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Benefits of Creating a Podcast

Benefits of Creating a Podcast

You’ve made the decision to have your voice heard online, and now you’re wondering what the advantages of podcasting are going to be for you. You might be debating whether you should launch a podcast instead of a blog. Maybe you own a company that you’d want to get the word out about. At first glance, maintaining a blog could seem like the simpler option. However, the advantages of listening to a podcast should not be overlooked.

Podcasts are audio shows, similar to radio programmes, that can be listened to whenever the listener chooses to do so. They are accessible on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, including those manufactured by Apple and Android, as well as on the internet and on virtual personal assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. They cover a wide range of themes, including but not limited to politics, food, technology, sports, travel, home maintenance, fitness, finances, pop culture, and history. Let’s look at how the benefits of podcasting can work for your business.

Brand Building

Using a podcast to promote your business provides a unique opportunity to establish an almost personal relationship with a potential client. Where other forms of media and promotion rely on a general overview of a product or service a podcast allows you not only to narrow in on a certain part of your business but gives you the chance to speak one on one, a personal touch that is easily lost in more general promotion. Essentially you are getting one on one time with your potential lead to outline your expertise, what you can do for them and how you can do it, without interruption. Establish yourself as an authority, relate real world experience to the customer’s expectations, have a conversation. This all helps build your brand and your business. podcasts are often listened to whilst performing household chores like cleaning or gardening and especially during travel or exercise. Because of the almost passive nature of podcasting getting your message across you can use this engagement to establish a relationship with potential clients in a way that the written word and pictures can’t.

Creating a Community

Creating a Community

Podcast listeners are more likely to pay attention to the entirety of an episode, in contrast to blog readers, who scroll through a post, typically only looking at the headings and graphics, and seldom spending time reading the entire material.

They won’t miss a word you say or anything else that’s important to them and will listen to whatever you have to say. Interacting with you or other listeners is the only thing that they are unable to do while they are listening to you.

One of the most significant advantages of producing a podcast is that it enables you to take advantage of this fact and bring listeners to your podcasting website, where they can sign up for emails that will provide them with increased direct access to you. In addition, if you want to, you can create a community that serves as a platform from which you can effectively sell your wares and attract additional customers.

The experience that you provide for your listeners is enhanced when you feature guests on your podcast. In the process of developing relationships with those guests, you are also constructing and enhancing other significant connections. Guests may consist of professionals from the relevant industry, present customers and clients, business partners and potential business partners, etc. These visitors will value the fact that you recognise and appreciate the contribution that they have made. They will be appreciative of the exposure that you may be offering to them and their businesses thanks to your efforts. This link, which benefits both parties, offers a priceless chance for networking as well as the development of relationships.

Podcasts are platforms that can be used to discuss issues that fall under the general interest of your company’s speciality. Your personal and professional credibility will improve if you make credible material within your area of expertise readily available to others. Because of this, you develop a reputation and establish yourself as a trustworthy character that your audience can look up to and follow.

Case Study

Case Study

George Petridis, aka DJ FUEL, has been working in and around the Australian Electronic Dance Music Scene for more than 25 years. From humble beginnings dropping bangers behind a couple of decks DJ Fuel has never lost his passion and expanded into promotion, event management and regular club appearances. Recently George has taken the dive into production, collaborating with guest vocalists, and putting out his own music into a crowded and competitive marketplace.

In this industry, being part of the “community” of dance music lovers brings great opportunity. So much of the history of dance music is rooted in the sharing of music between DJ’s and punters, swapping records, supporting each other’s events and new musical adventures.

George helps maintain his presence in the dance community by hosting a weekly podcast. “The Party Life” reaches a global audience and establishes DJ Fuel’s name as an authority in the scene by demonstrating his knowledge of current and classic releases. The podcast also serves as a showcase for his skills as a DJ and provides him with a ready-made platform to publicise his own musical output from his studio. Community, Authority, Connection all achieved in what is for all intents and purposes is one hour of fun.

Can a podcast work for you

Can a podcast work for you?

At Jezweb, we are dedicated to finding the right mix of web based content to help your business stand out and converting wandering eyes and ears into leads and sales. Talk to us today to see if a podcast should be added to your digital presence and how to get started. Creating a podcast can have a positive effect on your search engine optimisation. Jezweb can help you with all types of content creation including blogs, graphic design and even video production to help your brand rank highly in searches and give your brand maximum visibility.

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