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4 Easy Steps to Rate a Business in Google

4 easy steps to rate a business in google

Have you left a positive review for a business on Google?

Are there businesses that gave you great service?

Were your expectations met and you left happy with your purchase?

Did the staff smile and say hello when they served you?

Would you like to say thank you in 4 easy steps?

It’s so simple to leave a positive review and rating in Google.

Let’s do it!

Here’s how easy it is to rate a business in Google.

Step 1: Locate the business profile in Google Search.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the ‘Write Review’ link.

Step 3: Choose a star rating between 1 and 5 stars

Step 4: Type a comment or thank you words and Submit.

Be one of the positive rating people

Too often the ratings and reviews on the web are left by someone who is disgruntled.

Rarely do happy customers take the time to leave positive feedback and ratings.

It’s easy to see why, usually no one asks for a rating and we just carry on with our day.

Let’s all do our part in giving honest positive feedback as satisfied customers.


Say thank you to a local business

You will put a smile on the face of the business owner and it costs nothing to say thank you.

Most businesses that we interact with daily are not run by faceless corporations.

Your local mechanic, coffee shop, cleaner or accountant… they work hard to do their best.

Even huge corporations still have people working there that like to know they are appreciated.

Many businesses are owned by families and everyday people who appreciate honest feedback.

Especially if they have had a busy day and had some difficult orders to fill.

So let’s say thank you to the ones who do a great job and run good businesses.

Star ratings in Google are there to see for anyone who searches for a business, they’re a prominent feature of a Google Search.


Do your part and leave a positive rating in Google today!