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The Easy Way To Promote Blog Posts

the easy way to promote blog posts

Ideally we would all take the time to manually post announcements for our new blog posts on social media but it is time consuming and for the less popular social media sites no one notices what we post anyway.

WordPress blogs promoted on social media

Publishing blogs in our WordPress site is terrific for getting indexed in Google but not so great for getting noticed on Facebook and other social media. Of course we could head to our Facebook page, paste the link to our blog, comment and publish, but we can automate that process.

The following are screenshot examples from our last blog post about a business that paid for blackhat seo.

Manually posting a link on Facebook


One big benefit of the manually posted link compared to automatically is that a comment can be made that contextualises or engages the reader enough to convince them to go to the blog post.

Automatically posted blog to Facebook


Either way we can get the social link back to the blog post.

Social Network Auto Poster makes it all possible

The plugin we find works really well for the automation of social network posting is the SNAP – Social Network Auto Poster Pro for WordPress from Nextscripts.

You can save your time and reach all your friends and followers by using SNAP. Just write the blogpost and plugin will do the rest. Once you click “Publish” button your post or announcement of your post will go to all your configured Social Networks accounts. ref:

We’ve connected it to a whole range of social media websites other than Facebook including:

Twitter –


Pinterest –


Linkedin –


StumbleUpon –


Tumblr –


Time well spent configuring SNAP

There’s a bit to do with setting up all these auto posting connections. It’s not a five minute job. Some of the social networks you can use the username and password you login with but the big ones like Facebook and Twitter need to have an app setup which adds some extra steps.


Publishing the blog post

At the point of clicking publish you can select various options such as the category in StumbleUpon, or the board on Pinterest or simply to change the post heading. If you’re happy with the default settings though there isn’t anything to do other than publishing the WordPress blog as usual.


Start automating your blog promotion

If you’re a Jezweb website client and want to have your blog auto posting to social media get in touch and we can configure the Social Network Auto Poster for you. Otherwise, head to the Nextscripts website and grab their pro version of the plugin and follow the detailed setup guides or get your WordPress website hosted and supported by Jezweb and we can take care of this kind of thing for you as part of your website maintenance.