       Consistently maintained

As times change, it’s essential that technology and programming also keep up with times and that’s exactly what the developers of Elementor do. Elementor is a superior page builder because it is that it is constantly being updated to match the technology surrounding it.

These updates are automatically distributed throughout the plugin, with each new update giving you more functionality and/or improving on existing development opportunities brought forward from previous Plugin versions. This is important to note, because it shows that Elementor’s developers listen to their customers, continually improving through updates.

6.       Responsiveness matters

As times change and more people access websites through multiple channels, it’s essential that the user’s website is built to be ‘responsive’, so that the website is able to be seen and viewed through multiple device channels, such as tablets and mobile phones without reducing functionality or aesthetic appeal.

A responsive website offers a better user experience and The Elementor page builder gives the user the full flexibility to adjust their design to be fully responsive to tablet and mobile devices. In editing mode, the user can simply click on the ‘responsive’ icon and the Elementor screen will change to display the design in tablet or mobile format, so that adjustments can be made to suit the relevant screen size.

Elementor also allows you to individually select widgets within your design to be screen responsive, so the flexibility is there for the user to hide a certain element within the website when displayed on a tablet or phone, for example.

Why Is Elementor The Future of Website Building

Why Is Elementor The Future of Website Building?

Since its establishment in 2016, the Elementor page builder has taken the world by storm, with over 3 million websites and counting utilising the plugin worldwide, with development of future upgrades showing no signs of slowing down. Whether it be a tool for the at home user or the established website design company, Elementor has functionality to suit any market.

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