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Advice and design for newsletters and campaigns in Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign with advice on how to write compelling, lead generating emails that make your prospects hit reply.

If needed, we can create the copy (text) for your emails, source imagery and send (after it’s been approved by you).

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your audience. If social media was to all of a sudden have an outage, it’s valuable to have a list of contacts (eg emails subscribed to your newsletter) to contact customers/potential customers. We can add an email sign-up to your website, to try and capture emails. It can be a good idea to offer something in return for a customer’s email (eg a free ebook or a competition), this can encourage more sign-ups.

Jezweb can assist in creating email marketing campaigns, as well as automated emails for your business. An email marketing campaign might be to promote a sale and show your audience your latest blog posts. An automated email could be the “welcome” email someone receives when they sign-up to your newsletter, or an “abandoned cart” email if you have an online store, reminding customers that they’ve left items in their shopping cart, prompting them to revisit the store and perhaps complete their purchase.

Email Marketing - Jezweb

Clear Call-to-Action

Email marketing, like any form of marketing, needs a purpose. Do you want people to look at your latest Facebook post? Want them to follow your Instagram? Visit your website? Enter your competition? Don’t cloud your email with too many call-to-actions, instead have one clear call-to-action, scattered throughout your email, reinforcing your message and making it clear to the customer what they need to do and how to do it.

Make the whole journey simple, if you’re linking to a competition but users have to scroll to find the old post, you will lose them. You need to be clear and guide the customer directly to what you’re wanting them to see.

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