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8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility

While you are geared towards improving your site’s overall search visibility, this can be nearly impossible if you don’t use the right strategies. Since the competition in the online realm is very stiff, it is extremely challenging to land on the first page of search results. Also, let’s not forget that most of your competitors are backed up by hired specialists that help them optimize their sites. So instead of exerting time and effort into SEO strategies that don’t really work, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to look for efficient ways to improve the overall ranking of their site.

8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

The Facts You Need to Know about Google

It is no secret that Google is the top platform every site should be optimizing for, especially since it manages over half of the online traffic. The problem is, ranking well on Google can be exceedingly difficult and time consuming especially since it uses over 100 algorithms to monitor and handle on and off-page factors, web bots, site reputation and PageRank calculation.

All these factors are then stored in a huge database. If you were able to successfully optimize your site on all aspects, you can have a higher chance of bumping off the sites that land on the first page of search results. However, as aforementioned, building a solid, SEO-friendly platform can take time and effort, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do.

8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

1. Work on Your Title Tags

A lot of entrepreneurs fail at an early phase because they don’t pay attention to small details that affect page optimization. Title tags, in contrary to those that appear on web pages, are the ones you can see on your browser window’s title bar. Working on a unique and relevant title tag can increase your chance of landing on the first page of search engines, and this is the reason that you need to give it time and attention.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips that can help you dramatically improve your title tags:

  • Relevance: When setting up a title tag, it is better to use words that your target audience would more likely use on search engines. Normally, when you search on Google, you don’t type the company’s name first in the search box. Instead, you directly type phrases that directly correspond to what you are looking for like “fashion trends” or “interior design”. So instead of writing your company’s name at the beginning, write relevant phrases first and add your company’s name at the end.
  • Keywords: In addition to writing down relevant phrases, it is also important to note that the first few words in your title tag are given more weight by search engines, so it is best that you insert your keywords on the first part. By being keyword-rich and relevant, your title tags can fare better in ranking well on search engines.
  • Uniqueness: Instead of using generic words that most sites use as a title tag, creating a descriptive and unique title can heighten your chance of gaining online visibility.   
8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

2. Take Advantage of Header Tags

Header tags are used to separate the different sections of your content by differentiating headings and sub-headings. Aside from greatly affecting SEO, it also has an impact on your site’s overall usability. To optimize your site, you can improve your header tags by doing the following: 

  • Hierarchy: Header tags starting from H1 to H6 to form a top-to-bottom hierarchy. Hence, if you want to optimize your site, you should not skip any header tag since the overall structure of your content won’t be SEO-friendly. Simply put, your H1 tag should not be followed by your H4 tag as it breaks the order of your header tags. Instead, write down your tags in chronological order from top to bottom.
  • Relevance: Your content should always match your header tag, since search engines greatly value relevance and consistency. Since the H1 tag is the most important header tag, insert your primary keyword in it and make sure that it contains a basic description of your page. Your keyword derivatives, on the other hand, should be written on your H2 tag.
8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

3. Set-Up an SEO-Friendly Meta Tag

Meta tags may not be visible on your page, but it doesn’t mean that they do not play a role in optimizing your site. Appearing on HTML’s to describe content, meta tags give search engines an idea on what your page is about. While not all meta tags can help you improve search visibility on Google, other search engines like Yahoo still review these descriptors, making them an important aspect of enhancing your search engine marketing campaigns.

  • Keywords: After the “content”, write your keywords within the quotation marks and separate them by using commas.
  • Call-to-Action: When creating content description within the blank quotes, it is best that you add a call-to-action like “buy now” or “feel free to contact us”.
8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

4. Create a Well-Structured and Consistent Body

In terms of creating a body, it is important that your content is relevant to the keywords you have inserted on your site. Also, writing keywords in bold can play a significant role in improving your search visibility.

8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

5. Let Search Engine Spiders Crawl Effortlessly on Your Site

The principal role of search engine spiders is to grab your site’s content. If these “spiders” find it difficult to crawl on your site because of several factors, your pages won’t appear on search engine results. You can make sure this won’t happen by implementing these strategies:

  • Go Frameless: Framed sites are not SEO-friendly since it makes crawling difficult for search engine spiders. In the like manner, since the navigation in a frame is different from content navigation, the spiders can direct your online visitors to a page without navigation.
  • Don’t Rely Heavily on JavaScript: Navigating via JavaScript may not be disadvantageous at all times, but there are instances when it conceals the web page from search engine spiders, making it difficult for a page to appear on search results.
  • Avoid Flash Navigation: Flash navigation may have its pros, but it shouldn’t be used if your goal is to optimize your site since only a few search engine spiders recognize Flash.
8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

6. Focus on Looking for Keywords

Using keywords that have high search rates can help you optimize your site, and this is the reason why keyword research is an integral component of building a profitable site. In a page, you can use about 2 or 3 keywords to attract possible readers, so make the most out of it by using keyword tools that can help you gain leverage.

8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

7. Use the Power of Links

Linking is crucial in achieving online presence. While it necessitates money and creativity, there are a lot of ways you can maximize its full potential.

  • Promote Your Articles: Sites that offer services that focus mainly on distributing your articles by using other websites to link your target audience to your site can help you attract a greater audience.
  • Create Compelling Content: High quality content makes up a link-worthy site. By focusing on creating relevant, timely and compelling content, you can get a better shot at attracting a larger audience for conversion.
  • List Your Page on Popular Directories: You may have to pay to get listed, especially on well-established directories, but your earnings can skyrocket as you can gain a higher chance of achieving online presence.   
8 Ways to Improve Search Visibility -

8. Put Your Target Audience First at All Times

All your efforts will go into waste if you don’t create valuable content. While ranking high on search engines is important, it’s useless if your online visitors leave your page because you didn’t give them a good reason to stay. So, when creating content, always set the bars higher and focus on providing your readers the quality they deserve.  

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