Carefully crafted content, written to inspire action for your business.

Copywriting & content creation

Copywriting & Content Creation - Copywriting

Represent your business voice with carefully crafted copywriting

Carefully crafted content, written to inspire action for your business. From writing website copy to blog posts, eBooks, press releases and copy for printed marking material such as brochures, we write strategic and creative copy that evokes emotion and delivers a clear message. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that the words on your website are accurate, represent your brand voice and connect readers to your business.

Website Copy & Content

You don’t have long to capture your audience (and prospective customers) attention, so having the right words on your website is a bigger deal than you may think.

Example website copy content written by Jezweb

There are two types of readers: the analytical and the skimmers. The analytical readers read every single word, wanting to know everything they can about the subject. Skimmers, well, skim. They don’t have the time or patience to dig through content, they will only consume what they deem as important. Most of us are skimmers. So how do you communicate and engage with both? Break up your content with images, videos, headings. That way, the skimmers can find what’s important, while the analytical readers can dive into more detail.

Jezweb copywriters will know how to appeal to the right audience. Sometimes when you’re a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the jargon of your industry, so much so, that your message goes straight over the heads of your intended audience. If you confuse your audience, you will lose them. Does your website copy clearly explain what it is you do/sell? Is your point of difference obvious to consumers? What will make them choose you over your competitors- is that conveyed well enough to have an impact?

When writing copy for your website, we listen. To you, your audience, your potential customers. We understand the language that needs to be used, and we keep it simple. It’s value and solutions that sell, not products and services. If you’re selling a phone, you’re not selling communication, you’re selling connection. The right copy will connect with your target audience, address their pain points and provide a solution.

Copywriting & Content Creation - Copywriting

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a way to provide valuable tips and resources, instructions and analyses to your audience, share company news, increase website traffic and more. Blogging is one of many elements to the success of your marketing. With a blog, you will have more content to promote on social media, have more pages to place call-to-actions and generate leads, improve SEO and more.

Example blog posts written by Jezweb

Creating quality blog posts can position you as the expert in your industry, at least, that’s the aim!

Blog posts can also act as another path to lead people to your website. For example, say you’re a Physiotherapist and you have a blog post on the “9 Best Exercises to Do at Home in Winter”, if someone is searching for home winter exercises, they may come across your blog post, leading them to your website, increasing your traffic. While they weren’t specifically looking for a physiotherapist, they might look around your website after landing on the blog post.

Jezweb can create blog posts for your website, with captivating titles and appropriate imagery. We write, proofread, edit and publish blog posts for you, sourcing images and videos to accompany the post. If we’re handling your social media, we’ll promote it on there too!


Supplementary Copywriting Services


It’s difficult to write about yourself. Allow us to do it for you! We’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and your work and craft a fitting bio. Whether it’s for your website, or social media channels, we can help.

Press Releases

A press release is an official announcement (written or recorded) that an organisation issues to the news media and beyond. This can help increase brand awareness, as your message is exposed to a larger audience. It can also be a positive influence in that an audience may trust messages coming from an objective news source rather than paid advertising.