Domain Names

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Domain Name Registration for Australian Businesses

Benefits of Letting Us Manage Your Domain Name Registration

We can help you choose a suitable domain name with .com .net .biz .info or even international names like .hk and many more.

  1. We will make sure your domain names are renewed before they are due so that your website stays online
  2. All your domain name invoices will come from us so you can immediately discard any spam mail trying to sell you domain name services
  3. If you want to transfer a domain to another registrar in the future we can provide you with the code to do that
  4. You will be the ‘lease holder’ of your domain with full rights to its use

What is a Domain Name?

This is your name on the web. It is the easy to remember www . something . com . au that your clients can type into their web browser to reach your website directly.

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Register a .com or domain name or something else?

Technically there is no significant difference to the various domain names in so far as how they work and what the search engines do with them. Australian’s typically think of as the Australian business domain name, so that is what they will expect you to have, it’s a good idea to register the .com and the for your business name if they are available.

Choosing a Domain Name

The first preference for Australian business domains should be a and .com domain name, it’s what your clients expect.

If the .com’s aren’t then the next most usual choice is .net or which are also fine. There are a plethora of other domain names like .biz, .info, .org and ones for various countries etc but for the majority of businesses in Australia it’s unlikely you will need or be interested in those. If you are then ask us and we can help with any domain name.