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Jeremy Dawes


In his early 20’s, Jeremy started in computer repairs until he was approached by a friend to build a website for his business. Realising that there’s a demand for good quality, affordable, and easy to edit websites among small and medium-sized businesses, he founded Jezweb in 2001.

Jeremy is very personable and would love to get to know you and your business so he can tailor a website that fits your needs. From design to functionality, he makes sure that your website is engaging, attractive, and highlights your products and services.

Jeremy embraces change, growth, and innovative solutions. He is always testing new aspects of website functionality or SEO.

“As the founder of Jezweb, it is clear to me that we must move quickly to adapt and grow. I’ve never been satisfied to do the same thing from year to year and when a client asks for help with something my natural reaction is to say yes and either work out how to do it or find someone for them who can.

Much of the longevity and success of Jezweb, I believe, can be found in my enthusiasm and willingness to seek new and better ways to use the web rather than relying on past practices or ‘what works’. I am not afraid to test new ideas or to discontinue services that are no longer viable.

We are in a fast-changing industry with client expectations continually rising as digital eclipse all other forms of marketing. I aim to take a practical, honest, principled and outcomes-focused approach to the solutions we provide.

Google continues to raise the standard of what is required for a business to be visible in search results; it pushes us to produce higher quality, more relevant web pages to help our clients compete online. Leading a client through the creation of a new website and online marketing is very rewarding.

Additionally, I am very pleased that we have been able to create steady rewarding employment for people from truly diverse cultures, countries, ages, skill levels and genders. It gives me great satisfaction to know that the employment opportunities Jezweb has provided have been a career start for many and provides for our staff to better their lives and support their families.” – Jeremy

Outside of the office, Jeremy enjoys his family time with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters, listening to podcasts, kite surfing & outrigger canoeing.