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It’s More than Just Hosting

You might be wondering why we have a monthly fee for ‘hosting and support’ and what that includes. There are website design companies that will simply build your website, sign you up with a hosting provider (or make you pick your own) and then you are left to your own devices and invariably what happens in that case is the website software get’s out of date, no new features are upgraded and it gets hacked into or simply breaks.

There are a various hosting and support packages which include more or less of the following. For most of the websites we manage there are a set of what we consider typical services and assistance provided, much of which is not what a purely hosting provider would give you.

Although we use the word ‘hosting’ to encompass the monthly service we provide we incorporate a lot more besides that such as:

  • storing your website with our cloud hosting
  • renewal of domain names, ie. the website addresses every two years
  • updating your website software (wordpress content management system) with security patches and feature upgrades periodically
  • fixing any bug that might happen with a new update of the wordpress website software
  • custom email accounts if you want them; for example
  • website statistics so that you can see how many visitors you are getting, what pages they are looking for etc
  • backups of your website and database
  • and more generally it provides for the ability for us to have someone to answer your calls or emails when you are asking for advice or have a problem with your website or you have a question about it.
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Part of our team is focused on checking websites for issues, monitoring for security, updates and possible improvements. Some of our clients are on monthly maintenance agreements where we write blog posts, do a lot of updates and adding new pages, search engine marketing, Google Ads etc, so it does depend on what is suitable for a business and how best we can help as to the level of involvement we have in the website going forward.

That’s not to say that there are never any hiccups but we avoid them where possible. There are many different configurations of websites and plugins so sometimes we have problems to sort out that certainly not trivial and in general it measn the website stays online all the time without problems.

So although we generally refer to this bundle of services as hosting or website hosting there is a lot more besides that which we have in place to keep your website working and trouble free.

What is Hosting and Support?