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HTTPS: Why You Need to Make the Switch Now

HTTPS: Why You Need to Make the Switch Now

HTTPS – “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure”

HTTPS which stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” was introduced to help get transactions approved online.  It opens a secure connection to a dedicated server on a standard port. The standard port is connected to an additional layer of security.

How Important Is a Green Padlock?

The popular Google Chrome HTTPS connections are displayed with a green symbol that ensures that the incoming traffic is being encrypted. This blanket of security can be added by creating an SSL or TLS protocol which prevents information from getting corrupted while transferring or making payments.

According to Google, without using HTTPS, it’s not hard for someone to access your customers’ personal information including their address, phone number, or credit card information. Adding SSL or “Secure Sockets Layer” to your site adds the extra blanket of security, and helps in transporting data safely.  You can usually get an SSL certificate through your domain or hosting provider.

As a website owner, you are expected to use HTTPS on your site. In fact, Google will reward your site with elevated rankings based on using HTTPS alone. The connection between SSL and the browser is comprised of layers and layers of private code that cannot be cracked or duplicated which makes it a practically impossible for hackers to access your valuable information.

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