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Social Media Images with Canva

Create Stunning Social Media Images with

Visual content has become increasingly more important in the world of social media. From the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and Pinterest, social media users are finding it a lot more engaging to interact using less textual content. This is where social media images come in. In order to share and obtain information as fast and easily as possible, content is becoming more visual.

Using social media images is a way for audiences and potential clients to more easily access information. This means more traffic for your website. You will be able to get more people’s attention, and get your message across using a simpler medium. However, creating visual content can be a challenge. Or you could be a start-up company that simply does not have the budget to hire graphic designers. Worry no more, because we have found just the thing that’ll make your designing woes disappear.

Canva:  A wonderful new tool for graphic designers

Canva is a graphic design platform that can be accessed online and for free. Launched in August 2013, it has been providing tools to simply and easily put together professional looking graphic designs and social media images.

Use for various social media platforms

Are you having trouble juggling all your different media platforms, and are getting confused by the various image sizes that are required? Canva allows you to choose what your design is going to be used for, and provides templates and layouts specifically made for that.


Before getting started on anything, you first have to decide where you are going to use your graphic design for, and what dimensions it should have. This is important because the wrong size on the wrong platform can stretch or crop your image out of proportion, lowering the quality of the visual you worked so hard on to put together. And instead of having to memorise all these different dimensions, Canva automatically sets it for you. This relieves the stress of getting all these social media images mixed up.

Some of the more common posts on social media would be those posted on Facebook. Facebook has gotten so big that it is not only used for personal accounts, but also for businesses and for promoting different brands, websites, events, basically anything under the sun.

canva facebook cover photo

One feature Canva has is being able to make your own Facebook Cover Photo that is the right dimensions. It even allows you to factor in a profile picture that is partly in the way of the Cover Photo, helping you to adjust the placement of certain elements you want to put in your design. All this and more is taken into consideration by Canva, and you can further choose whether you are making a Facebook Post, Ad, Event Cover, and many others.

Aside from Facebook, Canva also provides layouts for various other social media platforms, as well as for specific kinds of content that you want to create. These other features include layouts for Twitter Posts, Tumblr Graphics, Instagram Posts, YouTube Channel Art, and many others that are specific to particular social media sites.

canva picture 1

Create different kinds of content

canva picture 2

With Canva, you can make different kinds of social media images depending on your needs – be it Blog Posts, Infographics, Posters, Photo Collages, or any other kind of content. Canva provides you the tools to be able to fill your websites or social media accounts with all sorts of visuals and content you never thought you’d be able to create.

It is important to take note of the different sizes and styles that certain kinds of visual content come in because these are essential to getting your message across more effectively. An infographic, for example, is best laid out vertically extended as to allow audiences to easily scroll down the image and find the information they need. You may also opt to use custom dimensions if the templates do not fit what you need.

canva infographic

Simple and easy to use

One thing that hinders social media users from exploring the benefits that visual content can bring is simply their inability to create them. Different software and applications may be intimidating, and other people may not have confidence in their artistic capabilities. However, with Canva, everything you need to be able to create amazing looking visual content is all here is one graphic design platform, and makes everything simple and easy to achieve.

Access to different tools and templates

canva templates

An amazing feature that Canva has that makes it unique and extraordinarily helpful is that it contains hundreds of pre-designed stock layouts for you to use. All you have to do is select one that fits your tastes, and you are good to go. Not only that, but these layouts are incredibly stylish and aesthetically appealing as well. They look like they are professionally done, and can go straight to your page or website and will certainly be admired by your viewers.

You do not have to stick with the layouts that are given. You are also at liberty to change and add anything you want. This way, you can make your graphic design according to how you want them, or how your brand is presented. Or if you want to start completely from scratch, you may also choose to work on a blank canvas and add different elements from there.

canva elements

On Canva, there are thousands of images, illustrations, icons, frames, and many other additional elements that you can choose from. Everything is at your fingertips, and within reach with just a click. You may use this to further personalise and bring character to your designs. Moreover, you can also add different texts and backgrounds, and upload your own images. You can even change the colours, add filters, and alter the properties of the different elements.

canva personalisation

In addition to all that, you can work on multiple designs at a time, and save your works for future use. You may also share your work to others and collaborate with them, as well as get inspiration from other Canva users.

Canva as a tool to create perfect social media images

If you want your social media images to create traffic and bring an edge to your site, you must create visuals that are of top quality.  And with the right tools at your disposal, this need not be difficult to do. Make a name for yourself and establish your identity online – create your own Canva account today!