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Using Chartsbeds Booking Software for Website Design

As time passes, it becomes more and more relevant for businesses to adopt an online presence. The ability for potential customers to be able to view and book accommodation from the convenience of their own home, on the go and from multiple devices, means that you are able to actively communicate and drive customer sales, all through your online presence.

This is where Jezweb can help: Jezweb offers an all-in-one property management solution through the ChartsBeds Property Management System (PMS). Our talented team of designers can custom build your new WordPress accommodation website to your specifications and branding, then integrate your ChartsBeds PMS channel manager or booking engine to allow for a streamlined process, from first viewing to booking that also promotes increased customer satisfaction.

What is ChartsBeds PMS?

ChartsBeds Property Management System is an all-in-one hospitality and accommodation management system that allows your company to do the following:

ChartsBeds Motel Website Design - Chartsbeds

Depending on your specific circumstances and requirements, it is possible to take advantage of the entire property management system or just utilise specific components such as the channel manager or booking engine – and all for a low monthly subscription.

The ChartsBeds Channel Manager System

Making the decision to book accommodation online using an OTA (Online Travel Agency) has become increasingly popular in recent years. Websites such as, Agoda and Expedia are generally the first port of call for customers looking to reserve accommodation online, and the ChartsBeds channel manager system allows you to manage integrations between the main online travel agency websites and your own website: ChartsBeds sets up the connections, while you manage the rates you want to charge and the availability of your rooms.

Benefits of The ChartsBeds Channel Manager System

The benefits of using the ChartsBeds channel manager system include:

Increased online exposure

By allowing your inventory to be pushed across over 30 online booking engines, your business is getting seen by more customers with more potential bookings.

Real time synchronization

As soon as bookings are processed through one of the booking engines online, the ChartsBeds interface updates your reservation inventory, resulting in zero double bookings, overbookings, wait lists or overlapping of reservations.

Customisable rates per online travel agency

You can customise the rates that you want to charge for rooms based on the individual agency making the booking, which will offset higher agency commissions or fees by charging more per room.

Management of memberships and loyalty discounts

Easily apply discounts to members and loyal customers by using the property rate table that is pre-established and configured within your PMS.

By utilising the ChartsBeds channel manager system, you are able to easily make and manage your online reservations across the many online booking engines available.

Jezweb can assist with the integration of your channel manager into your recently built and designed WordPress website with little hassle to you. We help to create and display your brand online while creating a seamless customer booking process.

ChartsBeds Booking Engine

The ChartsBeds integrated booking engine allows you to seamlessly take bookings straight from your own website and to manage all bookings through the PMS booking engine in real time, according to the availability of your rooms.

The main features of the ChartsBeds booking engine include:

Real Time Availability

By booking directly using the booking engine, you have an accurate representation of your capacity in real time,

Mobile Compatibility

All ChartsBeds booking engine software is responsive, allowing for a quality user experience whether the customer is booking from their desktop, tablet, or phone,

Customisable rates per online travel agency

The ChartsBeds booking engine allows for multilingual configurations, allowing users who speak languages other than English to use the system,

Automatic Discount Calculations

By setting predetermined discounts within your booking engine PMS, the system will automatically recognise when a discount needs to be applied for a customer and automatically add without the customer needing to take any action.

With a ChartsBeds booking engine directly integrated into your website, your establishment can provide a user-friendly experience for all customers with a unified transition between viewing and booking, directly on your own website.

ChartsBeds Motel Website Design - Chartsbeds

Chartsbeds PMS Integration with Custom Built Jezweb Website Design

Jezweb has an award-winning reputation for building custom designed accommodation websites for customers across Australia. We have worked with a wide variety of motels, hotels, hostels, resorts, cottages, and villas, and can tailor your website needs to your individual business branding model and requirements.

We aim to build websites that look amazing and reflect your business in its best possible light and we have years of experience integrating booking engines and channel manager systems so can help simplify your booking process, while delivering a quality website that you can be proud of.

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