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Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches?

Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches?

A lot of businesses in Newcastle have been able to successfully market their products or services online through apps. With approximately 16 million or 9 out 10 people in Australia owning a smartphone, it is essential that business cater to the ever growing demand of this market. While most companies have their own mobile app, is it a must to have it compatible with smartwatches?

Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches? -

Benefits of having your own app

Having an app for your business is now a must, especially as the number of smartphone users continues to grow. It promotes interaction with your customers which improves the quality of your service. You can have an app created for you by the experts so you can optimise all its functions which you can benefit from.

Having your own mobile app may not seem enough especially now that smartwatches are entering the technology market. If you are having an app developed for your business, why not make it compatible with smartwatches? It would surely be great to have the features not just limited to your phone but also be able to go with you wherever you go, as it is connected with your watch.

What can a smartwatch do?

Before you think about whether you should make your app compatible with a smartwatch, here are some of the possibilities and things you can do with that small device on your wrist:

Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches? -

·         Notifications and updates

A large, bright mobile screen can be too distracting in certain situations like a meeting, date, movie night, family dinner, and the like. A smartwatch can simply and instantly update its users with new messages, latest news, current weather, events or promotions nearby.

Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches? -

·         Maps and directions

Finding places has now become easy as a smartwatch also functions as a mini-GPS which can provide not only directions but the locations of specific points of interest such as restaurants, shops or entertainment venues.

Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches? -

·         A practical tool for the health conscious

There are some very useful applications that give information about physical activity and the body all in one device. These applications can function as a pedometer and exercise timer, while also measuring your heart rate, blood glucose, calories burned and more. For persons who take medicines on a strict schedule, a smartwatch is quite useful in keeping track of your medications.

Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches? -

·         Social connectivity made easier

Not only can users view their messages on the spot, but replying or sending a message has been made easier with its voice and touch screen functions. Keeping in touch with colleagues, friends, and loved ones can be as simple as tracing an emoji or speaking a phrase into your smartwatch.

Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches? -

·         Instant and easy shopping

Shopping online is more convenient than ever as it is possible with the use of a smartwatch. Buying products, scheduling appointments, booking tickets and flights and more can now be done with a few clicks on your wrist device. As an added bonus, for your own piece of mind, smartwatches are as safe and secure as your standard computer and mobile phone device.

Should your app be compatible with smartwatches?

With all the benefits of having a smartwatch, imagine all the ways your clients can keep track or be in touch with your business just by having your app compatible with their smartwatch device.

Events, promos, promotions and other activities – Clients will instantly be notified and will never miss an important happening which you have prepared for them.

Be easily found – Whether you are a company with many branches, or a small business with many other competitors, smartwatch app users will surely be able to see you once they search for your name, product, or service.

Incorporate your product or service into a useful smartwatch app – Think about your product or service and how your customers use it and you can surely come up with an app that is beneficial for their daily use. A drinking water company for example, can keep track of a person’s water intake. Even a company that produces clothing could inform a smartwatch user of the weather and give advice on what clothes are best to wear for the day as an example.

Easy access for customers – Greater accessibility creates a huge positive impact for your business. People can instantly buy your products or schedule for an appointment with the use of their smartwatch.

Be remembered by app users – A single notification a day can help people remember your business without being annoying or irrelevant. Remember that a smartwatch has many functions within which, you can incorporate your brand name, product or service.

Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches? -

There are different brands of smartwatches and making your app compatible with the ones your customers use may not be an easy task. From creating your own app to making it function on a smartwatch, make sure to hire a professional who can make the most out of the newest features technology now has to offer. If your business puts value in quality customer service, now is the time to make that mobile app compatible with smartwatches, to give a positive and convenient user experience.