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Never Miss A Lead From Your Website Again

never miss a lead from your website again

Do you know which of your advertising is working?

Can you listen back on the calls that came through your website last week to see if the new enquiry capture process you put in place is effectively converting a caller to a prospect? You can once you have ReachEdge connected to your website.

Uncover once hidden insights about your client enquiries

When it comes to marketing your local business, there are a variety of options you can use: paid search advertising, SEO, display advertising, social media and directory advertising, to name a few. When you’ve put these types of marketing to work, you want to know how many prospects are responding to them.

And not just how many are visiting your website, but also how many are contacting you, becoming true leads, and actually converting into customers?

ReachEdge lead tracking and conversion software tracks your marketing leads from the moment prospects contact you all the way through to when they become a customer, so you know how well each of your marketing sources is working.

Benefits of ReachEdge lead conversion tracking

  • Lead and call tracking based on the marketing source (e.g. search engine advertising, SEO, social media, etc.)
  • Automatic capture of contact details and call recordings from every new contact
  • Real-time mobile alerts whenever you get a new contact so you never miss a lead
  • Mobile app that gives you on-the-go access to your prioritised lead list and results at a glance
  • Automated lead nurturing emails that impress leads and help close more sales
  • Easy-to-read reports that show your marketing ROI

Track leads more effectively with ReachEdge

Once your website is connected to ReachEdge it will dynamically display a tracking phone number on your site that’s unique to each marketing channel.

When a prospect contacts you, ReachEdge ties the source and information about the lead such as their name, phone number, date, and exact times they’re contacting you, and puts it all in lead list.

You’ll know which marketing channel are most effective at bringing leads and customers to your business, as well as important insights, so you can make better business and marketing decisions.

Record your calls and track which are turning into customers

ReachEdge track the marketing sources of all your new contacts and it records every phone call that comes from the unique tracking numbers on your website. They could be calls from anywhere. So long as they call the tracking number it is routed through the call recording regardless of the origin of the enquiry. It can even work with off-site marketing like billboards, vehicle graphics, building signage, radio, etc.

You’ll know the time of the call and call length, and you’ll be able to play back the call recordings. You’ll know how well your staff handled the incoming calls and learn exactly what your leads are looking for from your business.

There is surprising discoveries to be made even from listening to your own phone calls. It might feel a bit strange at first but listening to the way you speak with customers is worth doing occasionally.

With ReachEdge’s call recording capabilities, you can provide call coaching to your staff and access information about your leads. All this information could seem a bit daunting but it is organised in a visually obvious way that will help you to understand your marketing metrics and close more business.

Informative analytics and reporting for better ROI

Whenever someone calls through a tracking number or completes a form on your website ReachEdge assigns the source of that new contact and provides it in easy-to-read Return On Investment (ROI) reports. The reports are updated live and can be easily accessed via the web or mobile app.

You will clearly see what percent of your leads came from each marketing channel that you assign a separate number to. This way you will know what works and can potentially save money by being more targeted. The reports also detail how well you’re converting new contacts into leads and customers, and provide estimated revenue from your new customers. With these insights, you’ll know exactly which marketing sources are working to drive prospects and leads to your business, so you can focus your marketing dollars on the channels that most effectively drive leads and customers.

I interviewed Luke Fielding of ReachLocal in Newcastle Australia to discuss some of the benefits of the ReachLocal Edge system for businesses like our clients.

Knowing where website visitors are coming from and which ones are turning into good enquiries and eventually sales can mean the difference between wasting money on advertising and investing strategically in marketing outcomes.

Download a brochure on ReachEdge call tracking.

If you would like to get ReachEdge lead tracking setup for your business get in touch and we can hook you up with a free trial.