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Online Marketing Ideas for 2022

Online Marketing Ideas for 2022

Preparing your digital marketing strategy for the coming year

Online marketing is constantly evolving and that can be both a challenge and an opportunity. In marketing, it pays to be prepared by continuously monitoring industry trends, being adaptable, and being ready to adjust your strategy quickly and efficiently when required.

The importance of versatility in marketing strategy was exemplified in 2020 when a global pandemic shifted the economic spaces and consumer behaviour more than ever before. Tried and tested methods became irrelevant overnight, and brands had to move quickly to flourish in the new environment. 

Digital marketing strategy ideas

Digital marketing strategy ideas

With 2021 drawing to a close, it’s time to be thinking about your online marketing strategy for the coming year if you haven’t already. With that in mind, we’ve discussed below some of the digital marketing trends that you might want to consider implementing for 2022 (click on each heading to find out more):

Use More Videos

If you are involved in any marketing variation, you’ve probably heard that video is the way to go. While suggesting an increase in video content might be considered cliché, the medium is still one of the most effective tools to communicate with clients.

We’re often reminded of our collective shortened attention spans in a world full of jostling media. However, it still remains a solid fact that video is one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention.

Video ideas

If you’re unsure what kind of video content might be right for you, consider the following examples: 

  • Introductory bio videos of you and your team members on your About Us page.
  • Videos addressing your FAQs to facilitate client trust and credibility. 
  • Product or service videos that address how the commodity is used or service is carried out.
  • Costing videos, to walk your audience through your pricing structure and discuss any concerns the average consumer might have. 
  • Testimonial videos, where your satisfied clients discuss their experience with your business, elements they enjoyed. Clients might also highlight any points of difference in your service compared to previous engagements.  
Suggested video length

You can make use of both short and long-form videos and use both options to your advantage. It’s good practice to keep videos on your general website pages short and snappy to hold the audience’s attention. However, tutorials, product usage, and explainer videos can be made longer as your customers have come to these clips to learn more. Videos enable you to make the story of your brand clear and straightforward to your audience. 

Take Advantage of Storytelling

Take Advantage of Storytelling

‘Storytelling’, or ‘telling your brand story’, is undoubtedly one of the many marketing buzzwords of the last 2 years. You might ask ‘how can storytelling assist with my digital marketing?’, but it’s simple: Your potential customers are 22 times more likely to remember details when they are wrapped up in a story.

The act of storytelling is also a very human thing to do. We’ve been using accounts to communicate messages for a very long time, and, in the current world of AI automation, chatbots, and digital messaging, humanity is at a premium.

Storytelling is also compelling, allowing businesses to convey their intended message in a simple, understandable way, especially in a time where the impact of a global pandemic have highlighted a customer demand for the human element and transparent practice.

Developing a powerful brand story that underlines your purpose and what you stand for will make your business memorable in the consumer space. Companies should also remember that storytelling can also strongly inform their brand identity. 

Invest in Strong Brand Image

Brand identity will always be an essential component of business strategy. It is one of your business’s critical points of differentiation in an ever more increasingly crowded marketplace, but brand identity is much more than just a logo – brand identity characteristics include the following:

  • business name
  • logo
  • tagline
  • colour scheme
  • brand voice
  • Key terms and vocabulary used
  • Typography
  • Graphic style and more.

Brand/audience alignment

It is vital that your brand identity directly aligns with your target audience. When developing a prestige fashion brand, you don’t necessarily want to use slang terms like ‘lol’ or ‘the gram’. Likewise, phrases like ‘high-end luxury’ and ‘couture’ will equally be out of place when creating a brand for fun, fashion-forward teenage girls.

Take some time in the new year to review your brand identity. Is it aligned with your target market? If not, it might be time for a refresh. 

Invest in Online Events

As COVID restrictions and lockdowns placed an abrupt suspension of in-person events, businesses and marketers had to get creative with how to host similar experiences online. As we move toward 2022, it may be wise to continue to hold these digital sessions, or at least physical/digital hybrid events.

Many consumers have voiced their support of digital events as they are more flexible, convenient. These factors often result in a higher rate of attendance. There are many other advantages of digital events too, including increased accessibility, reduced costs and reduced risks. Consider how you might take advantage of virtual programming in 2022. 

Adopt Social Audio

Adopt Social Audio

In a time dominated by screens as people continue to work from home and watch and engage with content in their downtime, it’s no wonder that Social Audio is a rising trend.

The term refers to products and media that utilise audio as a primary means of communication – think audiobooks, podcasts, live conversation rooms and more. As screen fatigue increases, more and more individuals choose to engage with content whilst away from the screen.

Social audio also enables individuals to consume content whilst completing other tasks, whether household cleaning, exercising, or readying for bed. Your business can take advantage of this trend by creating a podcast or generating discussion within live conversation rooms.

As 2021 comes to a close, you might be thinking, ‘What’s next for my business?’ Indeed, the new year presents boundless opportunities and unknowns that are yet to be discovered. One of the key takeaways from this article should be ‘remember to be adaptable.’ Continue to modify, alter and in some cases, completely rethink your digital marketing strategy as time goes on. If you need help developing your marketing roadmap for 2022 or want support to complete your marketing tasks, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jezweb!

Choose Jezweb for your online marketing strategy plans

Choose Jezweb for your online marketing strategy plans

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