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Are Guest Posts Important?

Are Guest Posts Important?

Guest posts can help you reach a wider audience and consequently grow your site visitors.

Blogging plays a great role in increasing awareness of your business and products in readers, customers, and prospects. This is why businesspeople and marketers often choose this as a way of growing their customer numbers. It has been proven that those who use blogs get 67% more leads compared to companies that do not make use of this marketing strategy.

Due to the effectiveness of blogging, many have considered submitting guest posts to different authoritative sites. If the article is relevant and it passes the requirements set by the website, it will be published. The good thing is that all the information about the person who has written it will not be changed. The audience will be able to know who the writer is. But if you are the author of the blog post, what’s in it for you? Is it really important for you and your own blog or business?

The benefits of guest posts

Guest posts are especially important if you are running your own blog. Whether you are a business owner or just an individual looking to build a name for yourself, you will be able to benefit when you use this strategy to introduce your name and your business. Here are some of the benefits of writing guest posts:

Improves your reputation

Sites accepting guest posts are reliable. These are owned by people or organisations that are well known in the industry. People read their blogs because they know that they are capable of providing dependable information. When the article you have submitted is published, it will also boost your name and your company or website. The readers will see that you are someone they can trust because you are connected to a reputable website.

Introduces you to a larger audience

The number of viewers of the site where you are planning to submit your article will also be the potential number of people who will become your audience. The secret here is to make sure that the content of the article is interesting and connected to the niche of the website that will be posting it.

On the other hand, make sure that your niche is also connected to theirs. Doing research and learning more about the site is vital for this goal. Before you start conceptualising, look at the trends and patterns of the blog that you are about to guest on. Learn the best tone and language that the target audience responds to. If you are make an impression on the viewers, they will certainly look for more of your work. This will then lead them to your own website.

Helps you gain more subscribers

People are constantly looking for credible sources of information especially if they are looking for products or services. Guest posting will give you an advantage over the others. It enables you to introduce yourself and influence the readers.

You will have the chance to gain subscribers from the number of people who came to check your blog. You should remember, however, that there must be consistency in across your work. The quality of the guest posts and the content of your own website should be on the same level, or the latter should be better. People will stay and subscribe if they find out that they will benefit from your content.

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Brand awareness for your website or blog

It has been proven that the sites that publish more than 16 blog posts every month are getting 4.5 times more leads compared to those that publish less than four. But what if your blog was new? How can you build traffic and draw people to view it?

This is where guest posting comes in. It is hard to build authority for beginners. People will not believe what you are saying if they see that it is your first time in the industry. Hence, the need for help from reliable websites. Look for one that is willing to publish an article for you, provide them with good content, and it will give you a bigger stage where you can introduce your brand.

Greater opportunities for link building

Links are considered to be a primary ranking factor in Google. Viewers are accustomed to clicking any link that catches their attention on a post. They tend to follow the blog of the writer who was able to provide a relevant article that answered the question they had. As long as the content of your guest post is both engaging and informative, you will certainly benefit from the link you have built.

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How do you find the best guest posting opportunity?

Before you even start writing an article to be posted somewhere else, you should first know the basics of choosing the perfect guest posting opportunity for you. There are several things that you need to consider.

First, you have to look for a blog or site that is under the same niche where your company or blog belongs. You wouldn’t want to be featured in a blog that is not related to what you are selling or offering.

Secondly, check if the audience of the site will be interested to read your post. You can do this by checking other posts. This way, you will determine if there is a connection between your site and their blogs. Remember that the main reason why you are going to submit a guest post is to build a connection that will link their audience to your own blog.

Finally, check if the manager of the site is active in different social media platforms. This is to make sure that you will be able to achieve your goal to increase your audience.

Let Jezweb help you prepare a profitable and effective guest post

Just like any other blog post, you need to consider the readers. Who will be the audience? What kind of posts would they like to read? What approach will get their attention? These are the major questions that you need to ask before you start drafting your article.

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