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How to Write Amazing Content for Australian Readers and Optimise for Search Engines

General Notes and Tips from the Australian Blog Writing Style Guide Why Do We Need a Blog Writing Style Guide? The purpose of the blog writing style guide is to ensure that articles submitted by writers follow the format set out by the company or the agency. New writers should take note that writing blogs […]

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Is Your Website Ready to Launch?

Alright, so you’re about to take your first step into the web world, full of complicated things for geeks and the like, but you still want to be successful at what you do. Well, before you venture head on into the unknown vastness of the internet with whatever you have created, you need to make […]

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Reporting Spam and Scam in Australia

June 3, 2020 Internet, Web Security

Online spam and scams are rampant nowadays. Unfortunately, there is still no international agency that exists that specialises in dealing with small local problems in different parts of the world. Hence, the next best thing that victims of these cybercrimes can do is submit a report to their respective agencies. In Australia, residents are encouraged […]

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Limepay is giving control back to retailers with a new payment system

May 28, 2020 Uncategorised

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your company is performing at its best and you must be prepared to move with the rapid advances in technology — especially when it comes to online payment processing. It’s expected for your business to accept a diverse range of payment methods ranging from cash, credit […]

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8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility

May 15, 2020 Search Marketing, SEO, SEO tips

While you are geared towards improving your site’s overall search visibility, this can be nearly impossible if you don’t use the right strategies. Since the competition in the online realm is very stiff, it is extremely challenging to land on the first page of search results. Also, let’s not forget that most of your competitors […]

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Should My App Be Compatible with Smartwatches?

A lot of businesses in Newcastle have been able to successfully market their products or services online through apps. With approximately 16 million or 9 out 10 people in Australia owning a smartphone, it is essential that business cater to the ever growing demand of this market. While most companies have their own mobile app, […]

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How to adapt yourself and your business for online accessibility and future success

April 15, 2020 Uncategorised

Tips and advice on how to stay flexible in a time of change, why the investment is worth it, and what you can start doing today to keep your business afloat. During times of great and unprecedented change, many businesses and individuals are under so much stress that it can seem impossible to see the […]

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How Apple Pay for WooCommerce Works

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin that is integrated with WordPress. It allows all kinds of online merchants to sell items easily. Best of all, the plugin is free and open source. It rapidly became popular and in demand because it is easy to install and customise. If you are using WooCommerce, you will be happy […]

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SEO for Dummies

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, just incase you haven’t already heard Many business owners who hear about search engine optimisation (SEO) think it’s a complicated and complex thing. They know that, alongside the website design, SEO is a crucial element to their business’ success (especially if they offer products and services online) but most […]

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11 Surefire Ways of Gaining Readership: Writing Blog Post Titles that Don’t Suck

March 2, 2020 Blogging, Content Writing

Writing great content is one thing, but writing catchy blog titles is another. Your blog titles represent your image and your brand. They serve as the lure that convinces potential readers to click and read your post. Without the right blog title, it can become more challenging to improve your blog’s page ranking. Hence, if […]

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Google Alerts

February 26, 2020 Social Media

Google Alerts is a very useful online tool which can be used to manage Social Media content. The great thing about Google Alerts is that it is simple to use, is available free of charge, and doesn’t require constant monitoring. Google Alerts can be used to find websites or articles to link to and it […]

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Are Domain Names Important for Blogs?

February 3, 2020 Blogging, Domains

Are Domain Names Important for Blogs? Whether you’re a long running business or a start-up, you know that a blog is a useful tool. It helps you communicate your message better to the audience and improve your presence. The benefits of blogging for business and marketing are undeniable. With a blog, however, you need a […]

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Making a Killer Call-To-Action

Making a Killer Call-to-Action Are you looking for more subscribers for your email marketing? Do you need more conversions? Want more people to join in your webinars? You’re not getting any of them without strong call-to-action (CTA). A killer call-to-action can convince even the most scrutinising customers out there. If you want any of your […]

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Chinese Domain Name and Trademark Scam

January 14, 2020 Scam Infomation

Chinese domain name and trademark scam are email scams coming from highly urbanised cities and municipalities in China such as Shenzhen and Shanghai. Scammers, purporting to be from authorised local units of a Chinese Registrar Agency, attempt to convince big foreign companies and small business owners that they are in danger of losing their domain […]

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Understanding the Fundamentals of Website Hosting

Understanding the Fundamentals of Website Hosting Whether you’re starting out with a small business, wanting to expand an established one, or simply want a platform to showcase your interests, building your own website is a good idea. Today’s information and communication is largely through the online world. Statistics indicate that 56.1% of the world has […]

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Wechat/Alipay Setup for Australian Businesses

December 10, 2019 ecommerce

The number of Chinese tourists, emigrants and students arriving in Australia every year has been steadily rising and as a result, businesses have been provided with the opportunity to profit from the ever-expanding customer segment. According to Tourism Australia, over 1.4 million Chinese people visited Australia last year, accounting for more than 15% of the […]

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20 Reasons Your Business Website Needs a Blog

November 15, 2019 Blogging

When you’re told that your small business should be publishing blogs on a regular basis, your reaction is likely to be one of dread, and questions like: “But who will read it? Where will I find the time to write?” We’re not saying it’s going to be easy, but it will be worth it in […]

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Why Blog | 5 Best Reasons to Start A Blog

November 14, 2019 Blogging

Why Blog? Why blogging is so popular Are you interested in starting a website for your business or personal brand? Watch this useful 2-minute video from WordPress to help you as a beginning blogger who needs a professional site. Or maybe you’ve wondered ‘why blog?’ or ‘why is blogging is so popular on websites?’ Let’s […]

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6 Reasons Why You Need a Password Manager like LastPass

July 11, 2019 Uncategorised, Web Security

Web has made our life easy; fill the forms online, pay your bills, create accounts, subscriptions and what not. However, it comes at an annoying price, creating and remembering passwords. You need to create an account for everything online and that means generating and then memorising usernames and passwords. If you are paranoid about online […]

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How Important Are Your Blog Images?

June 14, 2019 Blogging

Images are commonly added to blog posts since they help these pages look a lot nicer. This is one of the basics in web design. Adding images to blogs, however, offers many more benefits aside from just aesthetics. Images can, in fact, help your readers to process information better. Proper use of images can even […]

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What Should Be On Your Sidebar?

May 21, 2019 Web design

Sidebars are an essential tool for any site. They contain pieces of useful information and links that help visitors navigate the website easier. Sidebars can also serve as self-promotion. They can show your visitors what you and your site have to offer. If they like what they see, then they will keep coming back. This […]

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Will You Lose Your Email Address If You Sell Your Business?

January 26, 2019 Email Hosting

Understanding Email Hosting for Your Business If you’re planning on selling your business in the next few years, you should consider how to manage your email address. Once a business is sold, it’s common that the new owner will take over the domain and hosting, which will include the business email addresses. To prepare for […]

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A Guide to Creating Your 2019 Content Marketing Plan

January 21, 2019 Content Marketing

How to create consistent, clear content to achieve your business and marketing objectives If you want to get serious about marketing your business, it’s time to turn to your content marketing plan for 2019. Reading that sentence might set alarm bells off, ‘where will I find the time for that?’ ‘what even is content marketing?’ […]

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Are Broken Links Hurting Your SEO?

January 11, 2019 SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) helps your business in many ways. First, SEO helps increase your company’s visibility on the internet. This happens through the process of getting your web page to the top of search engine rankings which increases the probability of people finding out about your business. When you hire an SEO company, you […]

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Minimalist Website Design

January 3, 2019 Graphic & Web Design

Minimalist Website Design Minimal design is clean, elegant, and spacious. Minimalist websites feature few words, powerful images, an elegant layout, and captivating one-liners. Just like a minimally designed room, a minimal online research or shopping space offers calmness, clarity, and pleasure. Minimal web design is the right choice for some businesses, but not appropriate for […]

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Add Christmas Spirit to Your Website

December 11, 2018 Christmas Spirit

Christmas is under a month away, so it’s time to promote those end-of-year and Christmas sales. It’s also important to capture the attention of visitors to your website, with the competition that’s out there, it’s crucial that you’re noticed by potential customers. Holidays are a time of high demand for people with limited time. Customers […]

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Should You DIY Your Website Design?

November 23, 2018 DIY web design

An effective web design provides leverage in marketing and communication. This is why more and more entrepreneurs rely on their digital presence in promoting their brand. A study in 2017 has shown that 71% of small businesses in the US have a website (or websites). It has also been noted that majority of these businesses maintain a […]

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Are Guest Posts Important?

October 5, 2018 Content Writing

Guest posts can help you reach a wider audience and consequently grow your site visitors. Blogging plays a great role in increasing awareness of your business and products in readers, customers, and prospects. This is why businesspeople and marketers often choose this as a way of growing their customer numbers. It has been proven that […]

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What to Expect with WordPress 5.0

September 24, 2018 Wordpress

WordPress has unveiled its latest version, and WordPress 5.0 is a big change to the content management system (CMS). Developers of WordPress 5.0 have been revealing bits and pieces of the new version since 2017. They also provided an earlier sample of the CMS, via a plugin called Gutenberg, for users to play around with […]

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Importance of Letterheads to Your Business

September 5, 2018 Graphic & Web Design

Are you a start-up business trying to make your way into the industry? Or perhaps you are thinking about upgrading your company brand? When you receive a letter from a business, one of the first things that you see is their letterhead. A good-looking letterhead gives an impression of professionalism and, to some extent, success. […]

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Blogs vs. Articles: Is There a Difference?

August 24, 2018 Web content

Is there a difference between posting a blog and posting an article? If you run a WordPress website, that question might have crossed your mind a lot, especially in the fast-paced and ever-changing digital space. The moment you decide to put up a website to provide a product or service in Newcastle, or to use […]

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Web Design Trends in 2018

August 4, 2018 Web design trends

2018 has seen a variety of web design trends so far, and we’re bound to see more. From fashion, to interior decorating, to social media, businesses adapt to new trends to fit in and, more importantly, to maintain relevance. The same is true for your website. You do not want your website to look like […]

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Typography is Life – in Web Design!

July 30, 2018 Web design strategies

A website’s design means everything to anyone that wants to get more traffic on their site. Whether it’s for business or for personal use, every aspect of your web design should be flawless. Ideally, everything should complement the design from colour, layout, content and, especially, the typography! Typography and its impact on your web design […]

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How to Make Your Web Design More Responsive

July 26, 2018 Responsive web design

The smartphone and tablet markets have exploded over the last half a decade. Every person in your household now has a mobile device – from children with tiny fingers to seniors with poor eyesight. Web design eventually had to adapt to the times, and today, almost every website has adopted responsive design. What is responsive […]

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Integrating Virtual Chat to Your Website

June 13, 2018 Customer service

If you have a business that you want others to recognise, you’ll have to put up a website. Having web design and SEO friendly content, among others, will help improve traffic to your website tremendously. However, what brings potential clients and keeps existing customers coming back may not be the content or the design, but […]

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The Future of WordPress and Cryptocurrency

June 7, 2018 Web design

Digital currencies are steadily growing in popularity and in scope, especially in online-based markets. As the currency gains more big-name backing and more stability, bloggers and online stores need to integrate features to accommodate the increase in demand. For WordPress users, the future is looking to be increasingly bright and easy. Designers and developers of […]

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Importance of Your Web Content

April 30, 2018 Content Writing

A pretty website doesn’t always translate to a high-quality website. While web design is crucial in converting your site’s visitors to customers, it’s not enough on its own. An aesthetically pleasing website is definitely helpful in attracting new customers but to turn visitors to customers, and turn customers into repeat customers, you need to create […]

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Tips in Designing Your Online Order Form

March 8, 2018 ecommerce

The functions of the internet and the websites on it have been through significant advancement in the past years. As a result, website design has become more crucial and important. Businesses no longer limit their sites to simply informative purposes. With the emergence of e-commerce stores, websites now function as a virtual shop. With this […]

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Hiring an Employee versus Hiring an SEO Agency

February 20, 2018 SEO

For any business looking to up the ante of their digital marketing strategy, it’s important to deal with someone that can help you manage your website. Ranking higher on search engines and reaching as much customers as possible are two of your most important end goals. However, do reach these goals, you’d need to work […]

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Nostalgia Marketing: How Does It Work?

February 10, 2018 Digital Marketing

Have you ever experienced hearing your favourite song from a couple of decades ago, and suddenly, you sour mood just evaporated? Or walking down the grocery, and finding out that your favourite snack from childhood is being made available again, after 20 long years. Both situations bring about good and positive feelings, and both involve […]

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Benefits Of Hiring A Local Web Developer: Digital Agency Newcastle

January 29, 2018 digital agency, SEO, web developer

Are you looking for an SEO agency in Newcastle or a local digital agency in Newcastle? Does the question of whether to hire a local Newcastle developer or an online freelancer baffle you? Want the best Aussie Digital Agency but still holding back? The decision is easy. You just need to know about some key benefits of […]

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HTTPS: Why You Need to Make the Switch Now

January 22, 2018 https, SEO

 HTTPS – “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” HTTPS which stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” was introduced to help get transactions approved online.  It opens a secure connection to a dedicated server on a standard port. The standard port is connected to an additional layer of security. How Important Is a Green Padlock? The popular […]

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How to Entice Your Guests to Give Positive Reviews in Social Media

January 14, 2018 Online marketing

Customers are now getting wiser with their purchasing. When it comes to making hotel reservations, they first look for information regarding the experience of former guests. Reviews from websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook ate increasingly important. Your hotel’s search ranking will improve vastly as you get more user reviews. Jezweb has listed below […]

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Local Content to Boost Local Business SEO in Newcastle

December 19, 2017 web content marketing

Local content marketing brings you more benefits than you can imagine. Online content marketing has become one of the most important and powerful marketing strategies for many companies. This is true not only for the huge national or global brands, but also for small, local businesses in Newcastle. Unlike bigger brands who need to use […]

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How Does Voice Search Affect SEO?

December 9, 2017 SEO tips

Is your website voice-search friendly? According to a speech given by Behshad Behzadi, Principal Engineer at Google Zurich, at SMX West, voice search is the fastest growing type of search. In 2014, Google estimated that 55 per cent of teenagers use voice search, and 41 per cent of adults talk to their mobile devices on […]

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Good. Cheap. Fast. Free.

November 30, 2017 web development

The Sweet Spot for a Great Website Design Having a website for your business is almost a necessity, especially now that most consumers and possible clients use the internet to find the products and services that they need. For this reason, many business owners aim to have a stellar website design that will rake in […]

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What the Font: Web Design–Friendly Fonts

November 20, 2017 Web design tips

Safe web fonts, google fonts and using other fonts or typefaces Have you ever come across a site online and as soon as you see the page, you feel like something is ‘off’ with the website design? The colours are okay, and there are great pictures. But for some reason, it does not make you […]

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The Importance of Mobile Responsive Websites

November 15, 2017 Mobile Responsive website

Mobile growth and the importance of responsive web design for your business Take a look around. Notice how many people are now using mobile devices to complete everyday tasks. Mobile responsive websites have made internet browsing all the more fun. We all know that tablets and smartphones are taking over tasks. All these tasks were […]

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SEO and Digital Trends in 2017

October 30, 2017 SEO

Digital Marketing and SEO Trends Brands need to prepare for in 2017 and beyond The beauty of the internet is that everyone comes to know what’s going on at the moment. There are a lot of stories trending all over the world, others going viral in blogs and videos. One thing that is common across […]

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Speaking to Your Target Market

October 15, 2017 Social Media

– And Getting Them to Hear You through the Clutter The Perfect Social Media Strategy – Only results, Nothing Else! Advertisers need to now go back to the drawing board and rethink media and communication strategy in completely different ways. This is particularly relevant in our digitally driven economy.Think about that worldwide, highly successful, cool, […]

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Portfolios for Niche Topic Optimisation

Optimising a website for niche topics using a portfolio approach Would you like your website to be found in Google for lots of different keywords? Me too! Who wouldn’t like that. The more a website shows in Google the more likely it is to be found and clicked onto. Invariably that can result in more […]

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Google Business Posts

September 8, 2017 Search Marketing

There’s a feature that Google released to enhance the Google Business settings that gives you the opportunity to add a short news post to the business profile box that often appears when a query that includes your business name is entered. Like this: When you are adding the post you get composing box like the […]

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Live web chat with tawk

September 4, 2017 Business

We’ve been experimenting with live web chat on our site and a couple of client sites and so far it has been a useful option for people to get in touch. Finally we have found a live web chat system that is FREE and GOOD. There is definitely an increase in the use of sms/imessage/facebook […]

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Why Businesses Need Google AdWords to Acquire Customers

August 21, 2017 AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising system designed by Google for online marketing, where advertiser create clickable links or ads and compete to have them appear in Google’s search engine results by submitting certain keywords that expect internet users to use while searching. These ads or links can be to a website, page or e-commerce site, […]

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What is Better for your Business- Snapchat or Instagram

August 7, 2017 Social Media

The Role of Social Media in the Betterment of Your Online Business Social Media has grown in popularity in the past few years and it can be said that now, it’s a big part of our life. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are rapidly taking over our lives in more ways […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Awesome Blog Posts

July 19, 2017 Content Writing

Simple Techniques and Secret Tips to Master Writing for the Web We begin with a simple question: When was the last time you looked at a piece of paper to get information? The piece of paper could be a newspaper, a journal, a magazine, or an encyclopaedia. The answer, we guess, is that you probably […]

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Social Media Images with Canva

Visual content has become increasingly more important in the world of social media. From the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and Pinterest, social media users are finding it a lot more engaging to interact using less textual content. This is where social media images come in. In order to share and obtain information […]

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How Digital Technology Is Changing Marketing

June 21, 2017 Business, Marketing

There was a time not long ago when the only form of visual advertising available to businesses was print and banner advertising. Then came the more advanced visual media that allowed for the creation of video adverts. For a long time, those were the only effective marketing means available, and businesses had to compete fiercely […]

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What is a Domain Name?

June 14, 2017 Domains

If you have a website, or are thinking of getting one, you have probably heard of a ‘domain name’. A domain name, also known as domain name system (DNS), is a naming system or identification used for IP addresses. If you register a name in the DNS, it automatically becomes a domain name. Choosing your […]

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9 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Web Designer

May 13, 2017 Web Designer

In this day and age, the importance of a website to a business is undeniable, and the internet plays such a vital role in the everyday business that if it were to stop the world would come to an absolute standstill. Websites play such a crucial role, in fact, that according to a 2016 study […]

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HTTPS the big switch

April 28, 2017 https

A Good Decision for Your Business! Do you sell products online? Do you know an unsecured payment gateway can affect your online business? Without having any protected payment gateway your customers will be worried about getting their details leaked. Yes, client’s apprehensions towards sharing personal details with someone are certain. Although with the introduction of […]

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10 Amazing ways to boost results through Google AdWords

April 14, 2017 AdWords

With Google processing 100 million searches a month (average of 40,000 search queries every second) and 89.3% of internet users using Google Search Engine, there is truly something about Google. And the most successful way of earning through Google being Adwords, you can’t miss having a chunk of the pie. Google’s AdWords,the world’s biggest advertiser […]

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25 Amazing Ways to Increase Sales Online

March 31, 2017 Online Sales

Click Frenzy, the Australian digital shopping day, generated online sales of over $200 million in 2015 and the end-of-the-year holiday sales with Christmas and Boxing Day shopping, surpassed $2.5 billion. Australian online sales are expected to reach approx. $24 billion by 2018. Do these figures take you by surprise? Do you want to join the […]

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How Blog Images Affect your Business

March 16, 2017 Blogging

Choose your blog images wisely and earn the benefit driving more traffic to your site. We know what business blogging does to your website. It drives traffic to your site through carefully and strategically placed targeted keywords and social media, and helps convert this traffic into leads and business opportunities. It also helps answer common […]

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Importance of CTA or Call to Action

February 28, 2017 Call to Action

You have your site set up for your business. In order to drive more traffic to your page, you include business blogs that are relevant to what you offer. These blogs add traffic to your site. But what’s next? You want to convert these visitors into business opportunities. You can do this by having a […]

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What is On-Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of web page optimisation practices that aim to improve your site’s ranking and drive relevant traffic to it. Unlike off-page SEO, which refers to links and external signals, on-page SEO involves optimising the content and the HTML source code of your web page. Factors to consider to […]

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10 Reasons why WooCommerce is the best for eCommerce business

January 24, 2017 WooCommerce

If you are an online merchant at the start of your e-business venture, in need of an easy-to-use content management system that will leave you without objections, consider WordPress. With an astonishing 70% share in the global content management system (CMS) market, it is by far the simplest and most profitable CMS to date. While […]

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Amazon coming to Australia

January 23, 2017 Business

I’ve been reading a lot about Amazon and trying to work out what the impact could be for businesses in Australia as they build out a presence in distribution and potentially retail that could rival even the largest of our local brands. There has been speculation about Amazon setting up distribution warehouses in Australia since […]

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Selected website builds in 2016

Here is a selection of the websites Jezweb built in 2016. There’s no particular order but it should give you a sense of the variety of styles, colours, approaches and businesses that worked with Jezweb in 2016 to create new websites. F-111 Flight Simulator – Green Planet Plumbing – Leather King – Sugar Pill – […]

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We don’t do any marketing?

January 10, 2017 Blogging

Whilst at Walka Miniature Railway, recently I was reminded about the perception of marketing vs advertising. Marketing is all encompassing from product packaging through to delivery. Advertising is a component of marketing. If you feel like nerding out on the difference, have a look at here. From a non-technical perspective and as a conversational point, you could substitute marketing […]

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What is Search Engine Optimisation and why is it so important?

December 28, 2016 Wordpress

Whether you own a small online business or you’re well expanded in the real world and need proper online placement, you need to make sure that your services are easily found when searched in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) represents the most significant way to be noticed in […]

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21 Reasons Why WordPress is Best for Your Business

December 14, 2016 Wordpress

WordPress is probably the commonest word you’ll hear when the conversation turns to ‘the best website creation platforms available’. That’s because it has become extremely popular since its inception in 2003, when it rolled out as a blogging platform. It now hosts more than 70 million websites and counting, with a large percentage of them […]

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October 2016 updates from Jezweb

November 17, 2016 Blogging

Hi, Jeremy. I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you how quickly the silly season is approaching now too, with shops adorned in red and white with plastic green trees everywhere. Enough said about that for now. With Dave’s help, we are going to be writing at least monthly with news, ideas, and shout outs […]

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What can Bunnings teach us about getting customers in the door?

November 15, 2016 Blogging, Search Marketing

Driving past Bunnings (and our office) on the way to click and collect groceries, I firmly said no, I will not be lured in today for any spontaneous hardware purchases. I could easily have headed in though and spent time selecting solar powered christmas lights, grabbing a coffee, and ‘window shopping’ for tools. I’ve been thinking about […]

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Beef up your websites Google positions with a portfolio and blogs

October 29, 2016 Blogging, Search Marketing

Optimising a website for the most important keywords is as relevant as ever. Local businesses such as trades and services are increasingly launching websites with all the usual optimisations of page title, meta description, sub title, alt text and descriptive content. Though that is unlikely to be sufficient to compete in a city where there are […]

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Card reader merchant account with no monthly fees from Square

October 4, 2016 Business

Is Square is the easiest credit card reader merchant account with no monthly fees you can signup for in Australia? Based on my experience from 2016 and prior years, yes, definitely! If you have ever setup a merchant account with a traditional bank you have no doubt experienced the paperwork and fees charged. If you […]

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How do I clear my web browsers cache

October 2, 2016 Internet

The device you are browsing the web on stores copies of recently accessed files in a cache. Often when a change is made to a website such as replacing an image or adjustments to a page the web browser will not immediately refresh to show the new version. Quick tip cache clear In most computer-based […]

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Google Australia Maps Business Categories

August 5, 2016 Search Marketing

There are hundreds of categories to choose from with the ‘Google My Business’ system in Google Australia. Google has some guidelines on category selection which you can find here: Categories help your customers find accurate, specific results for services they’re interested in. In order to keep your business information accurate and live, make sure that you: […]

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What to prepare for your new website

June 19, 2016 Content Writing

We build lots of websites for all kinds of people and organisations, yet much of what we need to know is similar regardless of the business, organisation or project. First let me say thank you for the opportunity to assist with the planning of your new website. We’re happy to help with all of this […]

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How clients can choose appointment times in a businesses calendar

June 18, 2016 Automation

Though I usually try and avoid filling a day with appointments so that I can still get other work done there are many businesses where ensuring the efficient allocation of appointment times to fill a day or letting clients book meetings at any time rather than emailing or calling would be quite helpful. Getting started […]

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One column of Google Ads to rule them all

May 30, 2016 Marketing

Google Adwords, love it or hate it as you will but it is one of the most important marketing systems the world has ever seen and is a lifeline for many businesses of all sizes. If you have ever used a Google Ads campaign to promote your business or event you have no doubt worked out […]

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Recording a 3 person podcast and video on iPhone

May 15, 2016 Podcasting

Update for 2019 Rode released the RODECaster Pro in 2018 and it looks like pretty much the solution to the work around i ended up with below. It allows for 4 channel inputs and being a RODE product makes it more neatly compatible with their microphones. There are particular challenges to filming video and recording […]

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How to create Facebook ads

February 16, 2016 Facebook, Marketing

Facebook Ads can be used to promote your posts to new viewers, get more people to see your Facebook Page, direct them to your website and more. Facebook divide the ad types into the following categories: Boost your posts – Use the Page Post Engagement objective to boost your post. Promote your Page – Use the Page […]

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Create a Google Adwords Campaign

February 15, 2016 Marketing, Search Marketing

Google Adwords is the closest marketing system we have as a replacement for the old Yellow Pages printed business directory. The mindset of people looking for a problem solving business in the 1990’s in Australia was open the Yellow Pages, find a relevant category, look at the ads, pick a business and call them. This […]

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How to post an ad on Gumtree

February 14, 2016 Marketing

Gumtree fills a gap in between ebay ads which are typically created by businesses and facebook buy-sell-swap groups that tend to be localised or special interest. The use of the auction feature which ebay was so well known for has taken a secondary place with items nearly always having a ‘buy now’ option so that you […]

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How to exit a conversation at a networking event

February 2, 2016 Business

Have you been in this situation before? I have and find it can be slightly awkward at the best of times. Let’s set the scene, there are 20+ people in the room in groups of 2 – 5 people spaced out around the room with 2 – 5m between each. You’re having a reasonable interesting conversation […]

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Gauges instead of Google Analytics

January 17, 2016 Hosting, Wordpress

Gauges ( is a simple, fast, easy to configure website statistics platform that even a complete novice could understand what the numbers and graphs mean. I’ll explain later why we are dropping Google Analytics for Gauges, but first, here are the highlights of Gauges. Gauges Overview The overview is dead simple, it shows at a glance, […]

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Business Referrals for Christmas

December 15, 2015 Business

Conversations and referrals don’t stop for Christmas. People travel to see families, fill restaurants and clubs with groups lunches and visit parks, beaches and lakes. It’s a social time and though we may not be standing by the pool pitching our services we might still discuss work related topics. Conversations continue As Ivan Misner points out in an article on, […]

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7 Ways to Make Public Speaking Easier

December 7, 2015 Business

Contrary to what some might think speaking in public is a skill that can be practiced and learnt with time. Confidently presenting ourselves, our businesses, our viewpoints helps others understand and learn. As Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen says: It does not matter if you are the best at what you do or are just […]

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What is a Networking Power Team

November 30, 2015 Business

In BNI lingo a tight group of businesses that regularly ‘share’ a client is known as a “Power Team”. It is a somewhat unofficial grouping and is invariably fluid in terms of who would be in a power team initially at least and assumes that people with very compatible businesses do want to work together […]

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12 Reasons to Register Domain Names

Extra domain names do not provide clear benefit in search engine ranking. I’ll say it again. DO NOT register domain names to get better ranking in Google. It will not work. Not at all, not even a little bit. A possible exception being if you managed to register or buy something like but you would still […]

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How can BNI work for you

October 27, 2015 Business

You’ve joined a BNI chapter? Maybe you are thinking about joining one? Are you aware of the 7 BNI Core Values? Whether you are about to join a BNI chapter or you are a member already. What can you do to get a better outcome from business networking. Not just BNI networking though. These ideas […]

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5 Steps to Receive Specific Referrals

October 15, 2015 Business

At a business networking meeting such as BNI you will have 60 seconds or less to make a lasting impression during the ‘Sales Manager Minute’. To achieve this, the Sales Manager Minute is divided into 5 steps: Introduction (15 seconds) Focus Area (15 seconds) Story / Testimonial (15 seconds) Call to Action (10 seconds) Memory Hook (5 seconds) […]

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The easy way to promote blog posts

October 5, 2015 Automation, Facebook, Wordpress

Ideally we would all take the time to manually post announcements for our new blog posts on social media but it is time consuming and for the less popular social media sites no one notices what we post anyway. WordPress blogs promoted on social media Publishing blogs in our WordPress site is terrific for getting […]

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3 Steps to Fix Google Maps Listings

October 4, 2015 Search Marketing

There’s a quick way to suggest changes to a business listing in Google Maps. It’s quite an easy process. Step 1: Locate the business profile in Google Search. Step 2: Scroll down and click on the ‘Feedback’ link. Step 3: Edit the contact details and press submit. Let’s see how well this works with an […]

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4 Easy Steps to Rate a Business in Google

Have you left a positive review for a business on Google? Are there businesses that gave you great service? Were your expectations met and you left happy with your purchase? Did the staff smile and say hello when they served you? Would you like to say thank you in 4 easy steps? It’s so simple to leave a […]

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Never miss a lead from your website again

September 30, 2015 Marketing

Do you know which of your advertising is working? Can you listen back on the calls that came through your website last week to see if the new enquiry capture process you put in place is effectively converting a caller to a prospect? You can once you have ReachEdge connected to your website. Uncover once hidden insights about […]

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6 Steps to Create Beautiful Blog Graphics

September 28, 2015 Blogging, Graphic & Web Design

Last year it dawned on me. I suddenly realised. My blog graphics were boring not beautiful. Our blog post feature images sucked. They were truly terrible. Here is a snapshot of what they looked like when we got rolling on the new jezweb blog last year. Yawn. Did they make you want to click on anything? Didn’t […]

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Website hacked for SEO backlinks

September 26, 2015 Search Marketing

Backlinks (links to ‘your’ website from another) are important as part of an SEO strategy. If the backlinks are on quality websites and have relevant information around them then search engines may rank your website slightly higher in search results. You can EARN backlinks by doing ethical things like: asking a supplier or referral partner to link to […]

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Automate Facebook Likes

May 22, 2015 Facebook

You can automate likes from yourself or your business page to your own pages or other pages!!! Step by step guide on how to automate facebook likes 1. Go to Google Chrome 2. Go to facebook and sign in (can do this for your personal and business page ) 3. Open a new tab 4. Copy […]

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How to get your facebook posts seen

Pressing ‘Post’ does not guarantee your post is actually going to be seen. Some posts only make it into a handful of your fans newsfeeds!!! Impossible right?? Unfortunately it’s true… Facebook filters posts based on thousands of criteria – this is called the Facebook Algorithm. They do this, to make sure you are seeing things […]

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Why does Google prefer mobile optimised websites?

April 1, 2015 Search Marketing

A mobile responsive or mobile optimised or mobile friendly website refers to a website layout and page contents that adapt to reduced width displays such as a phone. Rather than having separate individual design elements that are built for a mobile site, responsive design focuses on a core code that aligns and situates itself to flow within […]

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How to create lead generating homepages and other ideas learnt from John Dwyer

March 30, 2015 Marketing

If you haven’t heard of John Dwyer (JD) you may be familiar with the advertising work he has done, most notably the ‘get a free holiday with your home loan from the greater’ and the quirky Jerry Seinfeld ads promoting the Greater Building Society which were designed to carve out a profitable customer segment from […]

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