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Integrating Virtual Chat to Your Website

Integrating Virtual Chat to Your Website

If you have a business that you want others to recognise, you’ll have to put up a website. Having web design and SEO friendly content, among others, will help improve traffic to your website tremendously. However, what brings potential clients and keeps existing customers coming back may not be the content or the design, but good customer service.

Integrating Virtual Chat to Your Website - Integrating Virtual Chat

How integrating virtual chat in your web design encourage web traffic

While it’s true that your website or WordPress blog may encourage people to know more about your company, the information you may hand out may not be enough.

Imagine a potential client visiting your website. She may have been interested on a certain product or service but may have additional questions or enquiries regarding product information, sizing, etc. She wants to make a purchase but is hesitant until she is able to find out everything she wants to know from you. Sure you are available through call or email, but for an online consumer, these platforms may not be sufficient to satisfy the needs of growing online consumers and readers. Not all consumers prefer these forms of communication.

This is where virtual chat integration comes in handy. By making virtual chat available, you assure your customers that there are other platforms of communication to choose from, and that someone will always be available to assist them when needed. This not only signifies a company’s openness to provide good customer service, but also its willingness to go the extra mile in helping customers find the information they need.

Why you should integrate virtual chat in your WordPress web design

Based on studies conducted by virtual chat providers like BoldChat and Comm100, there is a substantial number of consumers who prefer live chat as a means of communicating with online stores and businesses. These numbers grow even larger due to the popularity of social media and online shopping.

1. Immediate customer assistance

In a 2016 study, 51% of consumers prefer businesses to be available to them 24/7. Another study showed that 42% of customers prefer live chat as the primary means of communicating with businesses on the web. The main reason? Immediacy.

Today’s digital age has caused consumers to grow busier and more impatient. Emails and calls do not provide immediate answers. Rather than waiting for a reply or being put on hold, virtual chats ensure a fast and immediate response. It makes customers happy and at ease at returning back to the website because they know that there will always be another person on the other end who can provide not just answers, but quick ones.

2. Improves customer satisfaction

According to a 2015 article from Zendesk, live chats not only make consumers happy, they also drive the highest customer satisfaction ratings than call, email, or social media. Their findings even show that customer satisfaction increases as more real time chat messages are exchanged. The more engaged a customer feels, the higher the tendency it is for customers to feel at ease with using the website design. In fact, simply the act of taking the time to ask a customer how they are doing in real time can elevate a customer’s mood.

3. Enables your business to integrate with a consumer’s daily life

Integrating Virtual Chat to Your Website - Integrating Virtual Chat

According to Econsultancy, 51% of consumers prefer live chat because it enables them to multitask and continue with their daily lives without having to spend a large amount of time searching out information. In this day and age, everyone has a tendency to multitask and do a ton of activities at any given time. This makes it easier for them to forget an item they may be interested in or a product they have considered purchasing. Despite the things on their plate, however, people never forget to check their phones, emails, and social media.

This is what makes live chat perfect. Live chat caters to this kind of lifestyle because it helps keep consumers interested in whatever it is you have to offer. It keeps a consumer attentive and more decisive in making a purchase.

4. Leads to bigger opportunities in the long run

You never know what kind of consumer is going to contact you. It can be a regular consumer, or a small business owner. Businesses, big or small, all have deadlines and projects that they have to finish, and live chat can make this easier for them if you have the product they want. This will not only lead to an increase in sales but also bigger opportunities to make business deals with other companies in the future.

5. Cuts down expenses

Unlike calls or emails that are done one at a time, chats are more versatile. Live chats can cut down costs because a representative can handle multiple active chats at a time. This thus reduces the need to hire more representatives in the future due to the increasing demand for businesses to provide online chat integration in their website design over other forms of communication.

Web design and virtual chat integration for businesses in Newcastle

Most companies make the mistake of avoiding integrating virtual chat into their website. Mainly because they believe that it can ruin the online experience of a consumer, and  they don’t know how to set it up. Don’t be one of these companies. Don’t miss the opportunity of improving your business or blog for the better.

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