6 Reasons Why You Need a Password Manager like LastPass

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Web has made our life easy; fill the forms online, pay your bills, create accounts, subscriptions and what not. However, it comes at an annoying price, creating and remembering passwords. You need to create an account for everything online and that means generating and then memorising usernames and passwords. If you are paranoid about online theft on the web and create a different password for every account, you are admittedly, in for a lot of pain and anguish. So to live happily and safely in the online world, you need a password manager.

If you’ve never used a password manager before, it is an application that you can install either on your system or in your browser. Once installed, it tracks every username and password you enter online the first time and then stores it. Every subsequent time you log in, it will enter both automatically. This was basic. There are several more reasons why you should install a password manager like LastPass and make your presence on the web secure.

Ease of use: When you install LastPass, you only need to remember one master password. That’s it! You will use this password to login to LastPass. Remembering all other passwords is the job of the application and it is very good at it. Even if you do not use a password for months, it will still stay safe in LastPass’s secure vault.

Complex and secure password generation: The key to staying safe online is the practice to keep strong and unique passwords. Most people have the tendency to keep two or three passwords, and they keep using them for all their online accounts; personal, social, and even financial. This is a very unsafe practice as all your accounts may get compromised if someone gets hold of these passwords. LastPass can generate a complex and secure password for each of your accounts using a one-click password generator. It uses several combinations of special characters, numbers, and alphabets to generate an extremely difficult password. And then, after you use it to login once, it will remember it so you don’t have to enter it every time.

You can use it to fill online forms: LastPass has the ability to fill the forms for you automatically. You only need to provide it with the data once which it stores. Then whenever you go to a web page that requires you to fill the forms with your personal details, LastPass will do it automatically for you with a single click. This can save you a lot of time and typing effort.

Compatible with most browsers: LastPass is extremely popular and that is why it is available for most of the major browsers; Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, IE and many more. It also doesn’t matter if you use different browsers in different setups. LastPass is cross-compatible and syncs seamlessly across all browsers and platforms. For example, at work, you use LastPass extension on Firefox on Windows 10 whereas at home, you use LastPass in Google Chrome on a Linux machine. Even in this kind of setup, Lastpass will effortlessly sync across devices and provide you the same experience generating and storing passwords.

Secure sharing of your passwords with your acquaintances: There are times when you need to share your password with your friend or colleague at work. Most people share it through email or messaging services. This is extremely risky. LastPass handles it in a fool-proof way. Ask your friend or colleague to create a LastPass account. Then share your password through the LastPass vault. Your friend will get an email notification that a password has been shared, and they can access it through their LastPass account. The beauty of the entire process being that your friend will be able to login into the desired account using your password but will not know the actual password which will remain encrypted.

LastPass is free: We saved the best for the last. LastPass is a free application that can be downloaded both as an application or extension for the browsers. So if till this point, you were still undecided about whether you want to install LastPass or not, this should be reason enough for you to take the first step towards making your online presence secure.