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The future is digital. If you want to establish any type of business or brand in and around Hunter Valley, one of the best ways to create your presence online is through your own website. Doing this allows people to reach you faster, and it expands your reach and potential audience exponentially.

Creating your own website will give you an opportunity to market your brand better. Here at Jezweb, we want to help you build a customised website that is easy-to-use, visually-appealing, and thoughtfully-designed.ENQUIRE NOW

Why create a customised website?

Nowadays, there are plenty of website templates that you can use if you are making a website of their own. Templates definitely make things easier and faster, but they’re also prone to being overused.

When you create a brand, one of the most important things is to set yourself apart from others. Being unique is one of the most vital aspects in branding, and that includes your web design.

Certainly, there are probably millions of websites nowadays and it’s going to be hard to come up with a format and layout that’s not used by anyone else at all. But the point of creating a customised website is not just on the layout, but of the branding, the recall, and the experience. This is where having a carefully-crafted website design will come in.

Hunter Valley is a huge community. By creating a website for your brand, it becomes easier for people within the area to come to you and enquire about the services and/or products you offer. Get your web design in Hunter Valley started now with Jezweb.

Benefits of building a customised website and web design in Hunter Valley

Web design is not just about creating a site that people can look at to get a grasp of what you offer. If that’s what you want to achieve, you’re better off with just making ad placements on multiple social media channels.

A good website is a medium where you can communicate with your clients and customers — a space where you can extend your service at their convenience. This is where a good, custom web design in Hunter Valley will come in. There are probably hundreds of reasons why having a customised website is beneficial to any Hunter Valley business or brand. Here are some of the top benefits to having a custom website created for your business:

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You can have a unique website that will set you apart from competitors.

A customised website will set your apart from other brands. You can shape it and design it however you want, and you can customise the experience your customers will have when they enter and use your website. It basically serves not just as a tool to inform your customers about your services, announcements, and promos, but also as an extension of the service you offer to your clients.

You will get access to an easy-to-use content management system.

When we make a website for our clients, we make it a point to install the content management system on an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand platform like WordPress. While we can obviously work with any language to help you get your dream website build, we also design websites with your experience in mind. You will be able to make quick changes on announcements, content, and other frontend (and even backend) materials with custom web design through easy CMS.

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You can curate the experience of your clients and customers.

What’s the first thing you want clients to see when they visit your website? What type of service do you want to provide? Are you going to have a catalogue of the items you sell, or will your website have an ecommerce feature where they can order items at their convenience?

There are heaps of ways in which you can design and curate the experience of your customers when they enter your website. A good user experience is key to patronage, and you will have control over what type of UX you want to establish when you use custom website designs.

You can control the way it appears on different devices.

Websites are accessible on different devices. You can view a website using a computer, a tablet, or even your mobile phone. Obviously, these devices have different aspect ratios. You cannot just make a website layout made for desktop computers and expect it work and look well on mobile. Therefore, you have to make sure that your website can adapt to the devices your customers use.

With a custom web design for Hunter Valley, you can tweak the way your website looks on different platforms and design it in such a way that it’s still easy to navigate and use. Usability and responsiveness to the type of device is a factor in good user experience. You’ll get greater customer satisfaction from your UX with a well-designed and adaptable website.

There are countless benefits when you customise your Hunter Valley website, and the ones listed above are just some of the many reasons why you should make a customised website for your brand. Above everything else, knowing how to adapt to the constant changes of the digital sphere is important. Moreover, the scalability brought about by custom web design is a vital factor in creating a relevant platform in the online sphere.

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How to make good custom websites

A website is not just having a nice layout and interface. It has to reflect your identity as a brand and what you offer as a business. Here’s a quick run-through on our process in creating websites for clients like you who are interested in making a personalised website that reflects their brand objective:

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Understand the objective of the website.

The first step to creating a great custom website is understanding the goal of the client. Do they want a forum for interaction with customers? Do they want a website that has an ecommerce feature? Are they looking for a website that will serve as an online catalogue for their products?

When you understand what their goals and objectives are, you will be able to set standards and research best practices for websites of similar type. You can research ahead and look for samples that the client might be interested in, making the pre-planning process more efficient and productive.

Planning the look and interface of the website

Clients will send a list of requirements they want their websites to have, and they’ll sometimes samples of website that think have got it right. Once we receive these materials, we are able to create a wireframe that the website designer can use for the initial build of the website.

In this process, placeholders are often used in place of real content especially if the layout and materials are still in works-in-progress. 

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Initial coding

Once the elements of the website are established and category trees have been finalised, the web designers will begin with the coding of the website. In this step, web designers can either manually code the website, use a template, or use a combination of manual coding, templates, and plug-ins to design a dream build for the client.

Finalise content

The content of the website can either come from the clients or from us. There are times when clients already have existing content that they’d like to mirror on the new website (often content from their old website). However, there are instances when clients will need an extra help to create well-written and easy-to-understand pages on their website.

At Jezweb, we have a pool of writers who can provide content for clients who need extra help. We interview clients to get a grasp on their business structure so that we can properly create custom and personalised content.

Website review

Once the website wireframe and content have all been laid out, the time to review and test the website begins. In this process, we check if all pages are working properly and if the experience of the customers will be as seamless as planned. Website review and testing must be done properly, as these are among the final boxes to tick before launching the website. If there are bugs, wrong content, or site performance issues, this is the time to raise those so that the web design team can fix them. 

Website goes live

After testing and any revisions, the website is finally ready to be launched. But before formally launching the website, the Hunter Valley web design team will give the client a brief on how to manage the website content and revise elements on their own. Easy CMS platforms like WordPress can be easily taught and learned. Once the client is confident that they can somewhat maintain the website, the team hands over the website to the client as it goes live.

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Create a customised Hunter Valley website now with Jezweb

Creating a website takes time and money. To make sure that you maximise your options, it’s best to seek the help of professional web design teams like Jezweb when making your Hunter Valley business website. We will be able to present options to you and suggest alternatives that cover best business practices.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to us now and start the process of building the best website for your company in Hunter Valley.