Why Businesses Need Google AdWords to Acquire Customers

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Why Businesses Need Google AdWords to Acquire Customers

August 21, 2017 AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising system designed by Google for online marketing, where advertiser create clickable links or ads and compete to have them appear in Google’s search engine results by submitting certain keywords that expect internet users to use while searching. These ads or links can be to a website, page or e-commerce site, […]

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10 Amazing ways to boost results through Google AdWords

April 14, 2017 AdWords

With Google processing 100 million searches a month (average of 40,000 search queries every second) and 89.3% of internet users using Google Search Engine, there is truly something about Google. And the most successful way of earning through Google being Adwords, you can’t miss having a chunk of the pie. Google’s AdWords,the world’s biggest advertiser […]

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