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WooCommerce with Jezweb

Do you have an established WooCommerce website and need some IT support with managing it?

Do you have questions about WooCommerce plugins, YITH integration or product exporting? Jezweb can help.

As experts in WooCommerce websites, we can help you get your ecommerce platform wrangled and under control.

Not all e-commerce platforms are created equally and WooCommerce is no different. There are different plugins, options, and functionalities, designed to give business owners the premium online store experience. WooCommerce powers more than 25% of all online businesses in the top 1 million due to its flexibility and user experience. Best of all, the basic WooCommerce plugin is free and accessible for download on your WordPress CMS.

How can Jezweb help you with your WooCommerce website?

If you have an established WooCommerce website, Jezweb can provide ad-hoc hourly support services to help you manage and update your existing website. We have an in-depth knowledge and a team of e-commerce professionals who can help you to apply solutions to meet the needs of your business. Our ad-hoc WooCommerce support could include:

YITH integration

YITH is the world’s leading independent supplier of plugins and extensions for WooCommerce. When a plugin is not directly available through WooCommerce, YITH will generally have an option to give you the functionality that you require. We can provide recommendations on what plugins to use within your website and help you access them and install them on your website.

WooCommerce troubleshooting

Are you getting errors on your WooCommerce dashboard? Not sure why your ecommerce setup isn’t functioning the way it should? Our e-commerce team can login to the backend of your website and investigate the errors and issues and propose solutions to help resolve the issues.

Mailchimp integrations

Do you have an account with Mailchimp and want it linked to your online store? Linking your mailchimp account to your WooCommerce store allows you to track your customers purchases and then tailor your marketing materials to suit the individual customer’s interests based on previous purchases. Jezweb can help you by accessing your mailchimp account and adding the relevant API keys to link it to your WooCommerce store.

Payment gateway integrations and errors

Having trouble linking your payment gateways to your WooCommerce store? Our team can provide assistance with linking relevant payment methods via API keys and webhooks to enable payments on your website. This might include Square, Stripe, PayPal or Afterpay. We can also help to troubleshoot issues with established payment gateways and provide advice and support to get your website taking payments correctly.

Plugin updates

Is your WooCommerce dashboard looking a bit like a Christmas tree with plugin update notifications? This can mean that your plugins are out of date and require attention. Our team can login to the backend of your website and provide you with support in updating relevant plugins on the website and provide recommendations on where plugins can be better optimised

Terms and conditions of Jezweb ad-hoc support

Jezweb does, to the best of our ability, provide accurate and up to date support and advice in relation to WooCommerce website support at the time of contact.

When making the decision to engage with Jezweb’s ad-hoc support services, where websites are NOT hosted by Jezweb, it is understood that no ongoing warranties are provided for the work completed and it is at the discretion of Jezweb to undertake said work after an initial assessment of the requirements is made. If a website is deemed to be a security risk, Jezweb has the right to refuse engagement of services, under the assumption that further issues may arise as a result of any updates. In this circumstance, Jezweb will aim to provide a long-term solution or referral to appropriate parties if assistance cannot be provided by the Jezweb team.  

Jezweb will provide, where practicable, an outline of the recommended updates to be completed, an estimated time frame for completion and an hourly quoted rate for the customers approval before commencing work. Time estimates are based on obtained knowledge of the website setup and should additional time need to be spent due to unforeseen circumstances or additional issues arising, approval will be sought from the customer before continuing.