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21 Reasons Why WordPress is Best for Your Business

21 reasons why wordpress is best for your business

WordPress is probably the commonest word you’ll hear when the conversation turns to ‘the best website creation platforms available’. That’s because it has become extremely popular since its inception in 2003, when it rolled out as a blogging platform. It now hosts more than 70 million websites and counting, with a large percentage of them being business websites.


You might not be sure whether to use it or not, so here are 21 reasons why WordPress is good for your business.

Why WordPress is Best

1. Its free to use – courtesy of being open source software

It means that anyone can use or download it for free and edit parts of it without infringing on any legal boundaries. It also means that it is always developing with fresh ideas from developers around the world.


2. Easy to set up and use

Setting up a WordPress website is as easy as ABC, or rather, following the prompts given to you. You don’t have to possess extended knowledge of coding or prior experience with starting websites. The platform takes you through the process with a series of prompts that guide you on the steps to follow including choosing a domain name, choosing a template, adding plugins, publishing your first post etc. Those that prefer code can also program their way through to a new website.


3. You can design any type of website with it

Businesses vary in size and so do their websites. Different websites look good for different businesses and WordPress gets the point too.  Whether it’s an online store, a question and answer forum, a blog, or a regular business website, you can be sure to find the necessary resources for building it on WordPress.


4. Affordability

Many businesses today run on tight budgets, which largely constrains their spending and limits their choices. When it comes to opening a business website with WordPress, that burden is reduced a little. As mentioned above, using the platform is free. The platform also offers both basic and premium accounts, with the former being free and good enough to use if you don’t mind having “” as a finishing to your website’s URL.


5. Responsive layout

Not all websites are responsive. Some translate poorly on mobile phones while others experience loading problems when opened on devices other than a desktop. Business websites cannot afford to appear patchy and unprofessional lest they lose customers and go back to square one. Websites designed with WordPress are known to be responsive and to translate well on phones, tablets, and desktops. That’s why business owners prefer building their websites with the platform.


6. Large archive of beautiful themes

Your business website needs to be beautiful and easy to navigate if it’s to attract the customers you want. That is what website themes are created for. They give a website character and add to its overall beauty. WordPress is home to over 40,000 unique themes, designed exclusively for websites and blogs by professional designers from around the world. Some of them are free to use on your website while others go for custom prices.


7. The option of plugins

Plugins make any website more functional. They can be anything from a quick sign up form, to a widget that reorganises older posts, to a video player and beyond. Their main function is to make using the website simpler. With a WordPress designed website, you get access to hundreds of plugins, most of which are free!


8. A fully functioning support community.

The platform boasts a large support community that you can turn to in case of problems with your website with members from all around the world.


9. Easy to tweak and customise, giving business owners total control of a website.

Whether it’s changing a theme, adding a plugin, or tweaking a template, business owners have total control of their websites. One can also design their website from scratch and tune it to what they want. This feature allows for flexible editing on websites by administrators from wherever they are.


10. A wide range of additional services

Signing up with WordPress is basically free. As a website owner, you gain access to features such as domain name ownership and registration, which may come at a fee. Such services are optional; you purchase them according to will.

11. Well-built platform designed by expert coders

WordPress is built by expert coders who’ve transformed it from a mere blogging site to a platform for creating websites with high coding standards, excellent loading speed, clear navigation and image optimisation among other features. That is essentially why it’s one of the top SEO friendly website-building platforms in the world.


12. Social media integration

What is a website today without integration with various social media websites? Readers like to share content and shares are a direct indication of how many views the website is receiving. WordPress websites are designed to be compatible with any social media account, such that readers can integrate the two seamlessly.

13. Lots of templates to choose from

There are hundreds of templates to choose from while designing your business website, allowing you more flexibility and choice in tuning your layout. From artsy to basic to simply sleek, there is something for every website and some of them are free! The good news is you can easily change the template without losing your content.

14. Easy to manage content

Once your business website is up and running, it is quite easy to publish content, insert media, edit content, and reorganise it. You can also add and remove pages, edit landing pages, and customise your logo.


15. Security

Website owners on WordPress are availed with a number of security mechanisms such as encryption to protect their websites from malicious acts such as hacking.


16. Regular software updates to improve security and user experience

To prevent website attacks from internet users with malicious objectives, the team behind WordPress are always on their toes with newer versions of their software, designed to improve website security and user contentment. Website owners on the platform know that they’re partially covered from such acts of malice.

17. Supports integration of all types of media

Websites designed with WordPress allow seamless incorporation of images, audio files, videos, infographics, charts, and every other type of media you may want to use on your website.

18. Facilitates harmonious joint management of a website.

For websites that are managed by more than one person, or have various people in different management, WordPress is easily the best choice. It allows for limitations to be set for individual users as to the content they can upload and they editing they can do.

19. Automatic updates for websites

Website owners used to complain in past years of using platforms that required them to update their websites themselves. WordPress does the opposite and provides automatic updates for its websites without involving the site owner.

20. Creates visually pleasing websites that are easy to use for visitors

With clear navigation icons such as drop down menus and an attractive interface and beautiful themes to boot, there is no way visitors cannot be attracted to a WordPress designed website.

21. It is ideal for your business.

WordPress websites are designed to promote interaction between you and your customers. Most have features including subscription forms, follow options, business blogs etc to help you reach out and know your customers better. The platform also tracks the reach of your posts, which helps in knowing your marketing campaigns’ performance.

So, still wondering why you should get your business website designed with WordPress? If you want a well designed website with limitless functionality, the platform is the way to go. Try it today.