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How Important Are Your Blog Images?

How Important Are Your Blog Images?

Images are commonly added to blog posts since they help these pages look a lot nicer. This is one of the basics in web design. Adding images to blogs, however, offers many more benefits aside from just aesthetics. Images can, in fact, help your readers to process information better. Proper use of images can even boost your blog post’s SEO rating.

10 advantages of adding images to your blog post

Adding the appropriate images to your post does more than just making it look nice. Here are 10 benefits of adding images to your blog post.

How Important Are Your Blog Images? -

1. It helps keep your reader’s attention.

Some people are immediately turned off when they see a large wall of text. Others get intimidated by things that are too wordy. Some people are simply just visual learners. They only respond better to seeing visuals as opposed to words.

Whatever the reasons, walls of text can deter potential readers. Chances are that your visitors may not continue reading your blog post. The wise use of images can help break the monotony of a large wall of text.

2. It highlights an essential part of your blog post.

There are times that you want to emphasise an idea in your blog post. Using images can help to convey the feeling of importance for your visitors. Images can help your reader understand that certain parts of your post are more important.

Suppose that you are posting about an essential problem in a far-off country. Readers won’t have an idea of what these problems are and words won’t be enough to describe them. Adding images can help you highlight the importance of what you want to say. In this case, consider adding photos of how the problem affects people.

How Important Are Your Blog Images? -

3. Images serve as a marketing hook.

If you are selling an idea or a service, images can help your readers visualise what you offer. This is especially important if the selling point is largely affected by visuals. Web design can help with this.

For example, if you are making a post about a beach resort with breathtaking views, your readers won’t really have an idea of what you are talking about unless you show them beautiful images.

4. Images can be used as infographics and can make data more digestible.

Some people immediately get intimidated when they see numbers. One significant advantage of images is that they can be used as infographics. Many others can be in the form of data tables and graphical representations.

If you want to present data and numbers in a more palatable way, images are the way to do it. Using graphics to present numbers is an excellent way of making sure your readers are not intimidated. Graphs are easier to understand than plain numbers, after all.

5. Images can help with recall.

As mentioned earlier, some people are visual learners. They respond better to information in visual form than words. Using images can help these readers recall information from your blog post better.

Having images and text allows you to reach people that respond better to words, and those that do for images. This maximises the chances that more people will be able to recall information from your post. Studies even show that photos can help the elderly in remember things more easily.

6. It makes your post look brighter and easier to read.

This one is mostly psychological. It is true that flashiness has nothing to do with the quality of the blog post’s content. However, readability is also essential. It does not matter how well you write. All of your efforts will be in vain if your visitors quit before they read. Proper web design and good use of images can improve readability.

Adding images to the blog post can help make it appear brighter. These posts are much more likely to be read from top to bottom by your site’s visitors.

How Important Are Your Blog Images? -

7. Images help with the flow of your post.

Pictures are great tools to use for segueing from one idea to another. If you are finding it challenging to transition from one idea to the other, try using images. These can also make your post seem more streamlined and structured. Adding images after introducing a big idea can help your reader in processing what you just said.

8. It increases your blog post’s chances of being shared and reposted

People will tend to share and repost your blog post more if you add images. A well-structured blog post that is comfortable to read is much more likely to be shared. Adding images will further increase the appeal of your post.

9. Images help with emotional appeal

Images are also great at adding emotional appeal to posts. Actually seeing what emotional thing you talk about is much better than just reading about it. If you want to tug on your reader’s heartstrings, then make sure that you add images.

For example, you want to tell the story of a sick puppy. Seeing what the puppy looks like will tend to make people more sympathetic than just reading about it. Place your images carefully, and your post will be shared and reshared in no time at all.

How Important Are Your Blog Images? -

10. It helps with SEO writing

There are times that the keywords you want to use when posting can be hard to add. A little trick that you can do with your images can help your post become a little more optimised. The photo captions that you can add to your images can be your keywords. This can help you get them in without forcing them awkwardly into the text of your post.

In addition to putting your keywords in, content with images is usually ranked higher. Adding images to your posts increases the chances of your work appearing in search engines.

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