Implementing RMS Cloud Booking Engines on your accommodation website

RMS cloud booking engine

Motel Website Design - The RMS Cloud Booking Engine -


The RMS (Reservation Management System) Cloud Booking Engine could be the next step for your business. The RMS booking engine is a fully-cloud based platform that can be accessed from any device. It allows you to complete real time online bookings to create totally seamless operations and it can be incorporated with any existing or potential software, including payment gateways, POS and financial interfaces which further extends the vast capabilities of the system.

The knowledgeable and friendly team at Jezweb can incorporate RMS Cloud into the design of your motel accommodation website, which will allows you to take advantage of both the features and benefits of this software to capture more reservations, engage with guests and fund your business. The RMS system sports a user-friendly interface with 24/7 support, to ensure your business keeps on going if you get stuck.

Benefits of RMS Cloud

What Does RMS Cloud Visually Look Like on Your Website?

RMS Cloud creates a streamlined user experience for your customers browsing for accommodation offering functional design elements buttons and embedded widgets to ensure prospective customers are encouraged to book.

These elements are created with easy to read, effective composition, and communicate their message clearly. For example, the RMS homepage widget, seen here on the website “Newcastle Apartments”, allows site visitors to search for availability and room details in areas of interest.

This is where RMS’ capability to manage multiple locations shines. RMS allows sites to have individual pages for specific locations, each with specific booking functionalities and information for the user to contact your establishment directly.

RMS homepage widget

RMS Cloud Synchronises with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

One of the many notable features within RMS Cloud is its integration capabilities and channel connections: Expand your website’s reach by connecting directly with online travel agencies such as Airbnb, Expedia and

Your website can also make use of the myriad of integrations that the booking engine offers. Be it payment gateways like Stripe, financial interfaces such as MYOB or Xero, revenue management, POS systems and more. These integrations make for greater efficiency and organisation as you manage your business from your dashboard.

Designing Websites with RMS Cloud Booking Engine

Motel accommodation websites can be designed with RMS in mind to make the absolute best, smoothest use of the features, integrations and widgets available. This will optimise your business even further.

For example, a common choice is to put a “Book Now” button in the website’s header (the section of the website at the top of the screen), as well as Call to Action buttons placed around the website to promote conversion.

Each room page can also have its own CTA buttons, to optimise client booking potential. Businesses with multiple locations can take advantage of RMS’ ability to manage multiple locations within its software. A great example of this premise in action is the Newcastle Apartments website, designed and maintained by us here at Jezweb, which showcases each location and rooms on the one website and then an embedded widget for each specific page.

Optimise Your Motel Website with RMS and Jezweb

Jezweb can design and launch a new or updated website for your property or properties that incorporates RMS and places you in a position to maximise bookings and revenue. To make use of this valuable software and experience all the features and benefits it includes, just contact Jezweb today through one of the following channels. Message us at, or by clicking here for an online message, or call us on 1300 024 766.

Motel Website Design - The RMS Cloud Booking Engine -