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How Blog Images Affect your Business

How Blog Images Affect your Business


Choose your blog images wisely and earn the benefit driving more traffic to your site.

We know what business blogging does to your website. It drives traffic to your site through carefully and strategically placed targeted keywords and social media, and helps convert this traffic into leads and business opportunities. It also helps answer common questions that your current and potential customers may have.

Local Newcastle businesses are already making use of business blogs to improve their reach and influence online. Adding images to your business blogs can amp up these benefits. Sure, eye-catching and high-definition images can liven up and add colour to your web design and aesthetics, but they can do so much more than beautify your website.

Images give you the opportunity to showcase your products.

When selling a product or service, mere word descriptions are not enough. Your customers want to have a feel for your product before they can decide to buy it or not. One of the senses that you can feed and entice is their sense of sight. Having a high-definition, high-quality image of your product will give your target customers a taste of what you sell.

Images drive additional traffic to your site.

Having a meaningful image with an equally meaningful filename and description can help improve your business’ SEO. Images give you another opportunity to use your targeted keywords in your page. Your readers may not necessarily see, or focus on, the image title and description text, but these are scanned by search engines. Injecting your keyword into them in a natural way can help drive traffic to your blog, and eventually turn this traffic into leads.


Images can convey emotions that text can’t.

Often, what you sell is not just a product – you are also selling the experience and feelings that come with the use of your product. You can convey these things in a subtle way through pictures.

That poster image of a happy family, sharing a meal with a famous beverage? Not only does it tell customers to buy their product, but it also reaches into the customer’s subconscious, evoking feelings of happiness, love, and warmth.

Images encourage social network sharing.

With the rise of image-centred social network platforms (Pinterest, Instagram), the web is fast developing into a visual culture. Today’s generation has a shorter attention span, thanks to the quick availability of information through the web. One way to quickly capture their attention and interest is by the use of compelling and thought-provoking images. Images can easily be shared through social media, and through this, your business is also extending its reach.


Images introduce the message you want to communicate before they even read your blog.

An image speaks a thousand words. Since the images that you use in your blog will be used as thumbnails on your site as well as in social media, they must be interesting enough that potential customers will be inclined to click on them and read your blog. They must be able to convey the right message and the right information, so they can reach out and attract the right people. The more interesting the images used, the more interest it can generate from the sharer’s network of friends, once the blog is shared in social media

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