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Hiring an Employee versus Hiring an SEO Agency

Hiring an Employee versus Hiring an SEO Agency

For any business looking to up the ante of their digital marketing strategy, it’s important to deal with someone that can help you manage your website. Ranking higher on search engines and reaching as much customers as possible are two of your most important end goals. However, do reach these goals, you’d need to work with experts on the field.

When looking to hire, a common question is: to engage an agency or directly hire an employee? If you’re faced with this dilemma, then we advise that you keep on reading this article. Here, we weigh on the benefits of the two and why the practical choice is to hire an SEO agency like Jezweb.

Hiring a SEO employee directly

Hiring an Employee versus Hiring an SEO Agency - Employee

Understands your brand

If you are starting out a business or a brand, it would make sense to hire employees for the job. Employees have a deeper understanding of your business and what you want to portray in your website. They will always be more invested in your brand and success because more often than not, they are working solely on your website.

Lower cost

In hiring an employee to optimise your website design, you could expect lower expenses. You are hiring a person to focus on one specific task. The downside to this, however, they may not be able to work in an expert capacity. There is also no certainty that the SEO work is done effectively or that the website is truly optimised. Like you, your SEO employee will also be learning the ropes with regard to your business and website. You might end up needing to supervise them so you can see their work.

Long term investments

SEO employees are considered as long term investments. You may need to train them a little more, and even pay for some of their training. Nevertheless, the more they grow in your company, the more valuable they become. This is especially true for SEO work. You’ve trained them to cater to your specific web design needs and no one else’s.

Hiring an SEO agency

Hiring an Employee versus Hiring an SEO Agency - Employee

Handled by experts

Your website design will definitely be a notch higher if you get an SEO agency. SEO agencies not only have the experience but also the expertise to handle the task at hand. You can give them the details of what you want to achieve and they’d be happy to work on reaching those goals. They have team members with diverse skills and technical know-how. You’ll be rest assured that each will have experience on their specific tasks.

The downside, however, is that no matter how experienced these SEO agencies can be, they juggle more than one client. You may not always get exactly what your WordPress needs, especially during holiday season.

You get what you pay for

If you have sufficient funds, you may want to spend a little more on a professional SEO agency. Professional SEO agencies cost more than hiring employees for your website design. Unlike the latter, they have specific techniques that your own SEO team has yet figure out. The results are also immediate, in comparison to the trial and error you would normally encounter doing it on your own.


You don’t have to deal with any other headaches related to your web design. Everything related to SEO is in the hands of a team which has years of experience in this field. In effect, you’ll have more time focusing on other pressing matters.

You’ll be able to easily detect internal problems and improve certain areas of the website. Troubleshooting is easier too, when you’re working with men and women who breathe web design and web development. Most importantly, you’re able to put all your energy to running your company.

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