How Digital Technology Is Changing Marketing

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How Digital Technology Is Changing Marketing

June 21, 2017 Business, Marketing

There was a time not long ago when the only form of visual advertising available to businesses was print and banner advertising. Then came the more advanced visual media that allowed for the creation of video adverts. For a long time, those were the only effective marketing means available, and businesses had to compete fiercely […]

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One column of Google Ads to rule them all

May 30, 2016 Marketing

Google Adwords, love it or hate it as you will but it is one of the most important marketing systems the world has ever seen and is a lifeline for many businesses of all sizes. If you have ever used a Google Ads campaign to promote your business or event you have no doubt worked out […]

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How to create Facebook ads

February 16, 2016 Facebook, Marketing

Facebook Ads can be used to promote your posts to new viewers, get more people to see your Facebook Page, direct them to your website and more. Facebook divide the ad types into the following categories: Boost your posts – Use the Page Post Engagement objective to boost your post. Promote your Page – Use the Page […]

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Create a Google Adwords Campaign

February 15, 2016 Marketing, Search Marketing

Google Adwords is the closest marketing system we have as a replacement for the old Yellow Pages printed business directory. The mindset of people looking for a problem solving business in the 1990’s in Australia was open the Yellow Pages, find a relevant category, look at the ads, pick a business and call them. This […]

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How to post an ad on Gumtree

February 14, 2016 Marketing

Gumtree fills a gap in between ebay ads which are typically created by businesses and facebook buy-sell-swap groups that tend to be localised or special interest. The use of the auction feature which ebay was so well known for has taken a secondary place with items nearly always having a ‘buy now’ option so that you […]

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Never miss a lead from your website again

September 30, 2015 Marketing

Do you know which of your advertising is working? Can you listen back on the calls that came through your website last week to see if the new enquiry capture process you put in place is effectively converting a caller to a prospect? You can once you have ReachEdge connected to your website. Uncover once hidden insights about […]

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How to create lead generating homepages and other ideas learnt from John Dwyer

March 30, 2015 Marketing

If you haven’t heard of John Dwyer (JD) you may be familiar with the advertising work he has done, most notably the ‘get a free holiday with your home loan from the greater’ and the quirky Jerry Seinfeld ads promoting the Greater Building Society which were designed to carve out a profitable customer segment from […]

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