Google Alerts

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Google Alerts

February 26, 2020 Social Media

Google Alerts is a very useful online tool which can be used to manage Social Media content. The great thing about Google Alerts is that it is simple to use, is available free of charge, and doesn’t require constant monitoring. Google Alerts can be used to find websites or articles to link to and it […]

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Speaking to Your Target Market

October 15, 2017 Social Media

– And Getting Them to Hear You through the Clutter The Perfect Social Media Strategy – Only results, Nothing Else! Advertisers need to now go back to the drawing board and rethink media and communication strategy in completely different ways. This is particularly relevant in our digitally driven economy.Think about that worldwide, highly successful, cool, […]

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What is Better for your Business- Snapchat or Instagram

August 7, 2017 Social Media

The Role of Social Media in the Betterment of Your Online Business Social Media has grown in popularity in the past few years and it can be said that now, it’s a big part of our life. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are rapidly taking over our lives in more ways […]

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