Web hosting and help with your website

Web hosting and help with your website

Your website needs to be accessible 24/7, quick loading and reliable. The thousands of websites we manage are hosted on secure, powerful servers. That means you can be confident that your website will cope if you run a tv ad and get lots of visitors and that your email will be working when your customers send you messages.

It’s not just hosting though, when you call and speak to our team in Newcastle we can give you advice on updating your website, setting up email, computer issues and a lot more.

If you need web hosting then we can help get you online. We are based in Newcastle Australia we use cloud hosting servers in Australian and USA data centres that are fast, reliable and secure. We have been providing reliable web hosting solutions to businesses across Australia and NZ for over a decade.

Extra benefits with our hosting and support packages:

  1. Backups of your website saved to separate file archives
  2. Updates, security patches and checks on your website
  3. Premium WordPress plugins licensed for your use