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Building your online presence is vital for the success of your Central Coast business. A strong online presence can let you reach a wider audience, even beyond the Central Coast. Whether you have a physical store or an e-commerce business, a well-designed website is a must for it to attract more leads and more paying customers.

At Jezweb, we will take care of your website development and web design Central Coast requirements. From informative content to search engine optimisation, our team will ensure that your website is primed to give you the traffic and online exposure that your business needs.

Your website is your business address on the world wide web. If you have a physical location in Central Coast where your customers go to buy your products or hire your services, your website serves the same purpose on the Internet. For new customers to be drawn in, it must be attractive enough to compel them to visit and come in.

Benefits of Custom Web Design Central Coast

You do not want your website to look like every other website. Your website should stand out among the competition to be effective.

Aside from aesthetics, we will also make sure to design and build your website to be functional and easy to use.

It will highlight what makes you unique

The internet is a crowded place. You need to offer something unique to your target audience to stand out. We will customise your website to fit your needs and the needs of your target audience.

Does your target audience include professionals and businessmen? We will create your website to suit their taste. Did you create your website to cater to young women? Then we will build it to match their interests.

Building a website is more than just putting your company logo on a template. The look, colours, layout, and content must be able to convey what your company is all about. For your website to be successful, it must be able to convey what makes your brand unique.

Web Design Central Coast -

It is maximised for SEO

Without SEO, your website will not be able to drive in the right amount of traffic to your site. We will build your website to maximise its Google rankings by efficient use of keywords. This will make sure that your target audience will reach you first before they can reach your competition.

Through smart and effective use of relevant keywords that are related to your business, we can put your website at the top of Google SERP. We will do this through White Hat SEO techniques that will not see your website penalised by Google.

It is adaptable and scalable.

Business needs can change over time. As your business grows, so will your offerings and your target audience. Over time, your website may have to cater to a wider range of audiences.

You can add features to your custom website as your marketing needs grow over time. You can discuss this with your web designer and they can include your roadmap in the design elements.

It can be integrated with your existing platforms

For a more seamless experience, you can integrate your website with the other platforms that you use. Sometimes, not all the plugins that WordPress offers can give you what you need your website to do for you. Your website can be customised to integrate with the platforms that you want, such as your Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, as well as any other databases that you need.

Requirements like these will make you appreciate hiring professional, experienced, and reputable Central Coast web design partners. Jezweb can help build the necessary codes and APIs needed for your business requirement.

Web Design Central Coast -

It can be integrated with your social media accounts.

Almost everyone is on social media, so it would be quite wise and practical to make sure your business is on social media too. Integrating your social media accounts will enable you to engage your target audience more. Social media integration lets you promote your other channels on your website.

Social media integration also gives customers another means to connect with your brand. It allows them to choose which channel is convenient for them. You can integrate social media in your website through the following:

  1. Share and Follow Buttons
  2. Log in through Social Media accounts
  3. Displaying your media

How we will design and develop your website

Whether you require an e-commerce site or a web page, Jezweb will do it for you. Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of web design and development, here are the things we do.

  1. We study your business and your industry. Our team must first thoroughly understand the business so that we can implement relevant designs and solutions.
  2. We help you identify and set your goals and aspirations for your website and web design Central Coast. Your website should have a purpose.
  3. Our team design the structure or sitemap of your website. Each type of website will require a different form and structure to be effective.
  4. Once approved, we begin the web development using WordPress. The integration is done with your existing platforms if needed.
  5. We add valuable content to your website, which helps drive traffic and improve engagement on your website.
  6. Once everything is in place, we test your website to make sure that it is functional and working. It is usually done by several tests:
  • Functionality Testing – Makes sure that all features are operational; all links are directing where they should be.
  • Usability Testing – Checks that the website is user-friendly and makes sure that navigation is easy and smooth.
  • Interface Testing – Ensures that all integrations are working properly. All queries and requests are sent and received accordingly.
  • Browser Compatibility Testing – The website must display properly in all browsers.
  • Performance Testing – Response time of the website must be acceptable, even during peak hours.

7. Finally, we launch your website. Jezweb will happily celebrate this milestone with you.

Get only the best in web design Central Coast

When you work with us, you will get a website that was carefully and thoughtfully planned, designed, and built. Our web design Central Coast projects are creative and fresh, and our content is engaging.

Your website should speak to the right set of audiences, and we know that. All your efforts will be futile if your website does not resonate with your target audience. It should speak to your prospects, in a language that this group of people will understand and connect with.

Your website should be compelling enough to lead your visitors down the sales funnel. We will make sure that your homepage is strong, and will have your leads stay on your website.

Rest assured, our people will also teach your staff how to do minor updates to your website. Businesses should be dynamic to survive. What seems to be valuable content now might be useless in the next few months. Fresh and original content is needed to drive more leads into your website.

Of course, you also have the option to have our team make regular updates to your website.

Web Design Central Coast -

How much will it cost?

No Central Coast website project is the same. Each is unique, with its own sets of goals, requirements, purpose, and target audience. A simpler project could cost as little as  $300 but more complicated ones will cost more. Your custom web design will be billed accordingly. Of course, the more pages and functions your website has, the more budget you will need for it.

Before we begin the project, we will give you an estimate based on your requirements and our initial assessment. This will be part of the planning and design document that we will provide you.

Ready to bring your Central Coast business online? Talk with us.

Here at Jezweb, we pride ourselves on giving our clients only the best. From web design, web hosting, graphic designs to search engine optimisation, leave it to us. We will give you a well-designed and optimised website that will not just look great, but will also rank well in Google.

Trust in our experience to bring you the best web design in Central Coast and beyond. We will take your business out there so get ready to explore new heights. Call us now for a free consultation.