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Live web chat with tawk

September 4, 2017 Business

We’ve been experimenting with live web chat on our site and a couple of client sites and so far it has been a useful option for people to get in touch. Finally we have found a live web chat system that is FREE and GOOD. There is definitely an increase in the use of sms/imessage/facebook […]

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How Digital Technology Is Changing Marketing

June 21, 2017 Business, Marketing

There was a time not long ago when the only form of visual advertising available to businesses was print and banner advertising. Then came the more advanced visual media that allowed for the creation of video adverts. For a long time, those were the only effective marketing means available, and businesses had to compete fiercely […]

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Amazon coming to Australia

January 23, 2017 Business

I’ve been reading a lot about Amazon and trying to work out what the impact could be for businesses in Australia as they build out a presence in distribution and potentially retail that could rival even the largest of our local brands. There has been speculation about Amazon setting up distribution warehouses in Australia since […]

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Card reader merchant account with no monthly fees from Square

October 4, 2016 Business

Is Square is the easiest credit card reader merchant account with no monthly fees you can signup for in Australia? Based on my experience from 2016 and prior years, yes, definitely! If you have ever setup a merchant account with a traditional bank you have no doubt experienced the paperwork and fees charged. If you […]

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How to exit a conversation at a networking event

February 2, 2016 Business

Have you been in this situation before? I have and find it can be slightly awkward at the best of times. Let’s set the scene, there are 20+ people in the room in groups of 2 – 5 people spaced out around the room with 2 – 5m between each. You’re having a reasonable interesting conversation […]

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Business Referrals for Christmas

December 15, 2015 Business

Conversations and referrals don’t stop for Christmas. People travel to see families, fill restaurants and clubs with groups lunches and visit parks, beaches and lakes. It’s a social time and though we may not be standing by the pool pitching our services we might still discuss work related topics. Conversations continue As Ivan Misner points out in an article on, […]

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7 Ways to Make Public Speaking Easier

December 7, 2015 Business

Contrary to what some might think speaking in public is a skill that can be practiced and learnt with time. Confidently presenting ourselves, our businesses, our viewpoints helps others understand and learn. As Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen says: It does not matter if you are the best at what you do or are just […]

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What is a Networking Power Team

November 30, 2015 Business

In BNI lingo a tight group of businesses that regularly ‘share’ a client is known as a “Power Team”. It is a somewhat unofficial grouping and is invariably fluid in terms of who would be in a power team initially at least and assumes that people with very compatible businesses do want to work together […]

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How can BNI work for you

October 27, 2015 Business

You’ve joined a BNI chapter? Maybe you are thinking about joining one? Are you aware of the 7 BNI Core Values? Whether you are about to join a BNI chapter or you are a member already. What can you do to get a better outcome from business networking. Not just BNI networking though. These ideas […]

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5 Steps to Receive Specific Referrals

October 15, 2015 Business

At a business networking meeting such as BNI you will have 60 seconds or less to make a lasting impression during the ‘Sales Manager Minute’. To achieve this, the Sales Manager Minute is divided into 5 steps: Introduction (15 seconds) Focus Area (15 seconds) Story / Testimonial (15 seconds) Call to Action (10 seconds) Memory Hook (5 seconds) […]

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