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HTTPS the big switch

https the big switch

A Good Decision for Your Business!


Do you sell products online? Do you know an unsecured payment gateway can affect your online business? Without having any protected payment gateway your customers will be worried about getting their details leaked.

Yes, client’s apprehensions towards sharing personal details with someone are certain. Although with the introduction of buying products online, the frequency of doing the same is going high.

However, with online visitors growing on a larger scale, the authenticity of a website becomes an essential way to get traffic. Due to this, it becomes vital to confidante the private payment related information of its customers.

The sensitive information such as passwords, credit card or other personal information is meant to be protected with an SSL certificate. In the recent times, many website owners are switching to HTTPS security encryption.

Secure Browsing and why we are getting green padlocks for websites

HTTPS, the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, was introduced with an intention to get approved and accepted transactions over the web worldwide. The recent shift of web towards an encrypted model has a tremendous response.

This secured yet extended version of HTTP with an extra “S” helps in securing the transactions and authority over the entire web. Walking on the similar terms of HTTP, HTTPS opens with a stable connection to a dedicated server on a standard port.

The standard port is connected to an additional layer of security. Post introduction of this secured site, HTTP is considered to be a highly unsecure connection. Using HTTPS type of a connection, the unauthorised party has put an end to the privacy between a computing device and the website.


How Important Is A Green Padlock?

The most famous Google Chrome HTTPS connections are displayed with a symbol. Any webpage represented by a green symbol ensures that the incoming traffic makes its way from a selected source and results in an encrypted destination.

This blanket of security can be added by creating a conversion using SSL/TSL protocol. Only due to this conversion you can prevent yourself from eavesdropping, or get leaked. The integrity of a data can be maintained by preventing information from getting corrupted while transferring or making payment.

Having said that, now you must know that certainly, HTTP is highly unsafe. The Internet cannot rely on HTTP alone. In order to increase safety over the internet, it is highly recommended to use HTTPS. Several tests are run in order to make sure, that sites are now strong enough to safeguard user’s information.

To have content travelling through a secured channel, a padlock is displayed on the left of the location bar of the browser. Hover the mouse pointer on the padlock, and it shows that your site is secured and protected.

According to Google, loading a website by any random user can lead to the disclosure of your confidential information such as credit card number, contact number, and pin number. These are no more a secret once getting posted online for once.

  • It ensures that you are connected to an appropriate website. So, do not worry about the authenticity of a website.
  • Malicious activities such as phishing can be attacked by using HTTPS. With this small green symbol, be assured that the information of countless users is enclosed in a box.
  • Unlike a web-application firewall, HTTPS might not be used to put off the hackers away at bay. Rather, it is still considered as a basic price of web security.

How can you secure your website?

The Secure Sockets Layer or SSL helps in transporting data. This is acquired by obtaining an SSL certificate from a certificate authority. Having this certificate, you can easily make connections with various utilising the encryption. 

The website owners without taking HTTPS connections are aware of the fact that HTTP connections are plain text which can be easily managed or broken by experts.

Yes, it might scare you that using unreliable connections can put you in trouble. Hackers can easily break into your private information such as credit card details, social security number or other confidential information.

Taking support from HTTPS is an ultimate solution to ensure that the information is encrypted. Hence, hackers can never be successful in decrypting data.


Importance of Certificate of SSL Security

Possessing an online security is no more an extra addition to your online business. With the advancement of technology, it has become an essential need of every business. As a website owner, you are requested to make an HTTPS connection to a webpage.

On doing so, the SSL certificate is initiated to the browser. The initial alliance between SSL and the browser is strongly based on this only.  However, it’s is comprised of countless shared secrets with a private code.

This code cannot have a duplicate anywhere on this earth. It also helps in establishing a healthy relationship between you and the website.    

  1. It merely acts as a stamp of approval derived from a trusted party.
  2. The green color padlock represents the current website is using an EV certificate. This certificate ensures a rigorous and significant amount of identity verification process than other types of certificates.
  3. Using other types of padlocks such as grey padlock with a yellow triangle and many more assures that your connection to a website is secured.
  4. This ownership of the SSL certificate by a server and not any site visitor itself initiates the process of encryption.

How to Enable HTTPS to increase SEO ranking on your Website?

How wonderful does it sounds when you come to know that installing an SSL certificate can elevate your Google rankings. A seamless HTTPS migration to increase oh so important SEO Google rankings is done by activating this functionality by following simple steps given below:

  1. Procure a certificate of SSL security. The servers on obtaining the SSL security certificate take a few steps to undergo migration.
  2. Make sure the 2048-bit SSL certificate is approved. 
  3. Take a complete backup of your site.
  4. Edit internal links, code libraries and update all the external links.
  5. The relative URLs used for various domains remains secured at a single domain.
  6. Make sure all the web pages by search engines are secured.
  7. The migration of HTTP to HTTPS should be carefully tracked in the analytics software.

With a successful HTTPS page, typically two secure protocols are displayed. These are as follows:

  1. Secure Sockets Layer
  2. Transport Layer Security

The two of these protocols uses an asymmetric Public Key Infrastructure system. The encrypted keys such as public or private, work together in combination in order to decrypt information and vice versa.

It is suggested to keep the private key safe without disclosing or sharing it with others. On the other hand, the public key can be shared with any number of web users. 

What are the Benefits of HTTPS?

  1. Puts an end to the interception of customer information such as credit card, bank details.
  2. Provides dependability to visitors on your website.
  3. Purchases from websites can be done without any trust issues.