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The Future of WordPress and Cryptocurrency

The Future of WordPress and Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies are steadily growing in popularity and in scope, especially in online-based markets. As the currency gains more big-name backing and more stability, bloggers and online stores need to integrate features to accommodate the increase in demand.

For WordPress users, the future is looking to be increasingly bright and easy. Designers and developers of themes and widgets have come up with features to accommodate the different aspects of the cryptocurrency market. Bloggers who focus on cryptocurrency, including miners, traders, and financial consultants, need to keep up with these new web designs for the future.

Even bloggers who focus on topics other than finance or online retail stores will have their cryptocurrency features integrated with their website design. As cryptocurrency grows in popularity, it also becomes more powerful and mainstream for all types of consumers.

Staying ahead and planning for a WordPress site that accommodates cryptocurrency is a strategic choice for businesses, organisations, and individuals.

The growing cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market, as a form of secure digital currency, is inherently used online in different marketplaces. Bloggers, online stores, and different individuals all need to know how the cryptocurrency market is growing as it impacts many financial transactions.

For example, many of your store’s customers or clients may be shifting to cryptocurrency for online transactions. Having platforms for Visa and MasterCard, or PayPal service, may not be enough.

The future of cryptocurrency is promising. From New York to Newcastle, the currency is rapidly growing, and it continues to mature despite some downturns experienced early this year.

Cryptocurrency trends to consider for your web design

Here are a couple of trends that may impact how you design and maintain your WordPress site:

The Future of WordPress and Cryptocurrency - WordPress

Cryptocurrency is becoming more reliable

As cryptocurrency becomes more reliable with new innovations, expect more consumers and suppliers to become interested in its use. In fact, some traditional financial market instruments are beginning to take cryptocurrency mainstream. The digital currency can be seen as a reliable store of value for everyday transactions, including digital tips, payments for merchandise, and the like.

Any service or goods shop with a WordPress site should consider adding features that accommodate digital currency transactions.

More consumers are demanding cryptocurrency

With increasing consumer accessibility and participation come increasing demand. People are looking for platforms to buy cryptocurrency and for exchanges. If you are a cryptocurrency exchange business, your business website design needs to compete with the new cryptocurrency exchanges being established.

Consumers are looking for faster, cheaper, and unlimited transactions. People need to be able to convert their cryptocurrency easily, with friendly user interfaces. WordPress sites need to be responsive to these demands.

The Future of WordPress and Cryptocurrency - WordPress

What the future of WordPress looks like

With the growth of cryptocurrency, WordPress sites need to be designed more dynamically and intuitively. Some consumers will be looking for platforms to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies free of fees. Others may be looking for live support. In any case, website designs should simplify the process of entering and interacting with the crypto market.

WordPress site owners will be looking at the cryptocurrency market from different perspectives. Companies and online entities can engage in different cryptocurrency activities, such as:

  • Consultants on finance instruments and cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency miners
  • Investment bloggers
  • Sellers and traders of cryptocurrencies

The complete digital currency WordPress site

To be fully ready for the future of cryptocurrency and WordPress, the web design should be equipped be mobile-ready with the latest technology and the best in user experience. The WordPress site should have features including crypto watch, mining, trading, and other date services.

Consumers looking for information may want to see visual information in the form of pie charts, graphs, and progress bars. This information needs to be updated and in-real time. A WordPress site selling Bitcoin, Etherium, Zcash, and other currencies needs to have an updated price chart, and even token sale countdown timers. Users should be able to easily and securely access the sign up forms and payments.

Cryptowallets can allow users to deposit, withdraw and transfer coins through your WordPress site. Having a cryptocurrency calculator on your website can give users a better experience.

Cryptocurrency consultants should similarly have an accessible and understandable appointment system, and other features like events calendars and maps.  Data analyses, crypto stats, and crypto ICO should be accurate and regularly posted.

The entire site should be designed with digital currency in mind. Code should be optimised for fast performance and SEO in order to compete with the other new online platforms being established.

Optimising for digital currency in your web design

Retail sellers, service providers, and other WordPress site business users should anticipate a future where cryptocurrency is regularly used for purchases. Designing a website that supports a wider spectrum of payment systems from customers all over the world can ensure more opportunities for a sale.

Many websites and online bloggers have opened up a cryptocurrency donation box on their page.

Mining on visitors’ CPUs is also a way to take advantage of the growth of the cryptocurrency market. When users visit your WordPress site, you use a tiny amount of their CPU power to mine coins for you. The app can show users about the mining and give them control to increase, reduce or completely stop the mining.

There are so many possible ways to integrate digital currency into your WordPress site.

Designing your WordPress site with the future in mind

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